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Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit: Top Direct Lenders To Get Instant Loans For Bad Credit

Everyone needs a financial bailout from time to time. You may need to pay for an unforeseen expenditure, an emergency, or for personal reasons. Whatever the case, knowing that you having access to the best personal loan options assistance for that tough day is always a huge relief.

Family and friends are often our go-to option for financial aid. However, this might not always be a solution for most people. Chances are they are in a similarly tough financial spot and are also looking for a way out as well. The next option is to approach our banks for assistance.

Banks and other traditional lending facilities will always be willing to help if you meet the set criteria. Your credit score is among the critical criteria determining your ability to access credit from traditional financial institutions. If you have a poor score, you will be locked out of any credit access.

Unless you can provide an alternative form of security or guarantee that the bank or lending institution can recover their monies before the loan is approved, gaining unsecured personal loans from such institutions with bad credit is impossible.

Has this happened to you already? Are you worried about this happening to you? Well, you are lucky. In the digital age, credit facilities exist that offer personal loans even when your credit score is not on the up and up. These online credit facilities cater to those locked out of credit access for one reason or the other.

To keep you from falling into the debt trap that is at first presented as a financial solution, we have taken the time to curate a list of online lenders that will come to your aid at your hour of need. So what reputable lenders offer bad credit personal loans for people with bad credit? Keep reading to find out.

Top 3 Best Personal Loan Lenders With Bad Credit Or No Credit:

There were a lot of good personal loans for bad credit, but after extensive evaluation, we picked the following three as the best!

  1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit, Top Rated
  2. – Best Interest Rates For Bad Credit Loan
  3. CreditLoan – Best Bad Credit Loans With Instant Cash

#1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit, Top Rated


MoneyMutual is a go-to lending platform for most people. This platform is a friendly and affordable alternative to traditional banking. It comes in handy when your credit officer at your bank fails to give you the time of day due to your poor credit score.

MoneyMutual in itself does not lend money; instead, it is a marketplace where hundreds of vetted online lenders offer their services. The platform allows a single borrower to simultaneously put forward their unsecured loan requests to many lenders.

Like any other lending service, there is a minimum set criterion that you must meet before you are considered to be eligible for a MoneyMutual personal loan. First, you must be residing within the United States as either a permanent resident or a citizen. Secondly, you must be at least 18 years of age and receive a minimum monthly income of $800.

Once you are given the okay on all the criteria mentioned above, the next step is to forward your application to the host of lenders on the platform. This is where MoneyMutual has you covered. It takes a few moments for the lender to decide for or against your application, and the verdict is communicated in real-time to you.

Finally, an offer will be sent to you if your application has been approved. Before you pick up the offer with all the excitement that comes with it, breathe and read through the offer one more time. Pay attention to every part of it as appending your signature to the document is binding. Are you okay with the terms? If yes, append your signature, and the disbursement process will commence.

Aside from the simplicity of use, the best part about sourcing financial aid from MoneyMutual is that there is no financial implication throughout the entire process.


Fast Turn-Around Time: It should not take more than 24hrs for the lender to avail the approved limit to your checking account. However, if you apply on a public holiday or a weekend, you might have to wait until the next business day.

Flexible Repayment: The repayment terms are dependent on the lender and the offer that you go for. Unlike payday loans, the beauty of personal loans is that you have the flexibility to repay them within a duration of up to 12 weeks. Repayment for the latter is tied to your paycheck, and once it comes in, out goes your loan amount. With MoneyMutual bad credit personal loans, you are in control, and you can pay when you wish.

Ease of Application: The application process is simple and can be easily followed by anyone. There are no extra fees that are attached to the process.


  • Provides up to $5,000 in credit
  • Fast turn-around time
  • User-friendly application process
  • Flexible repayment


  • Not available in New York and Connecticut

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. – Best Interest Rates For Bad Credit Loan


As far as online lending platforms go, is up there amongst the best-rated platforms. Like the brands mentioned earlier, CashUSA only facilitates borrowers to interact with lenders within the online space.

This platform is ideal for borrowers looking to get small unsecured loans. Loan amounts that one can get from any given lender on the forum will start from $500 to an upper limit of $10,000. To qualify for the loan, you must be a US citizen of at least 18 years. You must also provide the four digits at the end of your social security number. Additionally, your zip code, a legal name obviously, details about your source of income, banking details, and contact details are also required.


A Vast Network of Lenders: The platform allows you to interact with many lenders within a short time. By doing so, they increase the visibility of your unsecured loan request, bettering your chances of getting the financial assistance you seek.

Soft Credit Check: Loan applications made on the platform are not subjected to an in-depth credit check. Some lenders within the platform may even skip the credit check process altogether. This is a good thing if you have a poor credit score, as it improves your chances of receiving a loan.

Extended Repayment Periods: You have anywhere from three months to 6 years to repay a personal loan acquired via this platform. The duration will depend on the terms set by the lending party and the amount borrowed. If you are unable to repay the loan on time, you can get in touch with your lender requesting an extension. Most lenders will approve your extension when notified early enough.


  • Long repayment periods
  • User-friendly platform
  • Quick reaction and turn-around time
  • Soft credit checks


  • Low maximum loan amount
  • Third-party access to your information

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

#3. CreditLoan – Best Bad Credit Loans With Instant Cash


With over two decades of experience, CreditLoan has come to the aid of over 750,000 customers that have gained access to unsecured personal loans. Here, loan amounts vary from a minimum of $250 to a maximum of $5,000.

As the service is not available in all states, you are required to give information about your zip code when filling in the loan request form. Other necessary bits of information are your contact details, income streams, amounts, and banking details, as you need an active checking account to qualify. You also need to provide information on your credit health and living situation (is your home a rental unit, or do you own it?). Lastly, you will be required to fill in the date you were born and your social security number.

After handing in your loan request, it takes a very short time for you to begin receiving offers from lenders eager to help. Again, you have the control to say yes or no to any given lender, and chances are you will receive multiple offers. Before accepting, peruse the offer paying attention to the terms of service.


Responsive: Lenders on CreditLoan are quick to respond to loan requests put in by potential borrowers. Due to the diverse network of lenders, you will likely find one that suits your needs.

Reputable: Creditloan has gained the trust of its users over the years. To take it a step further, it has received accreditation from TRUSTe® for compliance with data privacy policies within its website and email channels.

Loan Flexibility: To ensure that you have higher chances of getting the financial aid you seek, Creditloans has a dedicated platform for lousy credit. By doing so, they ensure that your request is only visible to those lenders that are okay with giving unsecured loans to those with bad credit.


  • Provides financial education to customers
  • Dedicated platform for bad credit
  • Guarantees safety of personal information
  • Good reputation within the industry


  • Low maximum loan amount
  • Only available in select states

=> Click here to visit the official website of CreditLoan

#4. Surge Mastercard

Surge Mastercard, unlike the other platforms reviewed, is a direct lender. Here, you get the power in your hands, quite literally. Poor credit scores tend to lock you out of the convenience of having a credit card from traditional finance institutions. Well, Surge Mastercard presents you with an opportunity to enjoy the upsides of having a credit card.

Another benefit of using the card is that prompt repayments help you better your overall credit score. With it, you can shop and do all other things you would with a regular MasterCard. If you are worried about the security of your data, worry no more. This lender assures its users that their data is encrypted with industry-standard techniques.


Wide Range of Credit: Unlike other traditional financial institutions, Surge Mastercard offers credit cards to those with poor credit scores. The minimum amount available on the card is $300 for a first-time borrower.

Prequalification: You can check your eligibility at no cost to your credit score. This does not require entering any sensitive personal information.

Better Credit Scores: Prompt repayments of your Mastercard amounts will account for improving your overall credit scores. Since Continental Finance powers the product in conjunction with Celtic Bank, credit reports are issued to credit bureaus monthly.


  • Protection from MasterCard fraud liability
  • Accepts poor credit scores
  • It helps improve overall credit history
  • Ability to prequalify


  • High-interest rates
  • High annual charges

#5. Indigo

What makes Indigo’s credit card stand out from the rest of its peers is its stratified nature. You can gain access to different credit levels based on your credit health. So even when you have bad credit, you are eligible for some form of credit. The rates charged to your credit line also depend on your credit health. The more of a risk you are, the higher the rates.

The card comes in multiple designs allowing you to express your creativity in the process. Who says borrowing can’t be fun as well? Aside from being cool and trendy, these credit cards are chip-enabled, ensuring the security of your transactions with them.


Free Prequalification: You can see your tentative credit line through the prequalification process. The best part about this is that it comes at no cost, financial or otherwise, to you.

No liability on card fraud: Whenever unauthorized or fraudulent charges or transactions are made to your card, you need not worry. The card comes with a zero-dollar fraud liability feature.

Acceptability: As long as an online or physical outlet accepts MasterCard, you are free to use your Indigo card to make the necessary purchases.


  • Uniquely designed cards
  • Low foreign transaction charges
  • No initial deposit required
  • Accepts poor credit scores


  • High interest and annual fees
  • Low credit limit

#6. Auto Credit Express

Auto Credit Express is a personal loan marketplace for those looking to either acquire, upgrade, or pay off their set of wheels. There is no denying the convenience that comes with owning a private car and the flexibility and mobility presented to allow you to accomplish much more in a shorter time. Therefore, it is no wonder that owning a car is such a big deal for most people.

From its hometown in Michigan, the platform allows customers to interact with lenders as well as car dealers depending on their eligibility for loans. Here, you can access credit that will enable you to refinance your car loan, purchase a new car or lease a vehicle.

To qualify for financial assistance from the platform’s network of lenders and dealers, you need to show proof of steady employment for at least six months, have a minimum income of $1,500 per month before taxes, and show evidence of work within the last three years. You also need to give a minimum of six references when making your application. To show proof of residence, you are required to provide a utility bill in your name.


Reputable: Auto Credit Express has more than two decades of experience under its belt. Within this time frame, not only has it gained the trust and confidence of its clients, but it has also acquired an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Extra Services: Aside from being a lenders’ market, the platform extends a few extra services. You have access to a loan estimator that allows you to gain a rough understanding of the loan amount you are eligible for. Besides, their payment calculator helps you understand the financial implications of the loan you are about to take. Through their platform, you also have access to service providers that provide insurance, warranties for used cars, as well as debt consolidation.

Varied Network: What makes Auto Credit Express unique is that you not only have access to lenders, you also get to interact directly with car dealers that offer financing solutions to their clients.


  • Reputable lending platform
  • Gives discounted rates for those in the military
  • Provides financing options for bad credit
  • Varied network of lenders and car dealers
  • Provide a host of extra services


  • Requires a down payment
  • Requires you to be employed to qualify for credit


In the last 27 years, has been in the business of enabling people to own their dream cars. In this time, they have received mostly glowing reviews from their clients. Like their counterparts, they do not give direct financing. Instead, they act as a go-between for customers looking to get the funding for car purchases and lenders willing to provide the said financing.

To qualify for the loan, you will need to offer some information about yourself. You need to show proof of a steady income of at least $1,000 per month. Additionally, you are required to present evidence that you have insurance for the vehicle you own or are about to purchase.

In addition, the platform needs to make sure that you are indeed who you say you are. As such, you are required to provide a national ID, a utility bill billed to your name and residence, your social security number, as well as any other relevant proof of citizenship or residency. If you wish to trade in your car for an upgrade, the necessary trade-in paperwork must be available.


Extra Features: By using, you get to benefit from their loan estimator and payment calculator that allow you to wrap your head around the financial obligation attached to the loan you are requesting. This is valuable for planning.

Fast Turn-Around Time: For those looking to own a new car in the shortest time possible, this might just be the platform for you. Depending on your qualifying factors, you can go home with your brand new vehicle in less than 24 hours of starting the loan application process.

Free Application: It costs you nothing to apply for a car loan. Simply fill in the needed details and allow the platform to match you with suitable lenders or dealers based on your credit history.


  • Free application
  • Fast turn-around time
  • No hidden charges
  • Affordable repayment terms


  • Requires a high minimum income amount per month

#8. Personal Loans houses within its platform a host of online lenders. In itself, the platform does not engage in the money lending business. It just acts as a bridge between the borrower and the lender.

Lenders on this platform will offer secured loans ranging from $500 to $35,000, depending on your credit score. You need to show proof of citizenship or residency in the United States of America to qualify for the credit. Moreover, you need to have a valid and operational checking account and have a verifiable monthly income of at least $2,000 monthly. You need to be over 18 years of age to qualify. And yes, a valid social security number is a must-have.

Once you have filled in the required information in your application form, works to match you with suitable lenders. Those that find you to be a match for their services will offer their services with varying loan limits for you to consider. At this point, the interactions are direct with the lender in question and not

Upon reaching an understanding that works with the lender, the disbursement of funds will typically be within a working day.


Credibility: Aside from the positive customer reviews has received over the years, the platform is a certified member of the Online Lenders Alliance. By joining such a professional body, pledges to adhere to the rules and regulations that govern the body, whose main aim is to protect the rights of the consumers and ensure fairness in their dealings.

Quick Reaction Time: Depending on your suitability for credit, it takes a short time to get offers on this platform once you have submitted your loan request forms. The time taken for funds to be availed in your account is equally short. Upon reaching an agreement with the lending party, funds should be in your account within a day or less.

Prequalification: The plus side to this platform compared to its competitors is your ability to prequalify for a loan at no charge. Prequalification helps you scout for the type of loan and the loan limit you qualify for before filling out forms with any sensitive information.


  • Fast and easy application process
  • Ability to prequalify
  • High loan limits offered
  • Allows borrowers access to multiple lenders


  • Requires more information than other lenders

#9. allows you to get financial help when looking to buy out a car lease, purchase a new car, purchase a used car from a private party, or refinance your car loan. The brand offers its services across 48 states within the US. The minimum loan amount offered is $8,000, with the upper limit capped at $100,000.

Different secured loans will attract different rates. Generally, APRs for loans offers range from 2.74% to 27%. Loans for refinancing an existing car loan will attract an APR range between 2.49% and 29.4%.

Aside from providing proof that you are either a citizen or a resident of the US, you require a minimum monthly revenue stream of at least $1,800 and a minimum credit score of 500. Before sharing your application request with lenders operating within the ecosystem, a hard credit check is conducted to ensure that you are a risk worth taking on.


Fast Response Time: The application process is pretty straightforward to follow. Responses to your application are equally as prompt. If all the necessary criteria are met, you can get approval for your loan on the same day you apply.

Multiple Repayment Methods: The platform allows you to make your payment installments via check. You can also take advantage of the different online banking avenues to meet your monthly payment installments.

Extended Repayment Periods: As with other lending platforms, repayment periods are subject to the specific terms and conditions of the lender or dealer whose offer you accept. That notwithstanding, lenders on this platform have been known to give up to seven years to repay the borrowed amount.


  • Straightforward application process
  • Provides various research tools
  • Various financing options are available
  • Accommodates low credit scores


  • Unavailable in Hawaii and Alaska

How We Made The List Of Personal Loans For Bad Credit

We understand how stressful seeking financial assistance can be. To make your life easier, we took the time to research and try out these products before recommending them to you. To ensure only the best made it to the final list, we adhered to a rigorous set of guidelines.

What We Looked For

  • Track Record: Before engaging with any lender, we needed to determine their reputation in the industry. Client reviews came in handy, and we only considered those with a reputation for excellent client service, transparency in operations, and timeliness in responding to client queries and needs.

We only retained those service providers with a commendable track record where customer service is concerned. All other benefits are nullified by poor customer service. At the end of the day, humans are at the other end of the transaction. Good people skills are, therefore, a must.

  • Eligibility: What are the criteria used to evaluate whether or not you are the right fit for a loan? Are the asks reasonable? These are some of the questions that guided us in selecting the best platforms. Only those companies with reasonable eligibility criteria that met the needs of those with bad credit made it to our list.
  • Terms of Service: What are the borrowing rates? What are the repayment terms? Are there provisions for flexibility when it comes to repayment terms? Are there any late repayment fees charged? What is the least amount of credit offered for clients with bad credit scores?

Having accounted for the above key evaluation criteria, we present only the service providers with favorable terms in this article. Their lending rates are reasonable, process times short, and application processes straightforward.

Furthermore, we considered those service providers that offer some of the highest loan amounts for personal loans with bad credit. Flexibility in loan repayment terms is a plus. While we always have every intention of repaying our loans on time, that is not always possible for one reason or the other. We, therefore, need service providers that understand and can accommodate the unforeseen circumstances that lead to delayed loan payments.

Things to Remember When Choosing Personal Loan for Bad Credit

Financial constraints can push us to seek financially unsound solutions to alleviate our pressures. The opening up of the online space has seen multiple lenders offer much-needed financial solutions. However, not all are looking to help. To ensure that you do not fall victim to those lenders looking to trap you in a detrimental debt cycle, here are a few things you need to remember when scouting for a personal loan for bad credit.

Company Reputation

You wouldn’t knowingly associate yourself with individuals with a bad reputation now, would you? The same caution applies when looking to take on a personal loan. Don’t just trust the reviews you see on the various lending platforms’ websites. See what third-party reviews are saying about them.

Also, check to see if these lenders and, or lenders markets have any accreditation from bodies that ensure quality service provision within the industry. Whether you are taking on a long-term or short-term loan, knowing you have your service provider’s support is essential for your peace of mind.

Loan Rates

Different lenders will offer different loan rates. Before you agree to take on a personal loan, look at the loan rates offered and evaluate whether or not they are sensible and beneficial to you. While some interest rates can be as low as 2.49%, some attract an interest rate of up to 48%.

Repayment Durations

Taking up a loan that causes you to strain yourself when making repayments might end up digging you into a deeper financial hole than you are already in. Find personal loans that give you flexible repayment terms and long enough durations that make it easy for you to meet your obligations.

Loan Amounts

There is no set minimum and maximum amount for personal loans for bad credit. It is up to the lender to decide the minimum and maximum risk they can afford. Some lenders offer as low as $250 for first-time borrowers, while others give as high as $100,000. The amount provided depends on several factors; your credit score and monthly income being key factors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bad Credit Personal Loans

What is the lowest credit score acceptable for a personal loan?

Minimum credit acceptable when seeking a personal loan for bad credit will vary from lender to lender. A credit history that is below 580 is deemed as poor credit. Some lenders afford credit to those with a score lower than 400, while others cap their limit to 500. Others do not even perform a credit check.

Do I need an income to qualify for a personal loan?

Yes. Lenders need to feel confident in their ability to repay the loan. Income for most lenders does not necessarily have to be from full-time employment. For instance, income from social benefits is applicable as well. As long as you show proof of a steady amount coming in every month, you should be fine.

Are there limitations to how I can use my personal loan?

Yes and no. In most instances, a general personal loan does not require you to provide details on the intended use. However, if taking out a personal loan from platforms that specialize in providing financing for automobiles, you are tied to using your personal loan to purchase or lease a vehicle.

Does the prompt repayment of my personal loan help improve my credit score?

Yes. This is especially true for those using lenders affiliated with banking institutions. Such lenders submit a credit report every month to reputable credit bureaus. A positive report from them translates to a positive impact on your credit score.

However, this also means that defaulting on payments or delayed payments will result in submitting a negative credit report by the lender. As a result, your credit history will decline even further loan proceeds. That said, it is upon you to be diligent with repayments to improve your credit history and better your chances of receiving higher credit limits in the future.

Conclusion – Where To Look For Personal Loans With Bad Credit?

Successfully recovering from a financial crisis is no easy task, and it takes discipline and sacrifice on your part. It helps to have a helping hand during this time. Different online lending markets provide you with the opportunity to gain the financial support that you need. This article presented the top 9 best personal loans for bad credit. If you need a loan, feel free to try any of them out.

Don’t forget that any bad credit personal loan taken up will require prompt repayment. If your credit score is poor, these loan platforms can help you improve it and allow you to access higher limits and friendlier loan terms. Lastly, if you think you might be unable to repay the loan on time, it is advisable to contact the lender immediately. Most will offer an alternative loan repayment timetable.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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