Best Emergency Loans For Bad Credit In 2022 – List Of Top Direct Lenders For The Best Payday Loans And Installment Loans For Poor Credit Score | Best Bad Credit And No Credit Check Loans

Bad credit can be limiting when you need financial assistance because it restricts your access to choice, amenities, and jobs. Your quest for a loan to find a new business may not go through because of your credit history. In some cases, even a basic personal loan may not be approved if you have bad credit. So, getting an emergency loan may be out of your reach.

If you manage to secure a loan, you may find yourself at the end of mile-high interest rates. These rates may triple the total amount you have to pay, crippling your overall income. In a few words, bad credit is bad news when it comes to securing financial assistance from traditional means.

Fortunately, there are personal loan companies that offer bad credit loans. More pointedly, these companies have the reputation of securing emergency loans with bad credit. These companies have been in the business of helping the average American sort out emergencies by securing soft loans. Not only do they secure emergency loans, but they also deliver the required funds within a short time. However, with several of them offering their services, choosing the right one can be confusing.

But to get the best out of the companies and have a good experience, it is crucial to choose the right ones. So, how do you sift through the pack to select the one best suited to your needs, especially in an emergency?

To make it easier for you, we have already gone through the hard work of selecting the best and most reliable company. Then, we did in-depth research to find out what each company had to offer before we made our selection. In this article, we present a full review of the best emergency loans with bad credit.

List Of Top 4 Emergency Loans with Bad Credit (Full Review)

  1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best For Emergency Loans For Bad Credit
  2. BadCreditLoans – Best Interest Rates For Bad Credit Loans
  3. CashUSA – High Chances Of Approval For Instant Cash Loans
  4. PersonalLoans – Most Trusted Online Lenders For Personal Loans

#1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best For Emergency Loans For Bad Credit


It is usually a relief to find that some personal loan companies are willing to provide emergency loans for bad credit customers. Not many lenders agree to lend money to people with a minimum credit score lower than 620, considering that bad credit is not credible. Typically, lender choices for bad credit loans are few and difficult to find unless you know where to look.

Fortunately, companies like MoneyMutual have made the task of securing bad credit loans much more effortless and not just a dream. In fact, the company helps you understand that having bad credit or taking a loan is not a death sentence. You can work to improve your credit history and manage your finances better.

What’s more, is that MoneyMutual caters to both borrowers and lenders. That is why it has such a vast lender network and more than two million customers and counting. This is part of the reason why it tops our list of personal loan companies to trust for emergency bad credit loans.

You will find an online form on the company’s site. To apply, you can simply fill it out with the required information to begin the application process; it is that simple. You will need to provide information about whether or not you have a steady source of income and if it is up to $800 per month, along with other essential details.

Notification of a loan decision will get to you within minutes of submitting the form. Then, MoneyMutual sends your application to lenders for consideration. You will get redirected to the lender’s website willing to lend the required sum – you have asking room for up to $5000. There, you negotiate terms, and if all goes well, you receive the loan sum within 24 hours.


  • Free service: MoneyMutual has no hidden charges. Its services to secure loans for you are free of charge.
  • Easy application process: All you have to do to secure a loan with MoneyMutual is fill an online form with the necessary details and submit it. The company site’s user interface is friendly; any age group can use it.
  • Quick delivery: You can receive the money you need in as little as 24 hours if you negotiate terms and come to an agreement in good time.
  • Credible reputation: MoneyMutual is usually the go-to for short-term emergency loans. It does not matter what your credit score is. The company can deliver financial help in record time and has done so since 2010.


  • User-friendly website interface
  • Quick delivery of loan sums
  • Straightforward application
  • No charges
  • Information security


  • No proof of income equals no eligibility
  • Inadequate loan sums
  • For residents in the US only

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans – Best Interest Rates For Bad Credit Loans


Using BadCreditLoans is one of the surest ways to secure an emergency loan even with bad credit. It does not matter what the loan is for; the company makes it a duty to find a reliable lender for customers that trust the brand. So, your mortgage payment, utility bills, and credit card payments can be covered by the loan you secure. The name says it all; bad credit loans are a guarantee with the company.

But it does not stop at just getting the money you need. Considering the fact that many of its customers come with bad credit, the company strives to provide knowledge that helps improve credit history. Therefore, it offers educational resources on spending the loans and comfortably paying the money back.

You must provide your name and proof of US citizenship in the application form. You also need to specify the amount you need and what you will use the money for, though the last requirement does not determine your approval status.

BadCreditLoans vets your application when you submit it and sends it out to its vast lender network. You will get notified when there is a willing lender, and the company will direct you to the lender’s site, all without a service fee. It is up to you to negotiate the best terms and sign an agreement from that point. If your negotiations go speedily and favorably, you can get between $500 and $10,000 within one business day.

However, you must be a US citizen to qualify for a loan with BadCreditLoans and should also have a viable source of income up to a specific amount. These criteria and others assure the company of your ability to pay the money back when due. You may not get loan approval if you do not meet these requirements.


  • All credits accepted: BadCreditLoans does not discriminate between bad credit and excellent credit. In fact, the company specializes in securing loans for bad credit customers, even in emergencies.
  • Reasonable loan limit: The company provides up to $10,000, though the full amount may not always be available to all bad credit customers. But you will still get a reasonable sum for your specific needs.
  • Simple application: It is pretty straightforward to apply for a loan with BadCreditLoans. You get a form to fill and submit online. In other words, you can fill and submit your application from anywhere around the country.
  • Speedy delivery: The company connects you to a lender within minutes of applying. In most cases, you can receive the funds in your checking bank account in one day if you agree on terms on time.
  • Lender information: You will receive information about each lender connected to you. There is no hidden information as the company is upfront and transparent with all partners.


  • Reliable information on lenders
  • Simple application
  • Multiple-lender connection with one application
  • All credits accepted
  • No extra charges
  • Connection to other lending options


  • No regular income means no stability
  • No more than $1000 for an inferior credit score
  • Not highly-rated by Better Business Bureau

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans

#3. CashUSA – High Chances Of Approval For Instant Cash Loans


If you are looking to get an emergency loan quickly, consider using CashUSA. Considering that emergencies can crop up at any point, most Americans are not prepared to handle them. One in four Americans cannot scrounge up $400 in an emergency, making it imperative to find suitable financial aids in times of crisis.

The company also provides resources to check your credit scores and calculate the debt you owe. With your results, you can better pay what you owe and make your credit score better. You also learn how to use the loan you secure to cover the necessary bills.

There is not much difference between CashUSA and other personal loan companies regarding their application process. But unlike others on our list, CashUSA requires more details. You will fill an online form with the required information and submit it for approval and processing.

Apart from the usual name, age, proof of income, and residence, you will be required to provide extra information such as military service, a valid ID, and social security number. You will also inform the company if you own the house you live in and prove your US citizenship. Otherwise, you may not get an approval.

However, this detailed information requirement means you do not need a physical visit to the office. It also means that you are transparent, which builds confidence in the long run. If you are worried about the safety of your personal information, CashUSA has no theft or hacking history.

Do note that bad credit may reduce the amount you get as a loan offer from CashUSA. Plus, it attracts steep interest rates, which affects the total amount due for repayment. But you have up to three years to pay it back, as the company offers up to 70 months for you to pay.


  • Information requirement: CashUSA asks for more personal details than most other personal loan companies on our list. But while it looks like too much work, it eliminates the need to come physically to verify any part of your application.
  • Extra services: Apart from helping you secure a loan, CashUSA offers a debt calculator and credit history check. It also shows you how to pay all debts comfortably and make the most of the experience by improving bad credit.
  • Quick loans: CashUSA has a reliable reputation for securing quick loans for any applicant, even with bad credit.
  • 70-month repayment period: You have up to 70 months or three years to pay the money you borrowed. The point is to eliminate putting a burden on your income and reduce your stress.


  • Helpful resources for credit score checks and debt repayment
  • Considerable loan sums
  • Impeccable service delivery
  • Sizeable lender network
  • Information protection


  • Possible high-interest rates
  • Too much detailed information required

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

#4. PersonalLoans – Most Trusted Online Lenders For Personal Loans


Go for PersonalLoans if you have a cost-intensive emergency. The company offers high loan limits and has a reputation for delivering funds quickly. You can depend on the company to provide smooth services and make the experience worthwhile. Plus, it makes no distinction between bad credit and excellent credit customers; everyone is equal regarding services.

There is a thorough process to apply for a loan with PersonalLoans. To begin, you will fill an online form with the required information. But you will notice fine print beside each requirement, letting you know the reason behind them. It is an all-inclusive process that does not leave the customer in the dark about anything. If you have more questions about the procedure, the company is available 24/7 to answer your questions to your satisfaction.

PersonalLoans sends your application to its massive online network of lenders for vetting and approval. If a lender shows an interest, the company directs you to its website. But if it cannot find a suitable lender within its immediate network, it reaches out to third-party networks. Sometimes, it is difficult to find a willing lender due to abysmal credit, but there is always someone outside to help. That way, customers leave satisfied.

You do not have to go with the first lender that comes your way if the terms are unsuitable. However, you can receive the funds within 24 hours if you quickly negotiate and agree on terms. Offering loan amounts up to $35,000, the company provides room to choose a suitable amount. But bad credit borrowers may not have access to the full amount, unlike excellent credit customers.

Furthermore, you have 72 months to repay the borrowed amount, making for comfortable payments. Plus, you can negotiate payment extensions and suitable schedules if you are likely to miss payments at specified periods.


  • Thorough application process: You will see detailed explanations for each required information field.
  • High loan limit: PersonalLoans offers up to $35,000 as loan sums. But that amount may not be open to all credits.
  • 72-month repayment period: The loan repayment period is long enough to accommodate all income levels, making it easy to plan around your regular income.
  • Vast online lender network: PersonalLoans works with its immediate network of lenders and a third-party network to widen the net for getting suitable lenders.


  • A vast lender network
  • Significant loan sums
  • No service charge
  • Suitable repayment schedule
  • Quick delivery of funds
  • Smooth service delivery


  • Low eligibility for abysmal credit
  • High-interest rates

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PersonalLoans

How We Made the List

We started our selection process by searching for and finding the most popular bad credit loan companies. Their fame was not the only deciding factor, so we began to sift through the list using multiple criteria such as how easy it is to apply, what services they offer, hidden charges, and how quickly funds are delivered. Finally, we looked at what both old and new customers say about them.

Armed with the information and how they will affect you as the customer, we narrowed our list to the top four companies for emergency loans with bad credit on the market.

What We Looked for

Here are the topmost criteria that helped us choose the companies under review:

  • Brand Reputation: One of our primary points of consideration was the company’s reputation. It is one thing to know your job, but it is entirely different to have a good reputation. If customers are given poor service and do not leave satisfied, there is no point in selecting the company. We also considered how long each company has been in business as experience plays a crucial role in how well brands function.
  • Customer Reviews: We learned a lot about each company from what customers had to say. The reviews let us know whether or not the companies work with reliable lenders. The customers also tell you the state of the service delivery in each company and whether or not they are trustworthy. It does not mean there were no negative reviews, but the positive ones outweighed them.
  • Process of Application: Here, we considered that all levels of people would need a loan at one point or another. Therefore, the process should be as easy as possible, and anyone should be able to apply from anywhere like a bank or credit union at the click of a button. That means that online access is a priority.
  • Additional Charges: We also looked at the service charges and other fees that each company is demanding. We found that the top selections were almost cost-free, which is good news for anyone looking for a quick loan in an emergency.
  • Speed of Delivery: Furthermore, we checked how quickly the companies delivered the necessary funds to customers. It is an important criterion when discussing emergencies, especially with bad credit.
  • Services on Offer: Finally, the services offered by each company sealed the deal. We looked at educational materials and how they helped each customer make the most of the loans. We also considered whether they helped bad credit customers improve their credit scores.

Buying Guide for Emergency Loans with Poor Credit Score

Now that you have a reliable list of trusted personal loan companies to secure emergency loans from, the next step is to know the factors that can put you ahead of the pack.

  • Loan Eligibility

Before applying for a loan with any company, find out the least requirements, especially credit scores. Many lenders do not accept credit scores lower than 620, which is considered bad. So, look out for such lenders if your credit is lower than the minimum.

If your credit score is above the minimum, you must have a stable and regular source of income. No lender will accept a borrower who has no proof of income, even if you meet other requirements. But if you do, find out whether you meet the debt to income ratio. It is the ratio of how much you owe to how much you earn. You may have a steady stream of income, but the amount you owe is above what you can comfortably pay in the nearest future. So, it would be a burden to repay if you add another debt to it.

Find a co-signer with better credit than you to sign the agreement to improve your chances. Lenders will be more willing to work with you that way. You may even get more money than which is usually available to bad credit customers. But the co-signer will be held as responsible as you if you do not make payments.

  • Interests Rates

Next, check the interest rates on each loan you take. For most bad credit loans, the interest rates tend to be sky-high compared to those rates accruing to excellent credit. Plus, some lenders use the index rate to calculate interests, which means the fluctuating market affects how much you pay. Some charge as much as 35.99%.

But if you find a lender with a fixed income, you can plan and make payments based on how much you earn every month. The total sum will not change because of the fluctuating market rates. It is better to work with such a lender, even if the rates are high.

  • Repayment Plan

Another factor that affects your experience and whether or not you go with a particular company is the repayment plan. The more you borrow, the more you will have to repay. Some offer as little as 36 months, while others offer as much as 72 months. The time will also affect your general income and expenses. So, ensure you choose a company that offers considerable amounts. But be sure you do not take more than you need.

  • Service Costs

The extra costs from the companies and lenders will affect how much you get at the end of the day. While some demand little or nothing, others demand origination fees and fees for late payments, transactions, inadequate funds, and commencement.

They will deduct the fees from the loan amount, so it is crucial to know this before choosing an amount. The costs are not uniform; one lender may charge more or less than the next. You will not have enough to cover your needs if you do not factor the fees into the equation.

  • Terms and Conditions

Once you are connected to a suitable lender, the next step is to agree on the contract terms. You have to pay attention to the terms before putting pen to paper. Bad credit tends to attract unfavorable terms, but you may not know the terms if you do not pay attention.

It may help to have a more knowledgeable person look over the contract if you are unsure what to check. But if you are in a hurry, you will miss important clauses that do not favor you in the long run.

  • Backup Option

Have other options to fall back on if the loan application fails. Do not depend solely on emergency loans from companies; bad credit is difficult to overlook. Consider personal assets you can sell for cash advance or deposit in pawnshops as collateral for funds. Also, consider asking loved ones for the money you need, but ensure you pay it back. Finally, consider getting a loan or salary advance from your employer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are emergency loans with bad credit worth it?

Emergency loans are worth it if you do not mind paying the possible high-interest rates. Having an accumulation of bills and due payments can be such a burden, and if you do not have any other viable option to secure quick funds, an emergency loan can come in handy. It is made especially necessary if you have bad credit.

But if you do not have the knowledge to make the most of the experience, you may end up with worse credit than when you started. Therefore, before going for an emergency loan with bad credit, ensure you conduct extensive research and follow professional advice for the best results.

Q2. Is an emergency loan with bad credit guaranteed?

Only a few companies guarantee securing emergency loans with bad credit. The loan companies are not direct lenders; they work with different lenders. So, it is usually not straightforward to deliver the funds. The lenders have to consider various factors before agreeing. Therefore, not many lenders are willing to lend to bad credit customers, making it challenging to find funding.

However, a few companies offer guaranteed approvals for bad credit loans. That is why we have taken the time to review the best of them for easy selection.

Q3. Are there fraudulent emergency loan companies?

As with almost everything else, there are fake and genuine companies offering emergency loans or payday loans. These frauds put up signs that look like the real deal and even have fake reviews.

But one sign that they are not genuine is the demand for an advance fee before rendering any service. They will also keep calling and sending messages to you until they get a reasonable sum out of you. Genuine loan companies do not ask for any payment, at least not before offering their services. Also, they will not call you incessantly.

It is crucial to find companies with credible reputations and verifiable customer reviews. That is one sure way to choose the right company.

Q4. Can I improve bad credit?

You can improve your bad credit score, but it may take a while to do that. If you take a loan, ensure you pay it back when due. Make monthly payments when they are due, and send complete payments.

In addition, avoid occasions that may negatively affect your credit. These reflect on your credit history. If you find yourself using a company that reports to credit bureaus around the country, your timely payments will be added to your report. But if nothing else works, employ the services of a credit repair company.

Q5. What restrictions do I have with bad credit?

There are a few restrictions with bad credit, but they are crucial. For instance, you may not get approval for a business loan or other cost-intensive situation with bad credit. Even if you manage to get a lender, the terms of service may be too lopsided, with mile-high interests and unfavorable repayment plans.

Also, you may not get entrance into the desired school or even an apartment complex. Some jobs conduct credit checks before they consider you for employment. These are only a handful of restrictions that come with having bad credit.


Emergency loans with bad credit are not a myth; they are possible. Having bad credit is no longer the financial death knell it used to be. Today, you can find suitable loans with favorable terms if you have bad credit. Some even help improve your credit if you follow their terms.

Fortunately, you do not have to look far to find such loan companies. Consider using one of the companies on our list or recommending them to someone else. They accept bad credit, charge little or nothing, have easy application processes, and are entirely reliable. All the companies have vast lender networks, with some having a wider reach than others. Plus, they offer considerable loan sums for all credit types.

In addition, follow the buying guide to make the most of the loan journey. The guide shows you what to consider before choosing any of the companies. You are sure to get quick approvals and fund deposits if you have the correct information.

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