Best Knee Brace for Pain: Review the Top Knee Sleeve Braces for Pain Relief

If you are an athlete who has recently sustained an injury or an individual battling a chronic medical condition, knee braces for pain may offer some relief. These are widely found and readily available- and you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy and use a knee brace for your pain. You won’t need to make a special trip to a medical supply store- most of the popular knee braces and sleeves are found online for delivery to your door. It helps that knee braces are thankfully affordable, so they are not cost-prohibitive for those that need them the most.

So, why would you need to buy a brace? Here are a few of the most common reasons why you may wear a knee brace:

  • For Rehabilitation

When you injure a knee, the doctor or physician will likely recommend that you wear a rehabilitative knee brace. These are usually for only a week or so- depending on the extent of your injury. These types of braces support the knee and protects it from overextension, while still allowing for mobility and range of movement. These are also common after operations or surgical procedures, too, as your knee heals.

  • For Recovery

After you have healed your knee injury or surgery, you will probably be encouraged to use a functional knee brace for up to six months. This type of brace provides you with much-needed stability and support to protect your knee from further issues, injury, or problem. You often see athletes wearing functional knee braces. These provide better range of movement and mobility than a rehabilitation type of brace, but still are designed and intended to protect and preserve the function of your knee.

  • For Inflammation

A Compression knee brace helps to reduce swelling and inflammation that can occur with knee injuries. When knees are swollen, they hurt. Applying compression reduces discomfort, decreases swelling, and allows for more movement and is a lot easier than using hot packs or ice. Swelling can make it more difficult to move the knee, so a brace or sleeve can help keep blood flowing and inflammation to a minimum. These can make it less painful to move around.

  • For Arthritis

If you suffer from Arthritis in your knee, you may choose to wear an unloader brace. An unloader brace takes the weight off the knee so you can move more freely and experience less discomfort. Arthritis pain is caused by inflammation in the joints- and when it strikes the knees, it can be difficult to walk, stand, sit- anything that you normally do. These types of knee braces can help arthritis sufferers with overall mobility- talk to your doctor to learn more!

  • For Preventing Injury

Knee braces can help anyone prevent an injury- or exacerbate an existing one- simply by wearing them. Usually, these preventative types of braces are either compression or functional knee braces and they protect from hyperextension and tweaking the knee. In this regard, these types of braces are a preventative health measure to provide protection from the risk of further injuring or hurting your knee.

Would you benefit from wearing a knee brace for pain? A lot of people do, and, in fact, knee braces are a multi-billion-dollar industry. If you are going to buy a knee brace for any reason at all, it makes sense to do the research to find the most highly regarded options.

For this reason, here are the top 5 best knee braces found on the consumer market:

Exo Knee Brace


Here is a brief snapshot of the Exo Knee Brace to compare with other brands and braces when shopping; find it online:

Knee Brace Name Exo Sleeve
Knee Brace Highlights & Features
  • Comes in 3 sizes: light, 5 mm, and 7 mm
  • Variety of colors and designs available
  • Offers greater stability, warmth, and compression to the knee
  • Contoured to fit perfectly
  • Brace Materials Antimicrobial neoprene
    Knee Brace Cost $29+

    In terms of a compression sleeve, Exo Sleeve comes highly rated and ranked by customers buying and using it. The company behind Exo Sleeve are well known in the industry for providing high-quality sleeves for a variety of rehabilitative purposes and conditions. Additionally, this brand offers other items designed for fitness, like resistance bands, sandbags, weight belts- they really cover all the bases in terms of wellbeing.

    Exo Sleeves offer more compression, warmth, and stability- so your knee feels protected and blood flows better. These sleeves are effective for reducing inflammation and swelling that can lead to pain and discomfort- even difficulty with mobility. Exo recognizes that no two individuals are the same, so their knee sleeves come in three distinct sizes:

    • Light
    • 5 mm
    • 7 mm

    Industry experts recommend the 5mm and 7mm for serious athletes that need extra support. This might include bodybuilders and cross-trainers. Exo’s light sleeve- which is approximately 3 mm- helps anyone wearing it with mobility and agility, too. You don’t have to be in training to wear this sleeve- you simply want the support and protection of a high-quality knee sleeve. These sleeves are easy to wear, easy to care for, and easy to find, with online shopping available for at-home delivery.

    Plan to pay around $29 per pair of sleeves- knee sleeves are often sold in pairs while braces typically are sold by the single- and you will find a selection of unique patterns, designs, and colors to choose from. If you have been thinking of the health perks of a knee sleeve, Exo’s products are a great place to start!

    TheraICE Rx Compression Knee Brace


    Consider these key features and specs of TheraICE Rx Compression Knee Brace when looking at your options:

    Knee Brace Name TheraIce Rx Compression Knee Brace
    Knee Brace Highlights & Features
  • Uses heating/cooling and compression to relieve pain fast
  • Soothing relief of pain within minutes
  • Built in gel that heats up/freezes
  • Has sold more than $1 million to consumers
  • Brace Materials Plastic
    Knee Brace Cost $35

    Buyers widely endorse the TheraIce Rx Compression Sleeve, reporting that it alleviates and soothes knee pain fast. Consumers have ranked and rated this knee brace highly- and it appears to live up to its following. It is an affordable knee brace, priced at around $35 for a single compression brace with a heating and cooling gel pack contained inside. This is a very therapeutic and comforting knee brace, so it may be the perfect option for anyone who struggles with pain associated with a knee injury.

    The heat and cooling of this brace make it possible for users to engage once more in activities that they may have given up due to knee discomfort. Whether you stick the gel pack in your freezer for numbing relief or in the microwave for warm comfort, this brace is a versatile and cost-effective choice to consider.

    It comes as no surprise that the TheraIce Rx Compression Sleeve is among the highest-rated and most popular knee sleeves that you will find on the market. They have sold over a million dollars in knee sleeves so far- and with the glowing recommendations from buyers found online, they will sell even more in the near future. The ability to move about freely, while enjoying compression and heat- or cold- therapy is inventive and a great argument to go with the TheraIce Rx Compression Sleeve. Visit them online to find out more!

    KneeWrap Pro


    This knee brace is marketed in a clever way with a name that seems to stick in your head- here is what you need to know about KneeWrap Pro to make the best buying decision for you!

    Knee Brace Name KneeWrap Pro
    Knee Brace Highlights & Features
  • Machine washable and easy to care for
  • Lightweight compression sleeve style brace
  • Advanced stabilization technology
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Brace Materials Neoprene
    Knee Brace Cost $39

    Suffering from a sore and painful knee? KneeWrap Pro can help! This is a high-quality compression sleeve that you simply slide over your foot and to your knee for immediate relief. This is discreet enough to be worn under clothing without adding bulk or feeling too tight. This can be an excellent option for those with arthritis pain that impedes their mobility at work or home- as well as for athletes looking for pain relief and additional knee support.

    Furthermore, the KneeWrap Pro is made from quality materials that you can wash in your machine- no special handling required! This is another knee sleeve that is both affordable and effective, according to the many, many consumers ranking this product online.

    KneeWrap Pro is perfect for the buyer looking for a simple knee sleeve- that is not too complicated, yet that offers the right amount of compression with high-quality fabric and invention. The four-way stretch helps provide the right amount of pressure just where the knee needs it- and the effects are fast and soothing. You will feel the support and stability from the moment you put it on.

    Buyers also laud the dual adjustment straps that help provide a snug and comfortable fit- key in wearing a therapeutic knee brace or sleeve. If the knee brace doesn’t fit right, it could be doing more harm than good. Another feature that buyers love about this sleeve is the way that it does not slip and slide down your leg when you are active or moving around.

    Since it is made from nylon and spandex, you will find that this sleeve facilitates movement and activity, while being comfortable to wear all day long. You can wash these sleeves easily and they hold up well. If you are looking for a sleeve that fits comfortably and that keeps your knee stable as you go about your day, the KneeWrap Pro might be the product for you!

    Most lauded the sleeve’s affordable price, as it is widely available for under $40- as well as appreciate the customer service and support that the company offers. Know that you can save up to half off the price of the KneeWrap Pro by purchasing them in bulk from the website- want to learn more? Check them out online to order yours or to find out more about this great product.

    Knee Hero


    There are a few things you need to know when comparing and contrasting knee sleeves and braces. Here is a glimpse of Knee Hero:

    Knee Brace Name Knee Hero
    Knee Brace Highlights & Features
  • Protects & supports knee joint, kneecap, and meniscus
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Available in various sizes to fit
  • Brace Materials Patented, high-quality medical material and construction
    Knee Brace Cost $65

    Don’t let the price of Knee Hero deter you- it may be priced a bit higher, but buyers report that it is worth every dime. At around $70, the Knee Hero knit sleeve may seem a bit steep, but in this instance, you truly get what you pay for.

    First, you are going to love the two-year warranty that comes with your knee sleeve. Second, this company’s attention to customer service and support is top-notch. Each sleeve is made from a patented, high-quality fabric that is used in medical settings, so you know it is made to last. This sleeve aims to alleviate knee pain and swelling- while also stimulating regrowth of muscle

    What this means for the consumer is that this sleeve provides pain relief and restoration of movement- which can be freeing. This applies to athletes wearing during an important game to a working parent, wearing one to get some much-needed pain relief.

    This sleeve checks all the boxes: the compression hits all the pressure points with a breathable fabric featuring moisture wicking. The result is a cool, comfortable garment that is easy to wear. Orthopedic specialists chimed in when manufacturing this knee sleeve so it would offer optimal pain relief and joint stability, backed by medical science. The technology promotes the body’s own ability to self-regulate and heal- the sleeve protects the knee while it restores and rehabilitates. It is quite amazing.

    There is a reason why pro athletes choose to wear Knee Hero knee braces for protection and support- both on and off the field or court. This product is lightweight, breathable, and non-slip so it won’t slide and move when you are wearing it. This is a knee sleeve that will fit seamlessly and effortlessly into your daily routine or regimen- plus, it comes in a range of sizes for the best fit.

    If Knee Hero sounds like a product that you would benefit from, visit their site to shop or learn more!



    Finally, see below for a quick look at what you should know about sleeves and braces from Compressa:

    Knee Brace Name Compressa
    Knee Brace Highlights & Features Compression sleeve & brace all in oneProtects knee from further injuryImproves circulationCost-effective & Budget-friendly, only $59.99 for a pack of 3
    Brace Materials Air knit, breathable fabric
    Knee Brace Cost $59.99 per 3- pack of sleeves

    Among the options featured here, Compressa is one that offers something different. Compressa has combined both a compression sleeve and a knee brace in one of the best-selling knee brace products found on the market today. This brace protects the knee and helps with circulation, shortening the time that it takes to heal and recover from knee injuries. The inherent heat and cooling pack provide therapeutic relief- in addition to reducing swelling which can cause its own complications and problems.

    Compressa is a product that comes from Germany, and that is commonly found among the running community. Both professional and amateur athletes widely endorse this knee brace- and it has received exemplary ratings and reviews consistently online.

    One of the overwhelmingly popular features of this brace appears to be how stable pressure is applied across the knee joint. It makes the knee feel secure and supported, but still allows for free range of movement and flexibility. You won’t be limping around from the bulk of a traditional support knee brace. The targeted compression and healthy blood flow restore and heal the knee fast- faster than other types of therapeutic sleeves or braces. This makes it a prudent option for a lot of different wearers.

    Speaking of wide appeal, this sleeve comes in a comfortable one size fits all option, and it is fine to wear all day long. The marketing is interesting, too- instead of just one sleeve, each package comes with three. This allows you with the convenience of always having one nearby. The package of three typically sells for around $60 online, which makes it a budget-friendly and cost-effective choice for shoppers.

    Does this sound like the right choice for you and your knee? Visit Compressa to learn more about their sleeves today.

    How to Care for your Knee Braces

    The only care that you need to worry about with your knee brace or sleeve is proper cleaning. While many knee braces can become odiferous and unhygienic without regular washing, they can also wear out faster with routine cleaning. For this reason, use care and launder according to the manufacturer’s recommended method on the label. It is important to preserve the longevity of your knee brace or sleeve, and to maintain its efficacy.

    The recommendations for laundering your knee brace may include the following cleaning methods:

    Wash by Hand

    Plan on hand-washing your knee brace at least once a month, but more often if you wear it daily. After all, a knee brace or sleeve is going to get dirty- possibly sweaty and may begin to stink. Use a very small amount of dishwashing liquid- don’t scrub- and gently rub and wash the brace under warm water. Let the knee brace or sleeve air-dry but never put these in a dryer.


    You might luck-out and find a knee sleeve or brace that indicates it is okay to launder it in the washing machine. To prevent damage to your brace, use the machine’s delicate setting and place the brace in a garment or lingerie bag prior to washing. This ensures the cycle will be gentler and less likely to damage the brace than just tossing it in the machine. Use a small amount of mild dishwashing soap in your washing machine and allow the brace to air dry. Again, do not put the knee brace in the dryer.


    For heavily soiled knee braces or sleeves, you may choose to boil them clean. Bring a pot of water to a boil on the stovetop. When it is boiling, carefully place the knee brace in the water and let it simmer and boil for about five minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and add a couple drops of mild dishwashing liquid to the water. Stir gently and carefully, to prevent splashing.

    Let the brace sit in the pot of soapy water, off the heat, until it cools down. When it is cool enough to handle, remove the brace from the water and rinse well. Lay flat on a clean towel to air dry.

    Soak in Vinegar

    Another solution for a smelly or dirty knee brace is to soak it in white vinegar. Bring a pot of water to a boil on the stove, remove from the heat and add a couple tablespoons of white vinegar. Be careful- the fumes can be strong!

    Add the brace to the pot of water and allow it to soak for a half hour. Give it a stir in the water every now and then. Remove the brace and wash as you normally would- either by hand or in the machine- allow the brace to air dry.

    If you find that your knee brace becomes damaged or if you struggle with keeping it clean, you may choose to buy a less-pricey variation and simply discard it when it becomes soiled. Some of the knee sleeves mentioned in this article are sold in multi-pack units, which makes it easier to swap-out, launder, and discard the sleeves as you see fit.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Knee Braces (FAQs)

    If you have not worn a knee brace before, you might have questions. Knee sleeves and braces are quite comfortable, and most practitioners suggest that you wear them regularly if you suffer from knee pain or inflammation, such as from arthritis. The key is to make sure that the one you wear fits properly to prevent further harm or injury.

    Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding knee braces:

    Does a knee brace help with a torn meniscus?

    A knee brace provides support for the torn meniscus during recovery, but it doesn’t necessarily treat the injury. A good quality knee brace also takes the pressure and weight of the knee so that it can prevent further injury and heal. For a torn meniscus, defer to your medical provider or practitioner for specific treatment recommendations.

    How long does a knee brace need to be worn?

    Depending on the nature and extent of your injury, you will often be recommended to wear a knee brace all the time- including when you sleep. As far as duration of wearing a brace, some people wear them intermittently always, while others may only need the support for up to six months after their knee injury or surgery. Again, fit is key when it comes to wearing a knee sleeve or brace.

    Should a knee brace be worn all day?

    Follow your doctor or provider’s recommendations, but typically people can wear their knee brace all day. Make sure that your brace fits you properly first, however, to ensure it doesn’t exacerbate your injury. You may also choose to wear the knee brace when you go to bed and sleep, too.

    Can you sleep with a knee brace on?

    A knee brace can help keep your knee in a stable and supported position while you sleep, so you can and should wear them when you lie down to rest, ideally. Some braces may seem awkward when trying to lay down, so it may take some time to adjust and adapt comfortably.

    Can a knee brace be used instead of rehab or physical therapy?

    Never substitute wearing a knee brace for rehab or physical therapy. A brace can be an integral part of your rehabilitation and recovery, but by no means does it replace physical therapy and your practitioner’s medical recommendations. If you want to heal a knee injury, physical therapy is going to be important.

    Now that you know a bit about the best knee braces for pain relief, you should be able to find one that suits your needs, is comfortable to wear, and helps hasten your recovery. Consider these recommendations when shopping- and talk to your medical provider or practitioner to learn more. Even if you are not a competitive athlete or fitness buff, there is a knee brace that can contribute to holistic wellness while providing pain relief for chronic knee conditions, like arthritis or inflammation. Talk to your provider- or visit these websites to learn more about the knee braces and sleeves available online.

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