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Best CBD Gummies In 2022: Buy CBD Edibles & Hemp Gummies For Sale Online

The CBD gummies on the market are ideally those that offer you great perks and value for your money in addition to the base functionality. CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound found in the cannabis plant.

Several forms are available, catering to different methods of use. Among these types are CBD oils and CBD gummies. Organic CBD gummies are by far the most taste and smell-friendly. It is also the most convenient to carry around and take in due to its ease of use and general product design. The gummies come bottled or in bags, with each gummies having a specific quantity of CBD.

Although you can generally use CBD gummies to aid bodily functions and improve body health, many CBD products target particular results like anxiety, sleep disorders, body pains, recovery, and other such issues. These variations in products are welcoming as it aids in selections, especially for first-time users or users who need specific results.

However, the drawbacks are heavy and alarming. The industry has been banned only until recently where it has been made legal. Still, although presently legal in most states, the products, as of present, all lack FDA regulation and approval. The product also sees great/heavy demand. This combines with the lack of regulation to imply that products on the market may or may not be up to standard. And, those who are new in the industry or not very knowledgeable in it would have a hard time wading through.

To find the best in quality from sourcing to production and packaging to ensure they are getting good and safe products to consume might be tricky. We tested processes for your ease and convenience to choose some of the best CBD on the market presently, anda href=””> Exhale’s CBD Gummies is on the top of our list.

The Best CBD Gummies on the Market In 2022

The above were the major parameters considered before choosing the below five product lines. But, apart from the above mentioned, each of them has its different perks, advantages, and peculiar attractions that we will highlight further down.

The summary of the five is:

  1. Exhale Wellness CBD gummies – Best Overall CBD Gummies On The Market
  2. Budpop CBD gummies – Most Potent, Broad Spectrum CBD Infused Gummies
  3. Cheef CBD gummies – Novice-Friendly, Best CBD Edibles
  4. Hollyweed – Best Customer Friendly Pure CBD Gummies
  5. FAB CBD gummies – Best CBD Gummies For Sale

#1. Exhale Wellness CBD Gummies: Best Overall CBD Gummies On The Market


The brand conducts its business in Los Angeles, sourcing great quality hemp from organic farms in Colorado, USA. For a while, they have established themselves as a major producer of anything cannabis. From reviewing their history, motto, critical acclaims, media, product quality, and customer feedback, Exhale Wellness gets our top spot as the overall best pick. They offer the most well-rounded gummies with a range to select from.

The quality of the products is excellent and consistent across the board. This consistency makes it a great option to fall back on when in doubt. They are all full-spectrum CBD gummies and come in two potency options. The first is mild at 35mg, while the second is medium potency at 50 mg of CBD per gummy.

Exhale Wellness CBD gummies are organic, having no unnatural or animal additives. The gummies have fruit flavorings such as strawberry, lime, and apples with feedback on the use of their products, praising their effectiveness and flavors.


Reasonable Pricing: The brand offers its products at budget-friendly prices without compromising quality. The first product variation with low potency sells at $45 for a 750 mg bottle of 30 gummies. The medium potency variation sells at 85$ for a 1500 mg bottle of 30 gummies. These prices are not inclusive of discounts and other price promotions that will make the final purchase price considerably lower.

Best Delta-8 gummies: The brand is known for this variation of CBD. They are presently one of the highest-rated and established makers of this type.

Variation: Although their gummies CBD extract is from organic hemp plants, their customer reach is more diverse. This reach is because they offer CBD gummies with and without added THC. The ones with THC has the tag – Delta-9 variation CBD+THC

Customer-friendly: Firstly, the brand is organic themed and offers 100% organic and vegan CBD gummies. This means you can comfortably buy it no matter your diet type. Secondly, the brand inclines to customer satisfaction, as seen from 24hour fast response rates to queries, questions, or inquiries. Also, their site and products are easy to navigate, offering 30day money-back guarantee, returns, free, fast shipping, and great discounts.


  • Organic and vegan.
  • Consistent high quality
  • Good variation
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not available on retail stores

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Budpop CBD Gummies :Most Potent, Broad Spectrum CBD Infused Gummies


Budpop CBD is a brand of gummies that targets all of the most common effects you might need from using CBD gummies. Although relatively new and run by a young team, they are transparent and efficient. With research, they have found working formulas that enhance the property of the parent CBD to produce excellent health benefits.

The gummies are all third-party certified and have many stellar reviews from their users. Budpop CBD gummies are only available in one size and potency. That is, a bottle contains 30 gummies, with each gummy having 25 mg of CBD and a specific amount of any other ingredient. The products are free from unnatural or synthetic additives and have the flavor of fruits like orange or mixed berries.


Many Product Types: The CBD gummies sell as three distinct product types that target specific human body issues. They are broad-spectrum type CBD and are preferable if you want it for a particular outcome. The first product type is the CBD+CBN sleep gummies which enhance sleep. This effect is due to the addition of the cannabinoid (CBN), a potent sedative in a ratio of 25 mg of CBD to10mg of CBN per gummy.

The second product type improves recovery rates if taken. Suitable for sore muscles, pain, and the effects of high activity lifestyles. It contains CBD, cbg, and turmeric in a ratio of 25:10:100 mg. The third product type is CBD + Aswagandha gummies that produce a soothing and calming effect when you take them. Ashwagandha is a long-time ingredient that is taken for its calming properties. Present in a ratio of 25:150 mg of CBD and Aswangandha per gummy, it is suitable for reducing stress and managing anxiety. The variety presented also makes choosing easier for new users.

Long Storage Time: The shelf life of this brand of gummies is at the farther end of the available time frame. It stays in optimal condition for 12 months when stored properly.

Broad-spectrum Type: The CBD gummies are all broad-spectrum types that are enhanced by removing unneedful compounds and boosting the needful. The broad-spectrum type also puts less strain on your system if taken in very high doses over long periods.


  • Variety
  • High quality
  • Good storage period


  • Pricing
  • Only one potency level

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Budpop

#3. Cheef Botanicals CBD Gummies: Novice-Friendly, Best CBD Edibles


Cheef CBD gummies take up our third spot on our best picks. And, this is a result of its overall quality, high potency levels, extraction methods, reviews, and pricing. The CBD from their Colorado sourced hemp is extracted via a very clean process. All the associated hemp compounds are included in the final product making the product full-spectrum. Like the others on our list, Cheef CBD gummies contain no synthetic additives and sell in two variations; vegan and non-vegan. The sweetener they use is brown rice syrup with fruit flavors.


Low And High Potency: The central selling point of Cheef CBD gummies is its wide potency level range. This wide potency range makes it a go-to option for very light and heavy usage. The gummies come in four different potency grades, from mild to very strong. The 10 mg CBD per gummy option for very light users is a good choice. While the very strong potency level of 100mg of CBD per gummy caters to heavy users. In between these two, there are medium and strong potency gummies. The medium potency grade offers the more generally produced 25mg of CBD per gummy. In contrast, the strong potency sells 50mg CBD per gummy.

Full-Spectrum Type: The gummies are of the full-spectrum type, presenting the perfect complement to its high dosage potencies. It gives the best balance for intake without putting any strain on the user’s system. Cheef CBD chews are not for any particular results but are for an overall body system improvement. It, however, gives good results for inflammations, anxiety, stress, body pains, and sleep disorders.

New user friendly: For new users who may find the selection process daunting, Cheef CBD gummies provide the option of recommending for you. You participate in a quiz that takes information about you like your age, body mass index (BMI), and purpose. This information is used to recommend suitable products for you. There is also 24hr, fast, and efficient customer support and services available.


  • Low and high potency grades
  • New user friendly
  • Relatively affordable


  • Susceptible to heat

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Cheef CBD

#4. Hollyweed Vegan CBD Gummy Cubes: Best Customer Friendly Pure CBD Gummies


This brand has a long time existence in the cannabis community but has in no way become redundant. The consistency and quality of their products is their best selling point. They take the number four spot on our list as the CBD made from the best quality hemp available extracted immaculately via the CO2 extraction method.

Hollyweed CBD gummies are 100% organic with the sweet taste of cane sugar and the flavor of mixed fruits.


Size Range: A big selling point of the Hollyweed CBD gummies is the wide range of sizes it offers. The general size of products in the CBD market is 750 mg of CBD per bottle, but the hollyweed CBD produces mild, medium, and strong potency in very peculiar sizings. The first bottle sizing is the smallest at 300 mg of 30 gummies containing 10 mg each. The second sizing is a 750 mg bottle containing 30 gummies having 25 mg of CBD each. While a 1500 mg-CBD bottle containing 30 gummies of 50 mg CBD each is the last sizing.

Special Offers: Purchasing products directly from the company’s website grants you access to many unique perks. There is excellent 24hr customer service and support for inquires, questions, etc. it also spots a 45-day return policy which is way above industry standards. Further, there are reward points for every purchase that you can use in your subsequent purchases, coupon codes, and great discounts.

Hollyweed CBD offers free shipping on their gummies. Therefore, there are not many additional charges to the price you pay for the gummies. This offer also extends to returning items.

Customer Reviews: Hollyweed CBD has been in the industry for a while. While making a mark, many users would have varying reviews of its effectiveness and suitability. The reviews of the efficacy and overall properties of this brand’s CBD gummies have been stellar on the high average. With little to no reasons to complain, change or return. This is also probably the reason why they have enough confidence to stretch their customer friendliness way above the industry’s standard.


  • Sizing range
  • Potency variation
  • Customer-friendly
  • Free shipping


  • One CBD product type

#5. FAB CBD Gummies: Best CBD Gummies For Sale


FAB CBD is a highly researched and innovative brand with CBD formulas that target high-efficiency lifestyles. Their products are known for their effectiveness in dealing with high-level stress, insomnia, and muscle soreness,

The hemp used in producing the FAB CBD gummies is from Colorado’s high-grade farms. It sells only in 750mg bottles and comes in two CBD product types – Isolate and broad-spectrum CBD, which gives the user’s choice.

The gummies also have no synthetic additives for sweetening or flavoring. Instead, they have multiple natural fruit flavorings. This product is a good choice for users who are sure of some of the effects they require from CBD gummies or, rather, effects they want to avoid.


Anytime CBD Gummy: A common complaint of using CBD gummies is drowsiness of varying degrees as a side effect. This makes some users avoid taking it when they need 100% alertness or before/during work hours. Though not native to everyone, this effect can be a cause of concern. FABCBD has an anytime type of gummy whose engineering targets this issue to tackle this. The gummy type is Isolate, containing 25 mg of pure CBD per gummy in a bottle of 30 gummies.

Nighttime CBD Gummy: This is the absolute opposite of the anytime variation. The design is meant to induce and enhance restful sleep in its user. It is the pricier but, at the same time, the most popular of the products the brand offers. This is a testament to its quality and efficiency. This gummy falls under the broad-spectrum type and contains many sleep-enhancing ingredients like GABA, 5-HTP, Ashwagandha, etc. Also, due to its target purpose, it ideally comes in a mild dosage. Each 750mg bottle comes in 60 gummies of 12.5 mg each. The product also comes with an optimal dosage amount of 1-2 gummies at a time or more but under supervision.

100% THC Free: While all of the other products on our list are tagged at least ≥0.3% THC, FAB CBD offers THC free gummies for those who intend to avoid it for any reason altogether. This makes FABCBD a more inclusive choice.


  • Varied product type
  • Varied CBD type
  • New user friendly


  • Relatively pricey

How We Made This List of Best THC Gummies?

We reviewed and evaluated various products to choose our best picks. We assessed those with general functions as well as those produced for specific results to pick the best of all types.

What We Looked For

  • Type of Additives: A major characteristic of a CBD gummy is its trademark sweetness. It is one of the reasons people opt for it compared to other options. Unfortunately, the extract of the source plant is naturally not sweet-tasting or smelling. Companies use additives to add sweetness and fragrance to the end products to mitigate this. We made sure all of our picks only had beneficial or non-harmful substances as their additives to ensure quality. That is, the additive should not in any way be synthetic.
  • Quality Assurance Tests: Quality assurance test can also be referred to as third-party testing and is presented in the form of a Certificate of Assurance by the producing company. It is a requirement for all companies by mandate to put the FDA disclaimer on their website, meaning the federal drug association does not test the products. This lack of regulation can make product safety assessment hard. But, the COA tells you that the market product has gone through a series of tests by a reputable third party that has nothing to gain from the product sale. The tests cover a lot, from purity to contaminants and other parameters that determine the quality of the product. The COA certificate is reviewed to ensure consistency of its statements with that which the company advertises.
  • Production Process: The production process of the CBD also plays a significant role in the end product’s overall quality and safety. The best production method presently in the industry is the CO2 method. We generally looked at companies with this extraction method with more favorability.
  • Brand Reputation and Longevity: Many CBD gummy products are popping up, increasing faster due to the high rate of demand for it. Unfortunately, though advertised as outstanding, these products lose an advantage to longer existing names in one area. The longer it has been in the market, the more information we have on it. Reviews from both new and long-time users are important in determining the product’s short and long-term suitability. How does it fare in long-term use with a heavy or low dosage and short-term use? The brand’s longevity and reputation on the internet and medically certified sites and personnel were considerations in choosing our pick.
  • Customer Reviews: What do their customers say about their services? Do they allow returns on not quite right items or give helpful information for their purchases? What is the percentage satisfaction of unbiased reviews? We looked into the product’s customer friendliness and factored it into our final choice.
  • THC Quantity: It is not in CBD’s design to offer ‘a high’ with its intake. The compound component that gives that effect is the THC found only in trace amounts in hemp but higher quantities in the marijuana plant. The product CBD can come from either plant with differing purity results. Only products with CBD extract from US-grown hemp plants were considered our best picks.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best CBD Gummies on the Market

  • CBD Type

The CBD type is a parameter that translates to the CBD purity profile of the product. It is divided into three: full-spectrum, isolate, and broad-spectrum. The full spectrum implies the gummies contain CBD extract and all of the associated hemp compounds like cannabinoids and others. While the broad spectrum indicates that the final product contains a percentage CBD and selected and specified compounds.

Lastly, the Isolate refers to pure CBD. It contains no traces of other CBD extracts. They all have different functions and advantages. For example, the broad spectrum design enhances special effects by adding complementary compounds to give the desired result. Isolate CBD gummies eradicate the problem of drowsiness as a side effect. This is because it contains no sleep-inducing trace compound, so it’s ideal for intake at any point of the day. At the same time, the full spectrum is more of an all-inclusive option.

  • The Why

It is essential to know why you need CBD before buying. This knowledge helps you make more straightforward and satisfactory choices. If you have no specific purpose in mind or need it only for overall health improvement, you can simply buy products under the full-spectrum label. Those requiring particular results like recovery, better sleep, etc., should naturally go for products that address them. This also applies to persons avoiding specific effects.

  • For how long?

The passage of CBD gummies through the digestive tract has both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is; just like drugs, there is a possibility that a lot of it can put a strain on the liver. Nevertheless, this is minimal and noticeable mainly in Isolate CBDs because they are pure with no extra compounds to soften the processing. Thus, we recommend opting for either full or broad-spectrum if you are a heavy doser (high potency) or for long-term use.

  • User Friendly

For CBD to be most effective long term, it needs consistent use. In choosing the product to purchase, you should consider a few things. Firstly, your ideal dosage. If your daily dose is 100 mg, it would not be an excellent choice to select a product offering ten mg of CBD per gummy in a bottle of 30 gummies. At such rates, the user goes through bottles weekly and needs to go through the hassle of rebuying over. Products that offer higher potency variations will be preferable in this case. Another user-friendly factor to consider is your lifestyle. For example, a vegan will require vegan and organic products.

The pricing of the product also comes into play. Ensure it is within your budget frame to make it easier to rebuy whenever you need to. Other things to consider are their return policies, money-back guarantees, exchange policies, etc. These are important to make sure that everything from buying to using and repurchasing is more or less hitch-free.

Best Brands for CBD Gummy Bears: FAQs

Q1. Can I overdose on CBD gummies?

No, it is pretty impossible to do so. You can take as much as is optimal, depending on why you do so. However, ideal dosages depend on factors like purpose, lifestyle, weight, etc. It is advisable to experiment to find out what works for you instead of just winging it every time.

Q2. Can I take CBD gummies with other drugs?

In general terms, the processing pathway of cannabidiol in the body is different from the pathway of other drugs. So, interference is with other drugs is very little and, at a stretch, non-existent. However, it is still necessary/advisable to confirm this with your doctors. This is more so if you are on other long-term drugs or want to take the gummies in high dosages.

Q3. Can I take CBD gummies every day?

CBD gummies have no addictive properties, so you can take them daily or multiple times per day without fear. It is also a recommendation to take it consistently for more noticeable and effective results. In addition, it does not make you high no matter the amount you take.

Q4. How long does it take for CBD to clear from my system?

Several factors affect the rate at which CBD clears from the human body. For example, the amount you take and how long you have been taking it all play a role. Long-time consistent users would need longer to clear it from the body system than first or non-consistent users. Generally, CBD gummies can remain in your system anywhere from 2-5 days which is longer than other intake methods. This relatively long time is because; it passes through the digestive tract, which prolongs the time before the CBD ultimately enters the bloodstream.

Q5. Where can I buy CBD gummies?

You can buy CBD gummies legally from many producing company websites on the internet. Or at trusted local pharmacies and retail stores. Unfortunately, big online sale sites like Amazon do not sell this product. They only offer variations of it like hemp seed oils or gummies. While these might look the same, they are very different.

Q6. Is it ok to take CBD gummies at work or during the day?

The excellent news about CBD gummies is that it is convenient and easy to use. You can easily take it at any time of the day without hassle, and it offers no high and no overdosing challenge, so you can use it any time of the day. There are, of course, concerns about sleepiness as a side effect of taking it but, it is not a general or expected result. If you find out that the product you take makes you sleepy, you can either; switch to Isolate type daytime gummies or broad-spectrum types that do not focus on soothing effects.

Q7. Do I take the same amount of CBD gummy as CBD oil?

Most likely, no. CBD gummies generally need higher dosages to produce the exact effects of a CBD oil dosage. Though the difference is there, it is essential to know that it is not huge. Therefore, if recalibrating, use tiny increments only and give enough room for it to take effect before taking the additional doses.

Q8. Can I store CBD gummies for a long time?

If you compare gummies to oils, you can store the gummies for a bit longer than the oils. The average storage time of CBD gummies is 8-12 months before it starts degrading, which on average, is not bad. The gummies mostly come in bottles of 30, which is low enough to consume before that time. Ensuring the gummies are away from direct sunlight or high temperatures is enough to store them properly. They are antimicrobial but can melt. So keep in a cool place.

Conclusion: 5 Best CBD Edibles

Our picks were from a wide range of sections, and we made sure to be inclusive in our selection. The best overall, the Exhale Wellness CBD gummy, makes choosing easy as it is a guarantee that whichever of their wide range of products you choose, you get quality. The second offers the best in terms of variation. Their products target sleep, recovery, and anxiety, which are major reasons for the gummies’ intake. Cheef CBD offers a good potency range for high and low dosing.

In contrast, FAB CBD offers daytime and nighttime product types for those particular about intake time and are drowsiness conscious. To make the best of this article and get the best CBD on the market, it is essential to read up on the buying guide and choose a product that will benefit your need and peculiar situation. Of course, it’s not rocket science, and there is ample room for trial and error. Simply ensuring you are making informed decisions would ensure less hassle and satisfaction in the long term.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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