Best Sites To Buy Weed Online Legally | Top Delta 8 THC Brands And Online Cannabis Stores To Provide You Marijuana in 2021

Among the many cannabis products, Delta 8 THC is kicking up a lot of dust, literally. Recreational users of D8 products love that this hemp derivative comes with fantastic benefits.

Delta 8 THC, whether you ingest it orally or smoke it, gives you a steady high and all the good benefits of weed. However, D8 THC does not produce the nasty effects that Delta 9 is infamous for – most notably, increased anxiety and extreme paranoia.

So it’s no wonder that Delta 8 THC is making waves in the cannabis sphere. With so many cannabis brands coming with innovative D8 products, let’s take a deep dive into the best brands where you can buy weed online legally and enjoy it.

Here Is The List Of Best Brands To Buy Weed Online

1. Exhale Wellness– Overall Best Site To Buy Weed Online

2. BudPop – Very pure D8 THC products

3. HollyWeed CBD– Luxury CBD based topical

4. Delta ExtraX– Highly potent weed and its derivatives

5. Diamond CBD– Impressive selection of weed products

#1. Exhale WellnessOverall Best Site To Buy Weed Online


Exhale needs no introduction among the weed community. This California-based cannabis brand has been featured in Forbes, LA Times, and many others. But their D8 products are no less spectacular.

When it comes to D8 THC weed options, Exhale’s products will spoil you for choice. You can take your pick from:

· Pre-rolls

· Carts

· Cigarettes

· Disposable vape pens

· Concentrates

· Edibles

· Flowers

· Gummies

Exhale uses less than 0.3% of D8 THC, which is within the legal limit. You will also love that Exhale tests its D8 weed products at a third-party lab, ensuring the highest quality and purity. Besides, all weed products from this brand come from organic hemp farms in Colorado.

This cannabis brand ships its weed to all hemp-legal states in the US using priority and free economy shipping. 95% of Exhale’s orders also leave the shipment facility within 24 hours, which is impressive.

Exhale also has a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee, which you will appreciate. Finally, customer reviews of Exhale Wellness are very positive as they praise the potency and premium quality of weed.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPopVery pure D8 THC products


Compared to other D8 weed brands, BudPop is a new player, but it’s already putting up stiff competition. The quality of their weed is exceptionally pure as they are lab tested, made in the US, and are free of synthetic additives.

Their lineup of weed products includes D8 carts, gummies, vape carts, and flowers. The D8 hemp-infused flower is one of their best sellers and is of fantastic quality.

In addition to their D8 products, BudPop has a feature where you can choose the best weed derivative for you. The intuitive program selects the best D8 THC product based on your –

· Age

· Bodyweight

· Gender

· Your interest in using the D8 product

BudPop ships weed to all US states where hemp is legal. In addition, this cannabis brand has a 30-day return and refund policy, so you can confidently buy weed online legally.

Many customers of BudPop praise the purity and potency of their weed and its derivatives.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Budpop

#3. HollyWeed CBD– Luxury CBD based topical


HollyWeed CBD is another California-based cannabis brand with a fantastic range of weed products in its inventory. Their CBD offerings have found a place in top publications, including Reuters and Time.

The CBD topical range includes oil, relief salve, and body lotion. In addition, other weed product from HollyWeed CBD includes:

· Capsules

· Pre-rolls

· Carts gummies

· Soft gels

· Flower

· Tinctures

HollyWeed CBD prides itself in using organic hemp and testing them at third-party labs. A combination of these ensures that every D8 and CBD offerings are of the purest quality.

This cannabis brand ships all its products to hemp-legal states through priority and free economy shipping. HollyWeed CBD has a 100% money-back guarantee, which is a fantastic deal.

Customers’ testimonials and reviews about HollyWeed CBD are very positive, attesting to their satisfaction. This cannabis brand offers customer support through email and phone, so you have nothing to worry about for any issue with weed order issues.

=> Click here to visit the official website of HollyWeed CBD

#4. Delta ExtraX– Highly potent weed and its derivatives


If you are looking for potent weed online that is also premium quality, look no further than Delta ExtraX. This cannabis brand has D8 as well as D10 products, so there is everything for weed lovers.

On the Delta ExtraX site, you have options to choose from –

· Cartridges

· Edibles

· Disposables

· Tinctures

· Concentrates

· Bundles

You can also buy weed from Delta ExtraX’s Omega and Platinum collection. Their D8 collection has less than 0.3% of THC, which is right within the legal limit.

Delta ExtraX also has several offers and discounts on its site, so you can get a deal with every order.

If you’re wondering whether Delta ExtraX ships to your location. It probably does, unless you live in a state where hemp is illegal. However, unless Delta ExtraX’s shipping team sent you the wrong order, you can’t return your weed order or get a refund.

Nevertheless, Delta ExtraX has fantastic reviews on several online platforms. Many of these cannabis customers attest to the quality and potency of D8 products in particular.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Delta ExtraX

#5. Diamond CBD– Impressive selection of weed products


Among all the weed brands on this list, Diamond CBD takes the trophy for the most varied selection of products. On this website, you can buy weed online legally and filter them by:

· Category such as smokeables, topical, edibles, for pets, and so on

· Ingredients including CBD isolate, D8 THC, D10 THC, and CBG, broad and full-spectrum CBD.

· Strength of the weed from 50mg to 2,500mg

· Mood such as balance, calm, recovery, sleep, or wellness, etc.

Diamond CBD tests its products from third-party labs to ensure purity. In addition, it uses organic hemp, so you get a natural and pure flavor of weed. This cannabis brand also has a fantastic collection of educational and reward programs.

This CBD seller has 2day free shipping to all states in the US where hemp is legal. You can also return your weed order and get a refund if you contact the team within 30 days. It is no surprise that Diamond CBD has 5star and glowing reviews from its loyal customer base.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Diamond CBD

#6. 3Chi

Do you like your weed to produce specific results such as improved sleep, soothing pain, or feeling ecstatic? The refined hemp products from 3Chi might just be the answer for you.

This Indiana-based cannabis brand has an impressive inventory of weed products. So you can take your pick from D8 THC, THCv, CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBD selections. There are focused blends, tinctures, vapes, topical, oil, and concentrates if you’re looking for specifics.

3Chi prides itself in using organic hemp from Oregon, Colorado, and California. All the weed derivatives are also third-party lab tested and terpene infused for the highest quality and purity.

If your weed order from 3Chi is over $99, you don’t need to pay for shipping within the US. However, unless you received a wrong order from 3Chi, you cannot return it or get a refund.

Regardless, according to their reviews, 3Chi customers are very happy with the products and services from this cannabis brand.

#7. Moonwlkr

Moonwlkr is one of the top brands that have the most innovative weed products on the market. The cannabis brand also has regular D8 and CBD products.

However, they have weed products with interesting combinations of CBD and CBN that are great for improving sleep. In addition, Moonwlkr has gummies with a combination of CBD and Ashwagandha for relieving stress.

The collection of weed products on Moonwlkr’s website includes tinctures, edibles, vapes, and disposable vapes. Moonwlkr is also one of the few cannabis brands with CBG or cannabigerol, which is fantastic for pain relief.

Moonwlkr also tests its weed offerings at a third-party lab so you can be confident about its quality and potency. All weed orders above $50 are eligible for free shipping within the US.

The 30-day return policy from Moonwlkr is also great as you can return your orders and get your money back. However, if your weed order was custom or perishable, you cannot return it.

Moonwlkr’s customers have only positive things to say about the products as well as the service.

#8. HomeTown Hero CBD

This cannabis brand from Texas is very popular and has featured in top publications, including Forbes and the NY Times. In terms of weed, HomeTown Hero CBD has several options for you.

The product range includes select spectrum gummies, several Delta 8 products, and CBD/CBG flowers. Another fantastic deal from this cannabis brand is that you can buy weed online legally in a single pack, bundle, or even wholesale.

Most of HomeTown Hero CBD’s products are the Sativa strain, well known for its energizing and mood-lifting capabilities. Another feature of this cannabis brand is its effort in helping out the veterans.

HomeTown Hero CBD has free shipping for all orders above $50 within the US. However, international shipping on weed orders has different shipping plans. If your weed order is defective, HomeTown Hero CBD will refund your order.

Customer reviews of HomeTown Hero CBD are very positive, and many of them talk about the variety of options and the quality of the products.

#9. JustDelta 8 store

Unlike other weed brands with many products, JustDelta 8 Store is dedicated to D8 gummies and cartridges. These D8 products are made in the US using organic hemp.

JustDelta 8 Store gummies pack a punch with 1,000mg of THC per pack. In addition, the D8 carts also have the same strength, so you can get the authentic weed experience. Besides, both the D8 cartridge and the gummies are available in different flavors that make it more fun.

This Florida-based weed brand tests its products from third-party labs to ensure purity and high quality. You can also buy wholesale weed from JustDelta 8 Store in case you are interested.

JustDelta 8 Store ships all weed orders above $35 free of charge. The 2-week return policy with no restocking fee is also a great deal from this cannabis brand. Many customers of JustDelta 8 Store say the D8 gummies are exceptional in taste, while others praise the potency of the D8 carts.

#10. Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp is also one of the cannabis brands that use Co2 extraction and sustainable ingredients. So it’s no wonder that this cannabis brand has a good selection of premium CBD products with clean natural ingredients.

This brand infuses its products with 99.96% of CBD isolate, making it exceptionally pure and flavorful. In addition, the clean hemp extraction method ensures that the final products contain terpenes, vitamins, and minerals.

Blue Moon Hemp weed products include an impressive collection of:

· Salves

· Gummies

· Tinctures

· Flower

· Gelcaps

· CBD shatters

Blue Moon Hemp also has a good collection of Delta 8 products. In addition, you will find CBD products for your feline and canine babies as well.

If your order from Blue Moon Hemp is $99 and over, you don’t have to pay for shipping within the US. This Florida-based cannabis brand will receive returns and refund your weed order within 30 days if you are unsatisfied.

Blue Moon Hemp customers have very positive reviews about the products and the excellent services.

#11. ALTRX

ALTRX is one of the most active cannabis brands on social media. But of course, their weed and its derivatives are exceptional as well. This cannabis brand is headquartered in Georgia, and its CBD products and merchandise are extremely popular.

In terms of products, ALTRX has the following in its inventory:

· Oil drops

· Hemp flower

· Topicals

· Tinctures

· Concentrates

· Edibles

· CBD for pets

The terpene-infused gummies from ALTRX are also very popular. In addition, the D8 flower from this brand comes in several strains and strengths and is undoubtedly one of their best products.

ALTRX ships exclusively within the US, including APO/FPO addresses. This cannabis brand is very serious about its 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can initiate returns and refunds for all your weed orders within 30 days.

Customers and buyers from ALTRX speak very positively about its outstanding products as well as its services.

#12. Extract Labs

Extract Labs is one of the key players in the online weed community. The excellent collection of CBD products in their inventory is a hit for weed users as well. This cannabis brand also has a gamut of educational resources and has an affiliate program as well.

Here’s a look at the CBD products from Extract Labs.

· Isolate

· Capsules

· Tinctures

· Concentrates

· Tanks

· Topicals

Extract Labs also has a good selection of CBN and CBG products. If you want to get some weed for your pets, Extract Labs has got you covered too.

This cannabis brand has very flexible shipping as well as return/refund policies. If your order from Extract Labs is $60 or more, you will get free shipping. In addition, you can also return your weed within seven days and get a refund as well.

Extract Labs enjoys a ton of positive reviews from their customers.

#13. Koi CBD

Whether you ingest, smoke, or use it as a topical, weed has fantastic benefits. But if you are looking for an unconventional way to incorporate weed into your life, Koi CBD is the answer for you.

You will find everything from CBD for skincare to bath products and massage oils on this online weed store. In addition, the CBD gels for pain relief and pets are also very popular. Want to take weed experience up a notch? Check out the CBD inhalers and sanitizers.

Koi CBD sources its hemp from organic farms in the US. The cannabis brand also tests its weed products at third-party labs to ensure the highest quality and flavor. The veteran and affiliate programs from Koi CBD are also very popular.

There are several shipping plans from Koi CBD, including standard and priority. Returns and refunds with this cannabis brand are also very effortless. Koi CBD takes customer satisfaction very seriously, and therefore, they have fantastic reviews from their customer base.

#14. Mystic Labs

Delta 8 gummies from Mystic Labs have an iconic status in the cannabis community. Of course, many brands also market D8 gummies, so what’s so special about these?

Well, Mystic Labs’ gummies have potent and long-lasting effects, which is great. You will also love that these gummies pack a punch with 300mg of THC per pack. If you want to check out other weed options from Mystic Labs, they also have tincture oil and vape carts.

Mystic Labs tests its weed from third-party labs to ensure the highest quality.

You will love that Mystic Labs ships to all hemp-legal states in the US. In addition, the 30 days money-back guarantee from this cannabis brand means that you can return the orders and get a refund.

Mystic Labs customers have nothing but good things to say about the brand. Some of the buyers talk positively about Mystic Labs’ quick shipping, while others praise the taste of the gummies.

#15. Everest

Most recreational weed users like the relaxation that this magical plant brings. And Everest weed products are exclusively for relaxing and relief from stress.

Everest’s products are non-GMO, come from organic hemp, and have zero pesticides. In addition, this cannabis brand also tests all its weed products from third-party labs for authentic taste.

If you are wondering what weed options you can have from Everest, they have four categories. D8 gummies, vape cartridges, oil, and CBD roll on.

Everest is one of the few cannabis brands with free shipping on all weed orders within the US. The returns and refunds are also straightforward at this cannabis brand, but of course, you have to contact the friendly team at Everest.

Customer reviews of this cannabis brand are positive, revealing that they are very satisfied with its products.

#16. Eighty-Six

This California-based weed brand has a fantastic collection of D8 products with mind-blowing flavors, as the brand boldly puts it. Eighty-Six Delta 8 products are classic weed with a flavorful twist.

In terms of products, Eighty-Six has gummies, cartridges, disposables, and merch. Besides, Eighty-Six is one of the few brands with Delta 8 THC chocolate bars, a standout.

Eighty-Six also has good educational resources on various topics, which you will find extremely indispensable. This brand has regularly featured in weed publications such as Leafly and Merry Jane.

Eighty-Six ships all its weed orders to hemp-legal states in the US with a flat shipping fee. However, unless your weed order was damaged or defective, you cannot return it or get a refund.

Nevertheless, customer reviews of Eighty-Six are very positive, and many of them talk about the quality and potency of the weed products.

#17. TreeTop Hemp Co

This cannabis brand has some of the most potent Delta 8 offerings on the market. The D8 cartridges, in particular, pack a punch with 800mg of D8 THC. But if you need something even stronger, they have Delta 10 products as well.

TreeTop Hemp Co also has one of the most popular wholesale programs. The cannabis brand has an exclusive partnership with Hemp Living USA and has exclusive offers for all clients.

Talking about products, TreeTop Hemp Co has gummies, cartridges, and disposable vapes in the Delta 8 and 10 categories. In addition, TreeTop Hemp Co also has disposable vapes that combine CBD and Delta 8 in several flavors.

TreeTop Hemp Co will ship the weed order to your location if you are in a state where hemp is legal. However, you need to contact TreeTop Hemp Co’s team for returns and refunds for the full information.

#18. Area 52

Area 52’s goal is to alienate your mind from the stress and the pain with weed, and they have achieved that in a fantastic way. This cannabis brand sources its hemp from organic USA-grown hemp and lab tests its products as well.

In terms of products, Area 52 has D8 THC concentrates, tinctures, gummies, and cartridges. Each of these D8 products is exceptionally potent and great in quality. The gummies are flavorful, while the tincture and concentrates are potent. You will also love that Area 52 carts have an innovative CCELL cartridge.

Area 52 priority ships all weed orders that are $110 and above. However, it only applies if you are in the US, where hemp is legal. Besides, you can also return your weed order and get a refund if it is at least half full.

Customers of Area 52 attest to the potency of their Delta 8 products and their outstanding services.

#19. Bearly Legal Hemp Co

If you love vaping weed, Bearly Legal Hemp Co vape carts will fulfill your needs. This cannabis brand has an innovative ingredient in its weed products, which is THC-O. Not many cannabis brands have this to offer, so this makes Bearly Legal Hemp Co products exceptional.

Bearly Legal Hemp Co also has a good collection of weed products that includes:

· Smokeables

· Gummies

· Moonrocks

· Tanks

· Flowers

· Cigarettes

· Vape tanks

Another interesting feature about Bearly Legal Hemp Co vape tanks is that they are legal in all 50 states of the US. So you can legally use weed anywhere in America without getting into trouble.

Bearly Legal Hemp Co ships its weed to all states in the US. In addition, if your weed order is $50 and above, you will get free shipping. If the weed you ordered is in the original packaging, this cannabis brand is flexible about giving you a full refund.

On multiple online platforms, Bearly Legal Hemp Co has outstanding reviews from its customers.

#20. Skyhio

The last brand on our list through which you can buy weed online legally is Skyhio. This cannabis brand has premium weed products without the premium price, which is fantastic.

Skyhio’s products include cartridges, gummies, D8 sauce, tincture, oils, and syringes. In addition, Skyhio is one of the few brands with Delta 8 cookies, brownies, and cereal treats. You will also love that Skyhio has fantastic deals on their entire weed product any time of the year.

Every weed product has less than 0.3% of THC, which is the legal limit. Skyhio also tests their products from third-party labs so you can trust their potency.

Every weed order from Skyhio above $99 gets free shipping in the US. Skyhio has a strict policy on returns and refunds. However, if the team sent you a wrong order, you get a refund within 10-days.

Customer reviews of Skyhio are very positive, and many talk about the quality and potency of these cannabis products.

Is Weed Legal to Buy?


Weed is now a legal commodity in most states in the US, whether it is for medicinal or recreational use. Cannabis has come a long way since Washington and Colorado legalized it in 2012.

And of course, the legalization of hemp in 2018 through the US Farm Bill was a turning point and a reason for jubilation by weed lovers. In most states, you can even buy weed legally from dispensaries, especially for medical reasons.

It is also perfectly legal if you are buying weed online and get it delivered to your location. Alternatively, many dispensaries also act as a delivery point if you buy weed online and opt for delivery only.

Currently, in 35 states in the US, you can legally buy weed online. In addition, you do not need to have a medical card unless you are a retailer or produce weed in any capacity.

Perhaps the only requirement from both cannabis brands and the state is that you must be 18 or 21 years old to indulge in weed and its derivatives.

So which brands are the best options to buy weed online legally? We’ve handpicked the 20 best cannabis brands.

Weed Online Buying Guide

These days buying weed online legally is as straightforward as ordering your shoes or a bag. However, purchasing and using weed online, especially for first-timers, can be a bit confusing.

So here is a ready weed online buying guide.

Buy only from legit brands

Hemp is a legal plant in almost all the states in the US. However, the cannabis industry is full of loopholes and several thousand brands that do not fully comply with federal laws. So when you are buying weed from the wrong source, you can easily get into trouble.

Here are the top ways you can tell that a cannabis brand is legit.

· Age verification is a requirement before you can use the cannabis brand website.

· The brand shares its third-party lab test results on the site.

· Payment methods on the cannabis site are secure and verified.

Legal matters and safely

Before you buy weed online, make sure that it comes from hemp and not marijuana. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is legal, but marijuana is not. In addition, the legal limit of THC is 0.3% or less.

Always check for the cannabis brand’s recommendation about the dosage of the weed product. For instance, how many D8 gummies you can eat and how many puffs you can take from a D8 cart, and so on.

Price vs. quality

With weed, there is always the assumption that expensive equals quality. However, this is not entirely true.

Most of the top cannabis brands have fantastic deals where you can save money. Furthermore, many cannabis brands offer a referral, affiliate, veteran, and wholesale programs. So you can very easily buy premium weed without paying top dollars for it.

Purity of the weed

The best cannabis brands also offer an authentic and pure flavor of all their weed products. You can easily differentiate a genuine weed brand from a substandard one:

· Brands that use organic hemp have the best weed products.

· Weed that comes from the Co2 extraction method is typically the best.

· Top cannabis brands do not use synthetic additives in their weed or its derivatives.

· Delta 8 products with plant terpenes are typically the best in terms of purity and flavor.

Benefits of Delta 8 THC Weed

Following are the benefits of Delta 8 THC weed:

· Analgesic properties of D8 THC weed help alleviate chronic pain.

· The neuroprotective properties of weed alleviate depression and boost overall mental health. In addition, Delta 8 THC can also stimulate the production of the neurotransmitter, Acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine has a significant role in the role of enhanced memory, neuroplasticity, and cognition.

· Antiemetic properties of D8 THC also reduce nausea, especially in children undergoing cancer treatment. The same properties of D8 weed also help minimize hangovers.

· Anxiolytic properties of D8 THC help reduce anxiety and stress.

· Intense and smooth high without the paranoia and psychotic side effects.

· Improves appetite, especially when the D8 THC is taken in smaller amounts.

· It brings relaxation and calm

· Increases focus and concentration

· Boosts energy levels

· Reduces symptoms of insomnia and other sleep disorders

Why Should You Buy Weed Online

Buying weed online has several advantages, including:

Wide variety of options

Weed and cannabis brands with online stores have fantastic options: Smokeables, edibles, topicals, skincare, cookies, and many more. In addition, online cannabis brands also have weed products for pets.

Unbeatable deals

Online weed stores offer discounts, referral, and wholesale programs. Besides, you can also get first-time deals, free shipping, lifetime deals, and subscription offers.


Another excellent benefit of buying weed online is convenience. Irrespective of your location, you can buy weed online legally anytime, anywhere.


Buying weed online is also very discreet. So you no longer have to witness the suspicious glances when you buy weed from a physical dispensary.


Q. Is it legal buying weed online?

Yes, if you live in a state where hemp is legal.

Cannabis brands also do not ship weed products to areas where it is illegal. However, it’s always smart to check whether it is legal weed before you buy weed online.

Q. Delta 8 THC – What is it?

Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol or commonly Delta 8 THC, is a cannabinoid present in the hemp plant. It is a psychoactive compound that has analgesic, anxiolytic, antiemetic, neuroprotective, and orexigenic properties.

D8 THC is less harsh than D9 THC, but it gives the user a nice steady high.

Q. Which is the best way to consume Delta 8 THC?

The mode of consuming Delta 8 THC comes down to personal choice. While some prefer smoking D8 cartridges, others like vaping or eating gummies, chocolates, or cookies.

Regardless, consuming the right dosage of D8 THC is paramount for safe weed consumption. If you are a beginner to weed, consider starting with a low D8 dosage.


Unless you live in an American state where hemp is illegal, you can buy weed online legally from several online brands.

Our recommendations of the best brands to buy weed online has a fantastic selection of Delta 8 products and offers you can’t overlook.

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