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Best Online Psychic Reading Websites: Most Accurate Tarot Readings For Free In 2022

We all get caught in a period of fear and gloom. We’re left wondering since no one can provide us with the direction we need. Imagine the surprise if we informed you that you had another, even better choice by shortlisting the best online psychic readings for you.

Psychic readings online on call, messages can help you make better judgments regarding your love life, job, or future if you have questions about any of these things. Booking an online psychic reading might provide you with useful information about your personal or professional life. However, how accurate are internet psychic readings?

Discovering one’s life’s purpose can be accomplished in part through the use of psychic abilities. Customers can contact psychics via the internet on several different websites. Only those confident in their services will part with their hard-earned money until they are sure the information they supply is accurate.

How can you determine which websites are reliable? And which should be avoided when it comes to online psychics? That’s what our evaluation of the Online Psychics on call messages will cover. So stay tuned.

List Of Best Online Psychic Readings

  1. Keen – Overall Best Psychic Reading Online, Editor’s Pick
  2. Kasamba – Top Rated Site For Tarot Cards Reading
  3. AskNow – Reliable Astrology Answers For Career & Relationship
  4. Oranum – Most Accurate Psychic Readings By Phone
  5. Mystic Sense– Best Psychic Mediums For Live Readings

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. KeenOverall Best Psychic Reading Online, Editor’s Pick


Brand Overview

Keen is a top choice in terms of psychic websites offering chat-based readings. This is because of the mobile app, which makes it simple to interact with internet psychics at any time via a mobile device.

After selecting a category, users can get readings by phone or chat. To choose the most appropriate reader for your situation and personal preferences, you can search for psychics on the site based on their pricing, ratings, and areas of specialization.

Tarot card readings, spiritual counseling, finding closure, love, financial outlook, family, and career are just a few of the services it offers. The site includes over 1,700 advisors, so you won’t have any trouble selecting a good fit for your needs. In addition, all information about psychics is mentioned on the website, contributing to the development of trust between psychics and their clients.

The psychic advisors have conducted more than 42 million life-changing sessions. A primary purpose is to help you choose the right psychic for your needs so that you can search for them by price range, rating, and area of specialization.

For only $1.99 for the first 10 minutes, you’re getting a lot of content. Give this site a try if you’re wondering about what the planets and stars have to say about your future.


  • Because of its introductory packages, Keen has succeeded in a sea of astrological websites, which offer a free 3-minute reading to new customers.
  • Another handy aspect of Keen is that it matches you with a psychic who shares your feelings, issues, assistance needs, and interests to provide you with a customized reading.
  • Once you’ve located the perfect psychic, all you have to do is call, chat, email, or schedule a future phone psychic reading. In addition, you can utilize the Keen app for iOS and Android devices.
  • Keen’s love psychic readers have years of experience helping people just like you if you need advice on important life decisions.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • One of the most affordable and well-known psychic websites on the internet
  • Advisors are evaluated and ranked by the public
  • Devices running on Android and iOS are both supported
  • One of the best resources for birth charts you can find


  • The satisfaction guarantee only applies to paying clients

Customer Experience

Many people have been eager to find reputable psychics and have been pleasantly surprised by the wide range of available choices. Customers prefer Keen since it checks the skills of their astrologers before they join their network. Other websites do not offer email readings, which is a nice feature to have.

Keen Psychics places a high value on customer happiness. An unhappy consumer might ask for a credit to be spent on the website in the future if their experience there was bad. Keen Psychic Customer Service has received a lot of excellent feedback online.

#2. Kasamba – Top Rated Site For Tarot Cards Reading


Brand Overview

This website has numerous high-quality divinatory services, such as astrology, tarot card reading, horoscopes, and more. When it comes to giving good life advice, the site’s advisors employ a combination of classic 32-card draw cartomancy and reading from an angel-card deck.

Psychic counselors at Kasamba have helped over three million people since the company was founded in 1999. The site provides a free psychic reading for the first three minutes of every session. When a new member joins the program for the first time, they save 50% off the regular price.

Kasamba’s live psychic readers each have a profile with information about their specialty, years of experience, and the types of readings they provide. This information is available to you by reading their profiles. You may learn a lot from what other people say about a company if you read reviews left by former customers.

If you’re still undecided, Kasamba’s Top Psychics section features a list of the site’s most highly rated psychics.

Kasamba has some of the most affordable prices in the business. More than 3 million people use it regularly, making it popular with the general public as well. Personal information such as services offered and everyone can see prices.


  • Psychics, mediums, and intuitive readers from all over the world congregate in Kasamba to share their knowledge and gifts.
  • More than 90 psychics on this site have received five-star reviews and are in high demand. Some people are also worried about paranormal activities and interactions between people who identify as LGBTQ+.
  • Thirty days after purchasing Kasamba, you can get a refund. Customers who are displeased with Kasamba’s services can get a complete refund without having to ask any questions.
  • After a free three-minute psychic reading, Kasamba gives new customers a 50% discount off the standard fee. The favorite aspect is that you don’t have to limit yourself to using the three free minutes on the first psychic reading you receive.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • On the site, there are over 200 advisors
  • The mobile app is available for download
  • Customer service is friendly and knowledgeable
  • The most advantageous promotional deal is available on the website
  • Phone, chat, and email psychic readings
  • Each psychic offers three minutes of free time
  • It is regarded as the world’s best online tarot card reading website
  • The cost of a minute might range from $1.99 to $20 or more


  • The best psychics charge a hefty fee

Customer Experience

The majority of customers who use their services say their best feature is their love tarot card readings. New users are enticed to join the site by special offers only available for a limited period.

On TrustPilot, Kasamba has a strong 4-star rating, with 61 percent of the 478 reviews indicating positive satisfaction. Positive customer feedback praises Kasamba’s psychics for their accuracy, while negative feedback criticizes the psychics’ exorbitant pricing and overcharging.

Customers have remarked that they have discovered a feeling of stability in their life and the optimism and bravery to embark on new projects.

#3. AskNowReliable Astrology Answers For Career & Relationship


Brand Overview

Regarding psychic readings over the phone, AskNow is the finest choice for issues such as romantic love, professional success, and financial stability. Online psychic readings have been available through AskNow since 2005, and the service provides readings by telephone, chat, and email for people in both English and Spanish.

All of the readers on the AskNow network specialize in a particular area, such as horoscopes, numerology, tarot, or dream interpretation.

AskNow’s easy-to-use interface can help you locate a reader who fulfills your criteria. It’s as simple as looking through a large selection of psychic profiles to find the one that best meets your needs based on factors like experience, rates, specialization, location, and ratings. It has well-trained and experienced psychics, mediums, horoscope readers, and spiritual advisers.

With the use of search filters, users can find a suitable psychic, and this site also allows them to look at the profiles of each advisor. Users can browse through many psychic profiles to find the one that best suits their needs based on information such as their experience, rates, specializations, location, and ratings.

For the convenience of their clients, psychics provide readings via internet chat or phone. The user can also pick and select which questions to ask during the reading.


  • Love advice may be found in abundance on AskNow. On their website, you may choose from various categories, such as astrology interpretation, tarot card readings, horoscope readings, and spiritual guidance, among others.
  • They try their best to provide a great experience, but if you’re not happy, you’ll get a full refund of your money.
  • After finding the correct psychic for you, all you have to do is call, click to chat or email, or schedule a future phone psychic reading. As an alternative, you can use the AskNow app for iOS or Android.
  • AskNow offers five free minutes with one of their expert psychics to first-time customers, with no strings attached. After that only it only cost $1 per minute up to 30 minutes.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow


  • Charges are $1 per minute; this is a very economical psychic website
  • Only psychics who have undergone extensive training and certification are featured
  • Psychics with a four-star rating or higher are the best
  • Non-members are welcome to ask a question with no charge
  • They have a mobile app
  • Customer service is available around the clock


  • Expert and elite-level psychics work on a minute-by-minute basis, which sometimes leaves customers’ questions unanswered

Customer Reviews

Following the AskNow psychic reviews, the psychic advisors listed on their website are genuine and well-versed in their field. For the most part, ratings on AskNow’s official website range from 4 to 5 stars, with a couple of 3-star ratings tossed in for good measure. We discovered 16 TrustPilot reviews, with an average rating of 2.9 stars for the business.

Many people have thanked the psychics who helped them overcome their concerns, listened to them calmly, and gave them the confidence to start dating again.

Some individuals find it annoying that astrology calls don’t immediately end after the minutes are up; instead, they must wait for a beep to let them know the call has ended.

#4. Oranum Most Accurate Psychic Readings By Phone


Brand Overview

If you’re looking for a unique online psychic reading experience, try Oranum. All psychic readings take place via live webcam video on the site’s online psychic reading platform. Users can observe psychic readers in action by tuning in to one of their weekly live public sessions.

Are you fed up with the limited number of choices available to you? If this is the case, Oranum is your best bet. The nicest part about this astrology website is that it lets you customize your reading based on your location and preferred language.

Visit the website, and you’ll notice that it looks good, is easy to use, and provides a systematic filter for looking through psychics. Visit their profile, read their feedback, or look at their bio to learn more about them.

Oranum does not provide the usual free trial period of three minutes. Instead, you can have a free consultation with the psychic of your choice over the phone. Do this first if you want to be sure you have a good connection with someone before starting any online psychic readings.

Many psychics and spiritual counselors may be found on the internet, all highly qualified in their respective fields of study. Before creating an account, you can watch them in action and engage with them for free astrology, so you can make sure their service is right for you before committing to it. You can purchase credits for a private session if you prefer something more tailored to your needs.

If you add a confirmed credit card, users will receive $9.99 in free credits. Create a free account right now.


  • Oranum has a large number of categories from which to choose. Other topics include love, tarot, palm reading, rituals, dream interpretation, numerology, sound healing, etc.
  • Oranum is made up of psychics who can converse in a variety of languages in addition to English. French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, and Chinese are among the languages that can be filtered.
  • Oranum is unique because it lets visitors observe live psychic readings without feeling obligated to pay right away.
  • Oranum, unlike most businesses, does not enable trial users to use the normal three minutes of free time. Instead, they will allow you to speak with a psychic of your choice before making a decision.
  • If you want to get psychic readings via video, Oranum is the obvious choice. If you want to speak with a psychic in person, visit Oranum.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum


  • There is a wall for each psychic where they can post their work
  • They provide client assistance via email and the internet
  • If you’d like to speak with a psychic anonymously, many offer a free public chat service
  • You’ll get free credits after signing up


  • A more user-friendly interface would be preferable

Customer Experience

Oranum has gotten positive comments from customers all over the world. If you prefer a video reading over a phone or text reading, they give you a wealth of information on each astrologer so you can decide whether or not you want to work with them.

Customers are usually impressed with the website navigation, psychics, and notably unique features from others like the live chat and the opportunity to speak with psychics in different languages, according to Oranum user evaluations.

If you have any questions or concerns about your membership, credits, or billing, you may contact customer service by selecting Contact Support within the Get Credits window.

#5. Mystic Sense – Best Psychic Mediums For Live Readings


Brand Overview

MysticSense is one of the most useful websites for those having problems in their lives or relationships.

You have the option of selecting from a big pool of psychics who are professionals in their disciplines. Choosing one from hundreds can be difficult, yet MysticSense makes it easy by employing a smart-filtering system to let you personalize your searches and narrow down your favorites.

Pet mediums, love psychics, and finest fortune tellers are just a few of the professionals there. So, if you’re looking for a skilled psychic with a wide range of abilities, this is a great place to start.

Mystic Sense allows users to engage with specialists via phone, online chat, and video chats. Users have a great deal of freedom because they can choose which mode to use.

All psychics at MysticSense have gone through a rigorous and selective examination and interview procedure to ensure that they excel in their field.

Each psychic sets their rate for each session. Thus some may be inexpensive while others may be prohibitively expensive. So, if you’re anxious for someone to listen to you and give you advice, give MysticSense a shot.


  • It is made up of psychics who specialize in various astrology fields, all of whom can read your horoscope and read your energy.
  • To entice new visitors, the developers of this website have made some really good deals. Because of this, we’re offering a free 5-minute trial to everyone who signs up.
  • If you have an interest in any of the following: angel cards, tarot, or object-based readings? If you’re looking for psychic readings that use various techniques and pictures to provide you with a new perspective on life, narrow your search to those specific areas.
  • The ability to search for psychics depending on their nature and tone separates MysticSense from other services. It will help if you are looking for a psychic that can provide a reading that you can understand because we all absorb information differently.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mystic sense


  • There is an option to change the session’s duration
  • If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can get a refund in full
  • There are horoscopes for every month
  • On the website, you may find and read articles and blogs


  • There isn’t any app
  • Because it’s a new site, there’s less expertise

Customer Experience

We found that out of the 19 reviews, 84% stated the site was great. The company’s customer service received rave reviews from its clients. They were also pleased with the psychic readings, which were precise, concise, and direct.

Customers say the website greets them with a nice sensation when they first visit it. Within a few seconds, a close chat window appears and asks if you need anything else. Your query will be answered within seconds in the majority of cases by the team. To find the right psychic for you, you should experiment with a variety of readings and psychics.

Why Should You Consider Psychic Readings Online?

We may learn a lot about ourselves and the world around us by looking at how we think and feel. Many people seek the guidance of free psychic readings to determine the best course of action in these instances. This is because they assist us in getting the ideal answers to our puzzling concerns.

Acquire a Future Pathway

Normally, one can’t foresee what will happen in the future. On the other hand, most psychics can give you a glimpse into the future by foreseeing events based on multiple criteria, including personal, rational, and intuitive ones. It’s important to know that online psychic reading is neither a form of magic or a way to make educated guesses. Your surprise can come from how correct these seemingly minor details turn out to be!

Divert Your Decisions

Find that you’re mired in a huge problem? You may believe you have lost all hope of ever recovering. On the other hand, you may consider that your current path in life isn’t the best fit for your talents and abilities.

This is exactly how phone psychics and chat psychics do their business while providing online psychic readings. They look at your existing condition and give you a fresh perspective on how to improve it.

This reading will provide you with various viewpoints on a single topic, allowing you to make an informed conclusion straight away.

Get Your Decisions Validated

Some people are predisposed to make drastic decisions, but they are torn between whether or not it is the best approach of action for them to take. To be sure, psychic readings via the internet may also be able to assist you here.

There are true psychics who will assist you in some way to come to the best decision you can make naturally. This is because the finest psychics provide you a glimpse into the future, allowing you to make more informed decisions in the present.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Accurate Tarot Readings On Call, Messages

Free Psychic Readings/Trial Minutes

Suppose you’re looking for a free online psychic reading. New members get three minutes of free readings on some of the best psychic networks, after which they pay a reduced rate. After the free trial, you can quit the session if you want or continue reading by investing some money.

Specialties Offered

The majority of psychic websites provide a wide range of options. Tarot reading, horoscope readings, and love readings are all popular choices among those seeking psychic guidance. Some practitioners specialize in spiritual fields such as feng shui, Vedic astrology, and the Chinese astrological system, Tik Pan San Sou.

Oranum has the broadest selection of psychic specialty, according to our research. Although the types of psychic readings you can get depend on who is online at the time, you can always schedule a reading if your preferred psychic isn’t accessible.


A younger psychic website has been active for at least a decade longer than two of our top recommendations for the greatest online psychic readings. As a product reviewer, this amount of time should have determined what works best for those seeking psychic services.

You’ll discover psychics with decades of expertise working with clients across all platforms for the most part. Although there are brilliant and skillful mediums with less experience, their insights can be just as significant.

Customer Reviews

Client feedback on online psychics can be extremely useful in determining what to expect from a certain advisor. When you read customer reviews, you may see how others see the psychic; but, the psychic’s bio and profile information are necessary to see how they present themselves. Looking at these items will help you gain a better idea of what to expect from your reading.

FAQs About Online Psychic Readings

Q1. How Likely Is It That A Free Internet Psychic Reading Would Provide You With Sound Advice?

Free online psychic reading sites are viewed with suspicion by many people. These free readings are completely legitimate and have the highest market share in the online psychic sector. Thus this is a myth that should be dispelled.

Asking the right questions is essential for an effective psychic reading. Make sure you ask the right questions if you would like to try a psychic reading. To make the most of this rare opportunity, you must know what questions to ask. If you ask a psychic too many questions, you may not obtain the best answers. Take into account creating ties with the spiritual realm.

Q2. How To Get The Most Out Of Your Psychic Reading Experience?

When it comes to reading with a psychic medium, preparation pays off. Preparing your questions ahead of time can help you make the most of your time with them while also helping you focus your efforts.

It’s best to allow the fortune teller to choose the pace and direction of the talk rather than forcing your agenda on them. It’s important to respect the reader’s style if you want the greatest reading.

Avoid asking yes/no questions as often as possible. As a preventative measure, ask open-ended questions that allow them ample psychic scope for more explanation and insight.

Q3. Why Is Free Psychic Reading Online Important?

It’s a well-known reality that no one is an island in our world. When it comes to making it through the day without mental and physical assistance, no amount of convincing ourselves is going to cut it. Everyone needs a friend at some point during their life.

So what happens when you’re craving something but can’t seem to track it down for some reason? Slowly, you begin to lose control of your surroundings, and it appears as though the world is crumbling around you. So much so that you may begin to doubt your ability to get yourself out of trouble on your own.

Although your loved ones, family, and friends will do their best to assist you, no one can do everything. There are times when challenges require the expertise of a professional, and the top psychics are more than capable of handling these situations. We’re talking about the best psychic readings, which will help you see more clearly into the future and heal your emotional suffering from the past that’s been confusing you.

Q4. How Can You Immediately Spot An Online Psychic?

To avoid falling victim to a scam, choose a reputable and dependable psychic platform like those listed above. These platforms check and verify their psychics before allowing them to help you obtain a deeper understanding of your life’s circumstances and destiny.

If you’re unsure about a psychic’s abilities, you can read their reviews on their profile.

Q5. Does Astrology Predict The Future?

As long as we’ve been on this planet, our past, present, and future have all been interwoven. As a result of what you’ve done in the past, your present actions mirror that. Your actions will determine your future. A person’s horoscope can reveal a lot about their history, present, and future to an astrologer.

Concluding- Do Astrology Answers Really Help?

A psychic reading might be a terrific approach to start finding some answers to the questions you have in your life. Working with tarot readers or clairvoyants can give you vital insights and be enjoyable when it comes to life concerns.

There is a bit of hope in the seemingly bleak modern world, thanks to online psychic readings. Offering both quality and convenience, free psychics have sparked a revolution in the sector.

We’ve done many evaluations and found that Kasamba and Keen are two of the best online psychics-on-call and message services. If you’re unsure about your future and want some guidance, check out these resources.

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Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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