7 Best CBD Vape Pens

Finding the best CBD vape pens can be quite transformative. This is because of how good vaping can help you with various conditions and generally enjoy the effects of CBD even better than when using CBD oil or edibles. Note that CBD oil is still good, but vaping CBD vape pens makes it easier to start feeling the effects a lot sooner

Does using a CBD vape pen sound new to you? If you are yet to start using CBD, this might be the best time to consider giving it a try. With many positive reviews on the benefits of CBD vaping, you would definitely want to give it a try and see how good it will be for you generally

We tell you more about the top CBD brands with vape products below

Editor’s Choice


  • Excellent CBDfx coupon
  • Offers high-quality CBD
  • Good concentration for anxiety

Best CBD Vape Pens: Top 7 Disposable & Refillable reviews

  1. CBDfx – Editor’s Choice
  2. Funky Farms – Best for Beginners
  3. Pure Hemp– Best for CBD Vape Kits
  4. Wink Wink – Best for High-Quality CBD
  5. Royal CBD
  6. Avida
  7. Purekana

1. CBDfx



  • Multiple options for CBD products
  • Easy to carry vape pens
  • Made using organic hemp


  • Limited to one choice of potency

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It is hard to go wrong with CBDfx if you want variety. Sometimes you might even get confused about the options available. However, each flavor that you get of CBD vape juice will be great. All you need to do is find the one that excites you

The disposable CBD vape pens from the brand feature high-quality CBD oil made using organic hemp plants. The plants are grown in the U.S., meaning they have to undergo strict farming methods to end up with quality products. Still, CBDfx extracts the CBD for the vape pen using the CO2 extraction method to maintain quality

The CBD products are also sleek and portable. You can always find it easy to carry the vape pens around with you and use them whenever necessary. There is also no need to charge. The vape pen comes with enough charge to last you during the entire time. So, no need to get a charger too

2. Funky Farms



  • Impressive size for portability
  • The extract will not crystallize
  • Contains broad-spectrum extract


  • Overall feel of the materials is not the best

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If you want a CBD oil vape pen starter kit, you can combine several vape pens from this brand. With the various flavor options, sometimes you may consider getting all of them as a bundle. The disposable CBD vape pens will generally be what you want since the potency is not too high. So, newbies to using a CBD vape pen would genuinely like this type of product

How about the size of the vape pen? Well, the brand makes the vape pens in a smaller size which allows for better portability. Each of the CBD products will contain enough CBD vape oil to last for a while. The amount of time it lasts generally depends on the use by the user. It can usually be an excellent choice for most people with anxiety

The product is ready to start using out of the box. Simply follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to vape CBD. It is not hard, as you will see. Since the battery is pre-charged and the vape juice prefilled, it will be a great choice for you. You will also like the extract for not crystalizing easily

3. Pure Hemp



  • Lab reports are easily available
  • Easy to use instructions
  • An affordable kit


  • Shipping may take longer

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The Purehemp CBD vape pen cartridges will give you more performance than what some other brands offer. Most CBD vape pens will always be made of quality materials. That is what you would get with this product also. To make it better, you can enjoy vaping CBD since several flavors are available for your consideration

The kit will also feature a standard 510 threaded design for the CBD cartridge. As you can see, such a design makes it so versatile. So long as you have a vape pen that can work with such a cartridge, you should be good to go. Also, the charger will help in recharging the battery faster for you to get back to vaping

The brand is known for quality CBD vape products. This is mostly due to the extraction process that helps end up with the best CBD vaping products. The concentration, on the other hand, is not overwhelming. For this reason, it can be a good choice for you to consider. So, pick it if you are new to using CBD

4. Wink-Wink



  • The products are pesticide and paraben-free
  • CO2 extracted for the best quality
  • Third-party lab tested products


  • Expensive products

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This is another brand for getting the best disposable vape pens. One thing about Wink Wink is that it focuses so much on safety while making the best vape pen for CBD oil. This has been verified from the lab results that are posted on the website. So, the users can start vaping CBD knowing that the CBD vape pens from the brand are safe

The CBD pens from Wink-Wink are filled with high-quality hemp oil containing all the important natural terpenes. Generally, you should find it a good place to buy CBD pens for yourself today. You will also like the premium battery that comes with the vape pen. This battery will last long enough to help you finish the vape juice

The vape pen design features a stainless steel base with a silicone-capped mouthpiece. Such a base will mean it will be strong enough to last the entire time you use it. Also, there are no buttons to activate it. You will simply have to draw for about four seconds to activate it. That is it

5. Royal CBD



  • High-quality CBD extract
  • Free shipping on orders
  • Updated third-party labs


  • Products often out of stock

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Royal CBD sells the best CBD oil vape pen that you will ever need for calming and balancing effects. Since you will be vaping, it does not take long to start experiencing the CBD effects. The brand uses broad-spectrum CBD vape juice crucial for helping you experience better CBD effects and natural terpenes too. Those who have used the product claim to manage their stress better than some other CBD vape products

Other than broad-spectrum CBD, you also get vegetable glycerin, natural terpenes, and propylene glycol as additional ingredients. All the ingredients in these disposable CBD vape pens are natural. You never have to deal with contaminants or fillers you often find in other disposable CBD vapes

The vape pen from the brand still has the best potency. The potency is vital for ensuring you get to use the disposable CBD pen for various conditions. Most would commonly use it for anxiety. Getting free shipping on all the orders should generally make it a popular choice for trying out CBD

6. Avida



  • It is portable and discrete
  • High potency CBD option
  • Long-lasting CBD vape pen


  • It might be too strong for beginners

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One thing about Avida is that it makes high-quality CBD pens. If you ever need the best CBD vape pens with impressive quality, consider this one generally. It features CBD isolate vital for giving you all the benefits of CBD. Also, there are lab reports that should help you learn more about each CBD vape kit

The vape pens also come in various flavors. Right now, you will get up to 8 flavors to consider. There can be more flavors to consider. This is crucial for those who want to enjoy the best CBD vape pens. Take the time to go through the various CBD vapes available and pick what would interest you the most

Do you enjoy flavors? Well, if that is the case, you should definitely consider trying out Avida. Right now, you get up to 12 flavors to consider. Each of the flavors that you get will lead to a long-lasting vaping experience. Most of the flavors last for 100 to 300 draws, depending on how hard you pull on the vape pen

7. PureKana



  • Easy to use vape pens
  • Has multiple flavors to consider
  • MCT oil makes it easier for absorption


  • Limited choices for potencies

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PureKana is the hope for the best CBD vape pens that also have a sleek design. Also, they are discrete to ensure you always have a good CBD pen to keep using more often. Not many people will know it is a disposable CBD vape pen from the first look. It is more reason to get yourself if you want to maintain a low profile while using CBD vape oil

Other than flavors, other things you will like about the CBD vapes from Purekana should be the overall quality. There are lab reports to confirm that you are actually getting the best vape CBD oil from the brand. Also, concentration is good enough for most people. You will have a potency that is not too overwhelming, even if it is the first time you are buying one

Many people will also like the CBD vapes they get from PureKana because they are made of broad-spectrum hemp CBD distillate. Such an extract contains vital terpenes, cannabinoids, and much more. Many people like it for experiencing the best CBD effects generally. Still, the instructions on how to use the pens are straightforward from the manufacturer.

What is CBD?

The hemp plant contains over 80 compounds, popularly known as cannabinoids. Among them is CBD or cannabidiol. Unlike the other compounds, you will find CBD having a larger percentage followed by THC. THC would mostly be less than 0.3%, thus no reason to think you can get high from using hemp-derived CBD.

CBD oil has been a popular choice today since it may have some amazing benefits for your health. It may be why more people would consider it. Some of the things CBD may do include reducing inflammation, improving anxiety symptoms, relieving pain, and more

Note that some of the benefits have scientific backings, while others could use more studies to make them conclusive. So, if you want to use CBD for insomnia, reading more about it can help you understand further how CBD can help

Why Use CBD Vape Pen?

We may have already mentioned more about how vaping CBD will lead to the fast realization of CBD effects. So, other than making it easier to experience CBD effects, what else do you get from CBD vape pens?

  • CBD oil in the vape pen may help with epilepsy and other related seizure disorders. As early as 1973, research showed that using CBD may help reduce convulsions in rodents. Later research showed that epileptic patients who used 200 to 300 mg daily experienced fewer seizures
  • Insomnia is a big problem. Using CBD can also help in improving your sleep quality. It is why people would often consider CBD for sleep most of the time. However, CBD may be needed in larger quantities and also of stronger potency to help with sleep
  • Those who have psychosis could also benefit from using CBD vapes. A study in 1982 helped to show how CBD can help in inhibiting psychosis symptoms.
  • The CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can also come in handy for treating type-2 diabetes. What you should know is that insulin resistance may lead to chronic inflammation. The use of CBD can help keep inflammation down and sometimes improve metabolism to keep off diabetes from developing further

There can always be more benefits of using CBD vapes. With more research, you might be amazed by how much CBD can be good for your health

What Makes the Best CBD Vape Pen?

Below are tips for finding the best CBD vape pen and start using it today

Third-Party Lab Testing

Third-party lab testing is vital for ensuring that you always get the best CBD vapes. The lab testing will point out the various ingredients of CBD vape juice

At times you may find that the manufacturer would have claimed to have more potency than what is actually in the product. From the lab testing report, you can learn more about its potency and also the presence of contaminants

Ingredients and Product Labeling

The ingredients and product labeling also shine more light on the product you are about to buy. It is why you need to consider a brand that does not shy away from listing its ingredients on the label.

Depending on the choice of a vape pen, you may get a lot more information on the labels. Some include the CBD type, dosage, and more. This is all vital information to ensure that you only buy the correct vape pen

Hemp Source

Brands making vape pens are generally open to disclosing their hemp source. This is crucial to ensure that you can find out if it is a good hemp source or not. You may get some brands even growing their own hemp to ensure they can monitor the quality process all along

Even if the brand has to get from a different supplier, it will highlight such on the website most of the time. You can get most buying from recognized farms around the U.S known for quality hemp

THC & Potency

THC content remains a top consideration for most users. Many CBD users want to use CBD without necessarily getting high. Well, most of the CBD products will have less than 0.3% THC in the whole bottle. There is no way you are getting high

As for potency, you always have to consider how you would use the CBD vape pen. In case you were to use CBD for sleep, then you need a stronger potency. This is compared to when you are using CBD oil for anxiety

Types of CBD Vape Pens

There might be a few categories of CBD vape pens, but the major broad categories are a disposable vape pen and refillable CBD vape pen

The refillable CBD vape pen would be one that you fill with CBD e-juice. The tank containing the CBD vape juice is then attached to a battery which can be rechargeable whenever necessary. They would be designed like any other vape pen only that its CBD vape cartridge can be removed and refilled whenever it is empty

The disposable vape would be the most popular option generally. It will be preloaded with the vape juice and its battery pre-charged. Once you get it, simply activate it and start using it. Most people find the disposable vape pen lasting for around 200 puffs before it is depleted and you have to dispose of the vape pen

How to Use a CBD Vape Pen

Using a CBD vape pen is straightforward. Most devices will come with a power button for activating them. The number of times you have to press to activate the CBD vapes can vary from one brand to another, but the process is generally easy

Once it is powered, you simply draw from the vape pen through its mouthpiece. Drawing will send a stream of vaporized CBD into your mouth. You should go easy on the drawing. Short draws are encouraged especially if you are new to using CBD generally

You can increase the frequency of vaping once you get used to CBD use. First, take a puff every five minutes and wait for the CBD effects to kick in

Is Vaping CBD Better Than Other Methods of Using CBD?

One thing that makes vaping chosen over some other methods is because it will make it faster for you to experience the CBD effects. Most people can experience the effects within a few minutes after drawing on the vape pen. Depending on how often you are vaping, these effects can last for even three hours

Nevertheless, the other methods of using CBD would also have pros to consider. Take note that not everyone would always want to keep on vaping. Also, some might be skeptical if it would have the same effects on their lungs as when smoking

You should definitely consider using edibles, oils, or topicals, depending on your needs. A good example is when you want CBD for exterior application; then a topical would be better for faster relief than edibles or vaping

Can Vaping Help with Anxiety?

It is amazing how vape pens may also be used by those with anxiety symptoms. You could use disposable vape pens or refillable CBD vape pens; the experience is the same. There are a couple of studies showing how CBD may lead to the anxiolytic effect. Also, you get to manage depression better, which can happen in conjunction with anxiety

The relevant data are collected on Health Canal that shows how CBD may be good for other anxiety disorders, including PTSD and OCD


CBD vape pens are no longer just a trend. You will always find someone using them to help alleviate some conditions. We are talking about options such as anxiety, depression, and more. The aim is to help you understand that there can be more benefits to using CBD vapes. As always, do not abuse CBD through vaping. It would be best to always follow the dosage recommendations from the manufacturer for the best benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does CBD vape affect your lungs?

There is still not much information on how CBD vaping may affect your lungs in the long run. However, so far it is safer compared to smoking cigarettes

2. How will CBD vape make you feel?

Many people who vape CBD have reported a feeling of calmness or relaxation from when they vape CBD. Since vaping makes the effects happen faster, for most people, it feels instant

3. Is CBD vaping better than using drops?

It mostly depends on the application. Anyone who needs the amount of time to feel the CBD effects reduced would always consider vaping CBD

4. Can you administer CBD vape juice?

It is not recommended to ingest vape juice as it is designed for this kind of use. You may also find that vape oil may have high concentrations of ingredients that are not supposed to be consumed orally

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