Best Pre-Workout for Women: Top Female Pre Workout Supplements [Update]

Best Pre-Workout for Women

If you’ve been wondering whether pre-workout supplements actually do your body any good, and whether they improve performance, this is an article you must read all the way to the end.

Pre-workout supplements can provide an even bigger boost, because they generally include such ingredients as amino acids, B vitamins, and caffeine, all of which will help you to undergo longer and more intense workout sessions. These supplements are generally sold as powdered drink mixes, which are easily combined with water to give you that extra edge right before an exercise session.

A number of studies have been conducted, and the consensus is that pre-workout supplements can definitely improve athletic performance in women. However, that doesn’t mean that everything included in your own pre-workout supplement is a good and helpful ingredient. That’s why it’s important to pay close attention to the product label, and to do a little research before settling on a pre-workout supplement that you use regularly.

There is a lucrative market for pre-workout supplements, and that’s why the market is currently flooded with so many products. The manufacturers of these products make a number of extravagant claims about what you can achieve when regularly consuming their formula. That can make it very difficult for a person to make an intelligent choice, because of the overwhelming number of possibilities, and because of the extreme claims made by manufacturers.

By considering the content below, you’ll have a good start on being able to differentiate between really good pre-workout supplements, and all the other contenders. You can’t go wrong by choosing any one of the supplements included on our list, because all of them are top-notch products which will significantly increase your performance.

How to choose a supplement

There are a number of things you should look at closely when choosing a pre-workout supplement for yourself. The first thing is that any pre-workout supplement you choose should be verified by a third-party organization like Informed Choice or NSF International. Both of these companies make it their exclusive business to validate and confirm the ingredients, and some of the claims made by manufacturers of dietary supplements.

Any product you see which has the seal of approval from one of these organizations means that you can probably trust the product to have exactly those ingredients which are stated or listed on the label. If you don’t find this kind of certification on a product you’re interested in, you might look to find out if it has been produced in a cGMP facility, which means that it has met some fairly rigorous standards imposed by the FDA.

Another thing you should look for in a supplement you’re considering is the specific list of ingredients on the label. Some of the most positive types of ingredients are caffeine, taurine, beta-alanine, and nitric oxide agents such as tyrosine and arginine. A couple lesser ingredients which are probably desirable are creatine and L-carnitine. If you’re looking at a supplement that doesn’t include any of these main ingredients, it’s probably best that you pass on it, and keep looking for one that does include most or all of them.

Since these are the ingredients which are primarily responsible for your energy boost, you’ll definitely want them included on any pre-workout supplement you choose. Another good thing about the ingredients listed above is that they are sugar-free and contain only small amounts of carbohydrates, so they’re ideal for people who are in the midst of a keto diet or some other kind of low carbohydrate diet.

You might also want to pay attention to the news, on the chance you might hear anything about a lawsuit involving products from a company you’re thinking about patronizing, or about any difficulty they’ve had with the FDA. Assuming your product passes all these criteria, it will then boil down to a simple matter of whether or not you actually appreciate the taste, and other features of your chosen pre-workout supplement.

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  • XWERKS Ignite
  • Pre Lab Pro
  • Cellucor Pre-Workout Powder
  • Ladder Pre-Workout
  • Onnit Total Strength Performance
  • Legion Athletics Pulse Pre-Workout
  • Powher Pre-Workout
  • IdealFit IdealLean Pre-Workout
  • Alani Nu Pre-Workout



This is one of the elite pre-workout supplements on the market today, and it was designed with maximum performance optimization as its primary goal. The formula for the supplement is comprised of ingredients which fuel focus, stamina, and increased energy, which will help you to work out a little harder and a little longer.

The manufacturer dislikes the notion of proprietary blends, and therefore includes clear and concise labeling of all ingredients and doses on the label. Each ingredient has been scientifically chosen for its effectiveness in allowing you to get the most out of your workout routine, and the product is intended to provide continuous, long-lasting energy without overwhelming the body with stimulants. This more reasonable approach to stimulants makes it a great choice for women.

These kinds of short-term stimulants will only increase energy levels for a brief period of time, and when they wear off, you’ll have a tendency to come crashing down in terms of your energy level. Ingredients in this formulation also contribute to the addition of nootropic effects in the mixture. The most important ingredients in the formula of this supplement include vitamin B6, vitamin B12, caffeine, Rhodiola, CarnoSyn beta-alanine, and L-tyrosine.

You can expect to have a continuous surge of energy throughout your workout session, and the brain-boosting ingredients will keep you focused on the workout throughout. These ingredients also contribute to endurance, and that will help you to perform longer, and to recover faster than ever before. If you’re serious about taking your training regimen to the next level, this is a product you should seriously consider.

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Pre Lab Pro


There are several ways that this product supports your workouts, and it can also be a very appealing product to consume since it’s available in a natural berry flavor. When you’ve been restricted to the same old flavors for weeks or months at a time, it can be really refreshing to ingest this terrific berry-flavored supplement to help boost your workout.

The makers of this product designed it to improve strength and stamina for all consumers, especially women. At the same time, it provides for greater speed and greater endurance to the consumer using it. Anyone who is obliged to go through a healing or recovery time, will find this supplement to be very helpful in maintaining strength and energy while healing is underway.

Some of the unique ingredients included in this pre-workout supplement are nootropics products and ingredients which also support the homeostasis process. It’s also a very affordable supplement to purchase, so you won’t have to break the bank just to give a boost to your workout sessions. This formula has proven to be extremely popular with a great many athletes and workout gurus, due to its appealing list of ingredients and dosages, which for the most part are highly certified by industry sources.

Some of the main ingredients you’ll find in this supplement are nitric oxide-boosting beetroot powder, a Setria-performance blend which adds more nitric oxide, natural caffeine, and L-theanine. The fact that all these ingredients are certified, means that you can trust them to be pure and positive in their effects on the body. That makes this one of the top pre-workout supplements you can choose to boost your workout sessions.

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Cellucor Pre-Workout Powder


This supplement is one of the first to appear on the pre-workout supplement market years ago, and the fact that it’s still around should tell you something about its effectiveness and its popularity. It has been mass-produced for several years now, and it’s one of the first supplements that insiders think of when pre-workout supplements are being considered.

Having been marketed for more than a decade, it is one of the most enduring and established brands in the entire industry. This pre-workout powder includes a full 1.6 grams of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 1 gram of creatine, 1 gram of arginine, and 150 mg of caffeine. That means users get at least four proven ingredients, all in the mix at ideal doses, which should allow them to maximize their workout sessions from a number of different angles.

Even though it’s one of the most reputable and renowned supplements on the market, it’s still also one of the most affordable supplements you can buy. The real selling point of this pre-workout supplement is that it’s a proven, highly effective pre-workout supplement which can be purchased at bargain prices. That means you should be able to stick with this formula for quite a while, if you determine that it delivers the results you’re looking for, and that you appreciate the flavor of the mix.

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Ladder Pre-Workout


Fans of this particular pre-workout supplement might be partially attracted by the fact that the product is co-founded by sports legends Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lebron James. Being disappointed with products on the market, these two giants pooled their efforts to come up with their own pre-workout supplement, which they market as the ultimate in workout supplements.

It also comes in very appealing flavors such as strawberry lemonade and tropical fruit, but don’t get blown away by the great taste alone, because there are some high-quality ingredients in the formula which can really give a boost to your workout sessions. In each portion of supplement powder, you’ll get 3 grams of beta-alanine, 500 mg of citicoline, 250 mg of theanine, and 100 mg of caffeine.

If you’re someone who appreciates the comfort of certifications, this is one of those products that has been certified by NSF as being effective for sports workouts. Of course, this kind of certification means a great deal to professional athletes and two elite athletes, who only want to deal with the highest quality supplements. Every batch of this supplement must go through rigorous testing to confirm its label accuracy, purity, and high quality, which means consumers can have a good deal of confidence in the product.

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Onnit Total Strength Performance


By now, this product has achieved a lofty place amongst all pre-workout supplements, and the manufacturer has actually become a household name amongst workout gurus. The company is well known for its high-quality products that promote ideal health and wellness from several different angles. One of the best pre-workout supplements on the market today, you literally can’t go wrong by making this your workout supplement of choice.

It is primarily available in a strawberry lemonade flavor, and if that is not to your liking, you may need to look elsewhere for a more appealing flavor. However, if you can tolerate strawberry lemonade, you will get a tremendous blend of ingredients that will definitely boost your workout performance.

Although it contains no caffeine whatsoever, you will get a powerful dosage of DAA, BCAAs, herbal extracts, plant extracts, and a number of other ingredients specifically included for their ability to energize and supercharge your workouts. This supplement has consistently achieved a top ranking among all pre-workout supplements, and it’s ideal for those who prefer a large serving size, certified ingredients, and powerful benefits that are readily apparent.

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Legion Athletics Pulse Pre-Workout


This pre-workout supplement takes a slightly different tack to boosting your workouts. While it does definitely provide increased energy, strength, and endurance, it also has a clear focus on targeting your mood and concentration during the workouts. Using primarily certified natural ingredients, this product reduces the level of fatigue during the workout and immediately afterward, which means that you should be able to prolong your workouts to get the most out of each one.

In every serving, users will get 8 grams of citrulline malate and 3.6 grams of beta-alanine. You can purchase this product either caffeinated or non-caffeinated, and the primary available flavor is blueberry lemonade. Anyone who is seeking an energy boost via a natural supplement should strongly consider this pre-workout supplement.

The fact that it’s available with caffeine or without, gives you the choice of including that natural stimulant as part of your pre-workout regimen. When the product does include caffeine, you can count on a high level of it being present in each scoop, up to 350 mg of caffeine in a 15 gram scoop. It is one of the least expensive pre-supplement workouts on the market, which means if you find it to your liking, you should be able to afford it for an indefinite time frame.

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Powher Pre-Workout


This pre-workout supplement has been specifically formulated to help women, even though females can definitely benefit by consuming supplements formulated for males and for the general population. The advantage that it provides to women is in its unique ingredients such as EnXtra, a caffeine booster which is exclusively derived from a plant that is a member of the ginger family.

This additive enhances and improves on the effects which are delivered by caffeine, so if you appreciate the kind of boost you get from caffeine, you’ll love how the extra additive in this formula makes it even better. Obviously, the formula includes caffeine, as well as pantothenic acid and vitamin B6. It’s a relatively inexpensive product, and appeals to women and to others who desire a mix of certified pre-workout ingredients that aren’t overpowering in their dosages.

One other thing that is fairly distinctive about this formula, and which also caters to females, is that it is typically used in smaller quantities than other pre-workout supplements on the market. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to ingest the full portion of a typical pre-workout supplement, this might be the ideal product for you.

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IdealFit IdealLean Pre-Workout


Another pre-workout supplement which specifically targets women as its primary users, this product is available in a blue raspberry flavor and is one of the most inexpensive pre-workout supplements available today. Coincidentally, it happens to be one of the top-rated supplements for people looking to get an extra boost for their workouts.

In one serving of this formula, users will get 3000 mg of citrulline, 1500 mg of beta-alanine, 1500 mg of betaine, 150 mg of caffeine, 310 mg of weight loss blend, and another group of powerful ingredients which are all intended to supercharge your workouts. Known for its stronger dosages, this product appeals very powerfully to the elite female athlete looking to take her game to the next level.

This product has enthusiastic support and endorsement from literally hundreds of women who have tried it and found it to be very effective. If you just browse through a few of the strongly positive online reviews of this product, you’ll begin to understand why so many users find it to their liking, and why it has remained their pre-workout supplement of choice for years.

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Alani Nu Pre-Workout


A very highly rated pre-workout supplement, this is one of those formulas that delivers a lot more flavor than most others on our list. It includes a significant amount of L-theanine, as well as several other ingredients which are extremely good at managing post-workout crashes and controlling jitters felt by athletes. There are fewer ingredients included in the formula list of this supplement than there are on most other pre-workout powders, but there are significant amounts of those ingredients that are included.

In every serving, you can expect to get 1.6 grams of beta-alanine, 6 grams of citrulline, 500 mg of L-tyrosine, 200 mg of L-theanine, and 200 mg of caffeine. There are no fillers whatsoever in this formula, and a number of users have voiced their support of the product by giving it five-star reviews in 90% of all testimonials. It is consistently among the highest ranked pre-workout supplements on the market, and it’s one that you should give some strong consideration to for your own usage.

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People who use pre-workout supplements

These kinds of supplements work well for individuals looking to get more out of their workouts, either by having them last longer, or by achieving more during the same time frame. While you might commonly associate pre-workout supplements with elite athletes and bodybuilders, a great many other people find them to be extremely effective as well.

Supplements can boost your endurance, promote the development of more muscle, energize your workouts, reduce the fatigue factor, and even help you recover more quickly from a strenuous workout. Because it’s so effective in all these areas, a pre-workout supplement has widespread appeal to even weekend warrior type athletes, as well as anyone who regularly participates in athletics or sporting endeavors.

You’ll find that a number of joggers and runners appreciate the benefits delivered by a pre-workout supplement, as well as bicyclists, competitors involved with soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, and any other sport which requires a great deal of energy and endurance. The bottom line is, anyone who is seeking to work out longer or harder, or to increase the effectiveness of every single workout, is a good candidate for using a pre-workout supplement.

The science behind pre-workout supplements

There is plenty of scientific support and evidence that pre-workout supplements can have a powerful impact on boosting your performance in any kind of workout. A number of studies have been conducted which convincingly show that both physical and mental performance is increased when workout supplements are ingested prior to the activity. The benefits delivered by the supplements have been validated many times in placebo-controlled clinical trials as well as peer-reviewed studies.

One particular study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition discovered that pre-workout supplements provided an extremely effective ergogenic aid for any active individuals participating regularly in workouts. Researchers involved with this study concluded that pre-workout supplements are one of the best ways of increasing performance, either at a gym, a home setting, or on an athletic field.

Other studies have confirmed the cognitive benefits delivered by pre-workout supplements. A great many of today’s products include caffeine, which is known to be a highly effective cognitive booster. A recent study which was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease show that caffeine had the ability to enhance concentration, mood, and arousal, all of which tended to help athletes be better focused on their workouts.

There are also some physical benefits delivered by caffeine, as confirmed in another study recently conducted. This study showed that caffeine could significantly enhance performance during a workout, and allowed participants to extend the workout significantly longer before feeling the effects of fatigue. This of course would lead to more challenging workouts, and better conditioning for the athlete involved.

Another important benefit of caffeine, which is one of the most commonly included ingredients in pre-workout supplements, is that it is known to contribute to weight loss. A study focusing on this aspect found that caffeine boosted energy levels by a full 11%, which means that cardio workouts would improve by that same amount, provided they included caffeine in a pre-workout supplement. In virtually all cases, it was found that users of supplements containing caffeine could improve their weight loss results, and burn more fat, more easily.

Another ingredient which is frequently found in pre-workout supplements is L-citrulline, which according to one study, helps increase bench preparations by a whopping 53%. Another study showed how bicyclists could paddle up to 12% longer before reaching a fatigue point when they ingested a supplement containing this ingredient.

Creatine is another very popular ingredient in pre-workout supplements, and since it is widely understood to improve athletic performance, many amateur and professional athletes seek this specific ingredient on the label when considering any pre-workout supplement for purchase. Creatine promotes the generation of more muscle cells whenever any kind of strength training workout is undertaken, or high intensity workouts in general.

There are other ingredients as well which have the full backing of science as being extremely effective pre-workout ingredients, and some of these include taurine, L-theanine, BCAAs, and CDP choline. Most industry experts consider that the best ingredients to include in a pre-workout supplement are natural ingredients, and that’s why substances such as beetroot extract are included.

In the case of beetroot extract, it is widely known to increase nitric oxide levels, and that’s why it is frequently included as one ingredient of pre-workout supplements. Nitric oxide has the ability to dilate blood vessels, which of course will increase circulation through the veins and lower blood pressure. While nitric oxide is naturally available in the body, beetroot extract has the ability to increase its production significantly.

A number of studies have been conducted which showed a strong linkage between beetroot extract and lower blood pressure. Other studies have shown that beetroot extract is capable of significantly improving performance and endurance. Another natural ingredient which is a favorite of pre-workout supplements is yohimbine, which is obtained from an African plant, and has been used for decades to increase blood circulation and energy levels.

One study confirmed that the benefits of yohimbine contributed strongly to fat loss, and that’s why a number of fat-burning supplements, dietary supplements, and pre-workout supplements all include yohimbine as a primary ingredient. In general, many of the top-rated pre-workout supplements include natural ingredients in their formulas, which strive to increase weight loss while also boosting muscle building and endurance.

Whatever your reason for using a pre-workout supplement, you will have to agree that the ingredient list found in many of them carry some very powerful benefits for enhancing performance and assisting with weight loss.

Side effects of pre-workout supplements

In addition to the many positive benefits delivered by pre-workout supplements, it is also possible for users to experience some unwanted side effects. This is particularly true of individuals who have a low tolerance for stimulants such as caffeine. By and large however, most adults taking pre-workout supplements experience minimal side effects when they take the recommended dosage as specified by the manufacturer.

Whenever you consume more than the recommended serving, your chances of experiencing unpleasant side effects will increase. The same is true when you purchase products from non-reputable companies, or products which have no certification whatsoever. In rare cases, some of the side effects experienced by users include nausea and vomiting, jitters, anxiety, interrupted sleep patterns, tolerance build up, digestive issues, and in some cases, headaches.

Some pre-workout supplements can even cause kidney failure or liver damage, especially when consumed in excessive amounts. It should be remembered that all of these negative side effects are extremely rare in occurrence, and chances are that you personally will not experience any kind of side effects after consumption.

There are some ingredients included in a number of pre-workout supplements which are more prone to inducing side effects, and these are caffeine, magnesium, creatine, sodium bicarbonate, and beta-alanine. If you happen to be allergic to any of these substances, you can probably expect some kind of reaction to the product, although if you’re aware of that allergy beforehand, you probably wouldn’t ingest the product in the first place.

In some rare cases, L-arginine can cause gastrointestinal issues when consumed in large quantities. Many of the supplements on the list above contain this ingredient in 6 gram doses, and this is perfectly safe for the vast majority of people. When consumed in larger quantities, it can cause diarrhea, bloating, and abdominal pain. The bottom line on side effects is that the great majority of people won’t experience any kind of side effects whatsoever, unless they overindulge and consume larger quantities of a supplement than the manufacturer intended.

Recommended supplement dosages

Most manufacturers recommend that you take a single serving of their pre-workout formula, generally around 30 minutes or 60 minutes before beginning your workout. Almost all pre-workout supplements have the same recommendation for dosage and for timing. However, some people who are just beginning their usage of pre-workout supplements will start out with a half serving, especially when they have a stronger pre-workout supplement.

In many cases, individuals who are not used to caffeine should take this gradual approach and use a half scoop rather than a full scoop right at the beginning. Then you should observe the effects that the caffeine has on you during a workout and afterward, before considering any change to the dosage level. Some people can have very strong reactions to caffeine, so it’s important to be aware of how your body responds to it before taking a full dosage of it in your pre-workout supplement.

A report published by the Food and Chemical Toxicology organization recommended that adults limit their caffeine intake to 400 mg per day, and when you consider that some of the most powerful supplements contain that amount of caffeine, it would mean that you should not consume any additional caffeine throughout the entire day.

Ingredients which should be avoided

If you’re a person who is sensitive or allergic to some ingredients, you should pay careful attention to what’s listed on the label of any pre-workout supplement. For the most part, it wouldn’t be necessary to actually avoid any of these ingredients, but rather to pay attention to the dosage which is included in each serving of any supplement you buy.

One of the primary ingredients in this category is caffeine, mostly because a number of people have some strong reactions to caffeine, and it can make them jittery or anxious throughout the day. This is one reason why it’s advisable to pay close attention to the quantity of caffeine in any of your pre-workout supplements. Generally speaking, you should not take in any more than 400 mg of caffeine daily, and this includes the coffee that you drink in the morning. When you do take in a higher quantity, that’s when some of the side effects, like having the shakes or being more anxious throughout the day, are likely to happen.

Another ingredient you should be on the alert for are sugar alcohols, and these are commonly included in supplements because they help to improve the taste of them. They also don’t add any carbohydrates, which is a good thing, but when a sufficient quantity of sugar alcohols are included in any supplement formula, it can cause bloating and diarrhea for users. It would be better if you can avoid purchasing a supplement which has a high level of sugar alcohols included, but if you really like a particular supplement that does have them, just be mindful of the dosage level, and make sure it’s not excessive.

Probably the number one thing to avoid in terms of ingredients is any supplement which is known to be a proprietary blend. For the most part, companies group together ingredients in these formulas without listing them on the label, so you are never actually aware of what’s included in the formula. That also allows the manufacturer freedom to include a number of fillers and additives that deliver no beneficial qualities at all. If at all possible, avoid purchasing any proprietary blend supplement, because you literally don’t know what you’re buying, and you don’t have any idea what has been included in the formula.

There can’t really be any hard and fast rules about which ingredients to avoid, because every person responds uniquely to different ingredients, even sugar alcohols and caffeine. For instance, some people can drink coffee all day long and still have no trouble sleeping at night, while others would be staring at the ceiling for eight hours, and get up without having slept at all. The same is true of sugar alcohols – some people tolerate them very well, while others can have their whole system upset by them for a day or more.

If you don’t know what your tolerance level is for any particular ingredients, the only way you can find out is by choosing a particular pre-workout supplement and trying it for a period of time. When you have no negative reactions, you can be confident that your body is not responding negatively to any of the ingredients on the formula. On the other hand, if you immediately experience some undesirable side effects, you’ll have to narrow down exactly which ingredient it is that your body objects to, and choose a supplement which does not include that particular ingredient.

Beware of low quality supplements

Hopefully this guide has alerted you to the pitfalls of choosing a low-quality pre-workout supplement, as well as recommending some of the top-rated and most effective supplements. If you choose the wrong pre-workout supplement, you can actually derive absolutely no benefits from the product at all. In fact, some studies have been conducted which show clearly that there are a number of pre-workout supplements which deliver no benefits whatsoever to the consumer.

Other supplements have the alarming capability of increasing blood pressure and heart rate while delivering no worthwhile benefits to the user at all. These facts make it extremely important that you choose the right pre-workout formula, and stick to it, as opposed to experimenting with a number of different formulas, and possibly finding a bad one.

Those manufacturers who have their own proprietary formulas will also carry a higher incidence of side effects. This is primarily because some manufacturers are in the habit of secretly including unlabeled ingredients into their products through their own proprietary formulas. This is something you should avoid at all costs, because anything at all could be included in those proprietary formulas, and you might have no protection whatsoever from them.

Proprietary labels will generally only list the overall dose of a supplement without actually listing the ingredients or the dosages of each one. This is done so as to conceal the amount of an ingredient used in the formula, and for the user, that means you’re never quite sure of what you’re getting from the product. Some manufacturers have been known to include amphetamines, pro-hormones, and other undesirable elements in workout supplements that are considered to be substandard or low-quality.

The FDA is constantly on the lookout for such practices, and when they discover a company guilty of them, it generally results in the company being required to remove their product from the marketplace. So that you can avoid the possibility of choosing a low-quality or substandard pre-workout supplement, you should make sure to shop around, and find the very best products available, starting with the ones on the list above.

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