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5 Best Delta 8 THC Gummies 2022: Buy Weed Edibles For Sale

You’ve probably heard that the cannabis business has lately made huge strides in terms of medical and recreational use. That’s hardly surprising, given the benefits of CBD products, which experts have demonstrated.

CBD has an earthy flavor that isn’t to everyone’s liking. You may, however, enjoy delectable CBD candies while also assisting your body in overcoming various health conditions, such as insomnia.

We have gathered a list of the best Delta 8 gummies brands that have been endorsed by millions of people in this post. We gathered all available information to provide you with useful information and, ultimately, to assist you in resolving your issue.

With no further ado, let’s get started!

Top 5 Delta 8 Gummies For Sale

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta 8 Gummies On The Market
  2. BudPop: Most Potent and Pure Delta 8 THC Edibles
  3. Hollyweed: Strongest Delta 8 Gummies in Delicious Flavors
  4. Diamond CBD: Best Delta-8 Gummy Brand Out There
  5. 3Chi: Effective 3Chi Delta 8 THC Gummies

Delta-8 Gummies: Review

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta 8 Gummies On The Market


There are so many CBD products on the market currently than at any other point in recent memory, and determining which ones are the best may be challenging. Exhale Wellness CBD Gummies and other CBD products are thoroughly inspected to guarantee that they satisfy our stringent quality and care requirements.

Exhale Wellness is one of the best gummies companies on the market that feels like providing all-natural products to their buyers. They believe in nature’s benevolence in its most natural state. They recognize the significant benefits of hemp leaf extract.

Cannabinoids included in hemp extracts can assist the person to relax and restore lost comfort and stability. Exhale Wellness is doing an amazing job of capturing all of the restorative qualities that come with hemp extracts.

Exhale Wellness is unlike any other brand on the market in that it offers edibles to customers looking for a powerful high. They’ve done their homework and found a method to work in the industry. Their goal is to raise awareness about the advantages of natural goods and how transformative they can be.

Customers can easily include CBD into their lives with Exhale Wellness CBD Gummies without needing to develop a smoking habit. Vaping was the most popular way to consume CBD when it first became available, but as more firms discovered that many people didn’t want to vape, products like this arose to give an option.

The major ingredient in hemp gummies is the substance that is extracted from hemp plants, just as the main ingredient in olive gummies is the substance extracted from olives. All of the plants used in the production of Exhale Wellness CBD Gummies are produced using only natural techniques.


Organic ingredients

In their Delta 8 goods, several companies employ questionable substances. Exhale is fortunate in that it is one of the few decent brands that do not. From the hemp to the flavors, everything in these gummies is 100% natural. Exhale also ensures that only the best strains are grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides, ensuring that your health is not compromised.

Resources for education

Even if the product in issue is as basic as gummies, it might be a complicated experience for a newbie wanting to utilize Delta 8 items. What is an appropriate starting dose? What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? What effects are produced by which strain? How does one go about resetting their body’s Delta 8 tolerance? All of these and other issues are addressed on the company’s blog and dosing chart.

Free shipping

Nobody, including ourselves, likes having to pay for shipping. With Exhale, we didn’t have to pay for delivery! All orders placed through the company’s website include free delivery throughout the United States, so you can shop with confidence.


  • There are no dangerous chemical additions utilized
  • Their goods are free of animal testing and contain no GMOs
  • Customer service is excellent and the product selection is extensive
  • They provide free shipping and competitive prices


  • Only accessible over the internet
  • In 11 states, Delta 8 is banned

Customer experience

Exhale Wellness has received rave feedback from customers who have purchased their goods. Many clients found Exhale Wellness products to be safe, nutritious, and natural. Furthermore, several consumers stated that utilizing Exhale Wellness products made them feel less worried and more relaxed.

Exhale Wellness also prioritizes exceptional client service. They respect consumer feedback and want product reviews within 30 days of purchase. Exhale Wellness will be able to learn how the client reacts to the items and what they can do to better them as a result of this.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop: Most Potent and Pure Delta 8 THC Edibles


BudPop is a Delta 8 brand with genuinely poppable buds. The gummies leave you feeling calm and ready to face whatever the day has in store for you. Put a handful of these gummies in your mouth and see where your taste senses take you.

The gummies are soft and sweet, and they come in flavors you won’t want to miss. In response to customer feedback, the company continues to expand its product line, so keep a watch on the website to see if anything new has been added.

It is manufactured in the United States and has been tested in third-party labs with reliable lab findings. As a result, it meets the quality criteria and is safe to consume. Even though the brand is new, the creators have 30 years of expertise in producing hemp plants and creating hemp-derived items. This is what matters when looking for a reputable brand.

Given that they are relatively new on the market, the strength and flavor of their edibles astounded us. When the effects kick in, you’re drenched in bliss and buzzing, but you’re not disconnected from your cognitive functioning.

Most people are surprised by how natural both tastes, Strawberry Gelato and Blue Dream Berry, taste. Because it is difficult to remove the hemp aftertaste, not every brand can do this. However, it tastes like genuine fruit the entire time it’s in your mouth. These are also incredibly easy to chew and look quite appealing.



BudPop’s products are all vegetarian and natural, however, the ingredients may vary based on the brand you choose. Whatever the case may be, every Delta 8 THC item has a detailed description of each fastening utilized throughout the assembly process on its mark. This may be viewed before you buy. They’re quite easy to use and come with a variety of CoAs.


All major cannabis brands are now subjected to testing conducted by labs that are not affiliated with the firm. Each of BudPop’s normal hemp products is put through an independent scientific test at Catalysis Laboratories in Henderson, Nevada.

The company’s website has access to all laboratory test results. In light of the product’s concept, its Delta 8 THC-mixed hemp flowers undergo more rigorous testing, which includes pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and microorganisms.


  • Delicious flavor
  • Non-GMO and vegan
  • Free delivery is offered on orders above $50
  • Anxiety and sadness may be reduced


  • Only accessible online

Customer experience

The majority of Delta 8 edibles consumers had a positive experience. It gave them a buzz without causing them to lose their heads. BudPop Delta 8 edibles provide a powerful high that induces a wonderful sense of relaxation while neither impairing judgment nor motor abilities.

The flavor is well-liked by most consumers. It reminded me of those fruit-flavored candies they used to eat as a kid and couldn’t get enough of. They’re also vegan-friendly, so they’ll appeal to a wide range of palates.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Budpop

#3. Hollyweed: Strongest Delta 8 Gummies in Delicious Flavors


Hollyweed is one of the most well-known and trusted Delta 8 THC brand names. Organic and natural farming, as well as processing, are the main priorities, with the health of their customers as the top priority. The firm creates high-end Delta 8-based goods and is always looking for ways to improve them via the use of cutting-edge technology and creative ideas.

The firm boldly claims to have the greatest gummy tastes on the market. The corporation believes in the natural environment. As a result, their gummies only include organic and vegan ingredients. You can satisfy all of your appetites with a wide range of alternatives. Hollyweed also sells CBD products. Vapes, oils, topicals, and edibles are among these items.

This firm manufactures CBD and Delta 8 items that are completely natural. Because it complies with federal legislation, it may sell and distribute its broad-spectrum CBD products in the United States. Hollyweed also employs organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free products.

Hollyweed CBD’s proprietors, who have years of expertise in the sector, base their philosophy on the myriad health advantages of extracts from the magnificent hemp plant. As a result, they want to optimize these advantages and take full advantage of them by doing ongoing research, development, and innovation to provide high-quality products containing natural Delta 8 THC and CBD.


Quality checks

Throughout the production process, quality checks are performed to verify that the goods fulfill the brand’s quality requirements. Additionally, Hollyweed CBD tests its final products thoroughly through reputable third-party laboratories to guarantee that they are safe, powerful, and effective for consumer usage.

Quality hemp

Hollyweed CBD uses hemp produced and grown on Colorado farms to make its CBD products, which are second to none. This firm employs CO2 extraction to extract the cannabinoid from the plant, which is widely regarded as the best and most natural approach for obtaining pure CBD.

Shipping policy

Hollyweed CBD has a nationwide delivery policy. Your purchases will be completed within 24-48 hours, and you will have the option of selecting free economy delivery. Hollyweed also offers both standard and expedited delivery options.

You have 30 to 40 days from the date of purchase to request a refund if you are unhappy with the merchandise. Hollyweed offers a full refund if you are unhappy with the product.


  • These gummies help you get a good night’s sleep
  • Hollyweed CBD uses organic, GMO-free, and vegan-friendly components in the production of its products
  • Customers may get free delivery with this brand
  • Consumer service representatives respond to customer issues quickly


  • The goods of Hollyweed CBD are exclusively available for purchase online

Customer experience

Customers praised the power of these THC gummies, and several expressed a wish to buy them again when they were sold out. Customers also praise the candies’ flavor and the brand’s entire service, which includes quick delivery.

Customers have also praised the gummies’ capacity to alleviate anxiousness and indicators of physical exhaustion. Consuming these gummies, according to one reviewer, helped him lessen skin sensitivity.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed

#4. Diamond CBD: Best Delta-8 Gummy Brand Out There


Diamond CBD is another well-known brand that makes Delta 8 THC-containing products. This Florida-based business sells full-spectrum CBD derived from organic hemp plants. It obtains its hemp plants from reputable farms in Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia to assure their quality. The firm also claims that the hemp used in their final Delta 8 THC products is of the same high grade.

Diamond CBD’s mission is to create and market unique CBD products across the world. They have a dedicated team of physicians and scientists whose goal is to manufacture high-quality hemp extracts via extensive research and development.

Diamond CBD is the most popular Delta 8 brand in the cannabis industry, with over 100,000 delighted customers and counting. They have the top ten most popular CBD products on the market, and we enjoy that they have a wide range of Delta 8 items.

Diamond CBD features three pages of edibles selections, whereas other brands only have one or two. Perhaps the most well-known is Yum Yum Gummies. CBD-infused gummy bears. They provide you with the sweet candy flavor you enjoy while also ensuring that you get your daily CBD intake.

Chill Plus Gummies, billed as “additional strength”, are also available. There isn’t a specific CBD dosage per gummy, once again. For example, the 200mg pack has 7 servings of 2 pieces, each of which contains around 14mg of CBD. To be honest, describing a specific CBD level is very impossible, thus an approximation is preferable.


Tested products

Diamond CBD thoroughly inspects the raw materials used in manufacturing, examines the extraction of hemp plants, maintains uniformity in production, and thoroughly checks its finished goods before delivering them to clients. Our products are rigorously evaluated by recognized third-party laboratories to guarantee that they are both effective and safe to use.

Managed by experts

The proprietors of this company are cannabis industry specialists who work as medical professionals and scientific researchers. The whole team is dedicated to developing and distributing safe, high-quality Delta 8 products made with natural components that optimize the compound’s health advantages for consumers.


Gummy bears, gummy bits, square gummies, and watermelon slices, for example, come in a variety of forms and colors. The extreme chill gummies include 1000mg of Delta 8 and 250mg of CBD, while the chill plus square gummies have 500mg of Delta 8 and 500mg of CBD.


  • Third-party lab results are frequently available and include a lot of detail
  • The website lists a large number of CBD products
  • If the goods are unopened, they can be returned within 15 days
  • CBD was derived from hemp plants that were cultivated organically and without the use of GMOs
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction is employed by the business


  • In comparison to certain brands, it’s a bit pricey
  • The vast selection will be perplexing to newcomers

Customer experience

In our previous review, we stated that Diamond CBD might become one of the best CBD brands on the market if it contained extensive lab findings. The corporation has heeded this advice, as seen by the staggering number of lab testing results available. Because there is so much to view on the site, it will be nearly difficult for you not to locate what you need.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD

#5. 3Chi: Effective 3Chi Delta 8 THC Gummies


For everyone to appreciate, 3Chi has put together the purest and best hemp goods available. The firm was started by a scientist who recognized the potential medicinal benefits of CBD and THC and wanted to create edibles to help people in need. When 3Chi pioneered a novel way of extracting real Delta 8 THC from hemp plants in 2019, it became a household brand in the industry.

This finding sparked a revolution in the industry, elevating Delta 8 to a new level of prominence. 3Chi provides the most genuine THC-based items in the United States, and we discovered nearly no bad reviews – that’s how wonderful it is.

The hemp utilized in these products is sourced and produced organically in the United States, and the Delta 8 THC is extracted using secure procedures. Because they are gluten-free and vegan-friendly, these gummies are suitable for anyone.

However, some people may be put off by the fact that the gummies include artificial colors and tastes; however, the gummies are primarily made of natural ingredients. CBC and CBN are also present in the combination, which may have health and mental advantages.

3Chi provides a wide range of tastes to choose from, all of which complement hemp’s inherent earthiness. But make sure you don’t go overboard and stick to the appropriate dosage. All of 3Chi’s goods are tested by North Coast Analytical Labs, and the findings are publicly available.


Flavors and variations

With 8-packs and 16-packs of 200mg and 400mg Delta 8 THC, respectively, the 3Chi Delta 8 gummies outperform the competition. The gummies are also available in Black Raspberry and Watermelon flavors.

Quality ingredients

The firm makes several claims regarding the superior quality of the components utilized in its Delta 8 THC products, ensuring a positive overall consumer experience. The brand’s major promise is a clean experience, as it pledges not to employ any artificial ingredients in the production of its Delta 8 goods.


The majority of consumers have stated that 3Chi’s gummies taste extremely different from the majority of other alternatives on the market. Customers enjoy the earthy, natural taste of these gummies, and they keep purchasing them again and again.

Carefully cultivated

Using decades of expertise in the medicinal cannabis market, they have developed great strains that are customized for a range of needs. You’ll be able to select gummies for pain reduction, anxiety alleviation, sleeplessness, recreational uses, and more.


  • Organic components are used to create delectable flavors
  • This product has been tested and cleared by a third-party laboratory
  • Designed and produced in the USA
  • Strains that have been grown with care


  • If you put a minimum order, you can get free shipping, however, there is a large order requirement

Customer experience

The overall experience of eating these gummies has been positive for consumers. They enjoy the intense wild raspberry flavor, which masks the hemp flavor totally. They like the quick shipment and the variety of box sizes as well. Users will continue to take these gummies to feel calm and relaxed, as well as obtain a good night’s sleep.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi

Factors Considered While Choosing Delta 8 THC Gummies

The reputation of the brand

The brand’s reputation is the first thing you should check for. As previously said, the higher the quality of the things, the better the brand’s reputation. So, while looking for a good brand, double-check that it is really authentic and read the customer reviews.

Their customer feedback will supply you with information that is not available on the internet. All of the items described above, on the other hand, have all gotten five-star reviews and have been lab-tested and proved to be among the best on the market.

Quality of the ingredient

Some Delta 8 aficionados desire their goods to have as many extra components as possible, while others don’t mind if the ingredients list is long. In any case, read the contents list to be sure there are no components that are physiologically or ethically incompatible with you. Vegans, for example, should use apple pectin as a stabilizer instead of gelatin.

Lab Reports

When comparing all of the numerous possibilities for the greatest Delta 8 THC gummies, this is possibly the most crucial item to look for. This indicates that the producer has sent their product to be examined by a third-party lab. The lab’s results can be believed because it is unrelated to the company.

If the lab discovers that part of the information provided by the manufacturer is false or tainted in any way, it will be noted on the certificate of analysis. Any organization that refuses or is unable to furnish you with lab results should be avoided at all costs.

The potency of the product, the presence of pesticides or pollutants, and the presence of heavy metals, bleaches, and residual solvents are all essential things to check for in test findings.


When it comes to ingredients, pay close attention to them before making a purchase. Check the product’s contents to check whether it includes anything that can be harmful to your health.

Furthermore, you should avoid preservatives, chemicals, allergies, and synthetic components, all of which can be harmful to your health. Vegans should look for items that don’t include gelatin, which originates from animal bones. Instead, check for pectin. Although most Delta 8 gummies are gluten-free and vegan-friendly, not all of them are.

Check the components for cannabinoids such as vitriolic cannabinoids, p-cymene terpene, and other cannabinoids that aren’t supposed to be there. These chemicals can cause health concerns and are frequently found in mixes manufactured with low-quality hemp or insufficient distillation methods.

Extraction process

CO2, olive oil, ethanol, and steam extraction are just a few examples of delta 8 THC extraction processes. Each has its own set of pros and cons, and each will change the product’s chemical composition. CO2 extraction is now the industry’s gold standard.

Furthermore, different extraction levels must be considered. Many of the plant’s components, like terpenes, trace cannabinoids, and other elements, are left behind in broad-spectrum extracts. It may be filtered further to eliminate all but delta 8 THC; most producers use this procedure and then put back in the parts they desire.


It’s critical to be mindful of the dose of a product if you’re new to delta 8 THC. Although delta 8 THC is less effective than Delta 9 THC, high dosages can still produce weariness, disorientation, and discomfort. Begin with a lesser potency product and gradually increase until you’ve discovered the ideal amount for your tolerance and lifestyle.

While Delta 8 Gummies relaxes your body, the testosterone booster supplements gives you the needed potency to maintain a healthy sex life. Both together help bring the equilibrium of calmness and strength.


Cannabinoids come in a variety of flavors. Some people despise this aspect of cannabis products and look for forms that mask it with a different flavor. Choose a product that has a flavor you like.


While pricing alone cannot tell you everything about a product’s quality, it may reveal a lot. Because delta 8 THC products require more complicated chemical procedures than CBD, the price per milligram will be greater. You won’t find “cheap” delta 8 gummies, but if you know where to search, you can surely discover goods that aren’t too expensive.

Is Delta 8 THC Gummy Consumption Legal?

Marijuana and hemp are two distinct forms of cannabis, which many people are unaware of. While hemp is not a prohibited substance, marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act and is therefore illegal on the federal level.

Hemp products with less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC are allowed to use. People think that selling, buying, and consuming Delta 8 THC products is lawful since they come within these requirements.

This is where things start to become slightly hazy. Any synthetically derived items containing “tetrahydrocannabinol,” according to the DEA, are prohibited. Synthetic manufacture, on the other hand, is done in a lab with synthetic components, but hemp-derived goods are not.

It all about how the DEA decrypts the terms of the 2014 Farm Measure, which removed hemp off the list of illegal narcotics. Despite this, several states have already taken steps to avoid further misunderstanding by prohibiting the sale of Delta 8 THC products.

Delta 8 THC Gummies: FAQs

Q1. What are Delta 8 edibles?

Delta 8 edibles are items that contain a certain quantity of Delta 8. They’re designed for those who want to try Delta 8, but don’t want to use inhalers. You may buy any Delta 8 dosage when buying an edible because these items are precisely prepared and dosed.

These consumables come in numerous shapes, sizes, and forms as an alternate and convenient approach to acquiring the essential Delta 8 dosage. Gummies are the most popular consumables, but cookies, chocolates, and mints also sell well.

Q2. What effects do Delta 8 edibles have?

Delta 8 edibles take a bit to kick in, but once they do, the effects are far more powerful than smoking or vaping Delta 8. This cannabinoid is well-known for having effects that fall in between Delta 9 and CBD.

Users frequently report a contradictory sense of euphoria and content at the same time. This one-of-a-kind outcome aids relaxation while maintaining attention and focus.

Q3. Are Delta 8 edibles capable of making you high?

While Delta 8 might make you feel good and give you a high, it’s not as strong as Delta 9. When utilizing Delta 8, too much Delta 9 might cause paranoia and anxiety.

Q4. How long do Delta 8 edibles take to affect you?

Because edibles must travel through the whole digestive system before reaching circulation, they take longer to digest than smoking or vaping. The edibles will begin to operate between 2 and 4 hours after consumption.

After Delta 8 reaches your circulation and attaches to your CB1 and CB2 receptors, you may expect to feel its effects for much longer. For some people, the effects might last up to 12 hours.

Q5. What are the advantages of ingestible Delta 8?

Delta 8 edibles are a terrific method to reap all of the cannabinoid’s effects. Delta 8 edibles are not only beneficial therapeutically and calmingly, but they’re also high in appetite-stimulating, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Delta 8 edibles also improve sharpness, alertness, and attention, allowing consumers to complete their daily duties more quickly. Delta 8 is also a good natural antidepressant since it enhances energy and improves mood.

Conclusion: Top 5 Delta-8 Gummies 2022

Delta 8 gummies help you have a better night’s sleep by prolonging it. There’s no denying that Delta 8 is gaining a lot of traction, with new businesses popping up every week. As previously said, knowing what to look for in a product makes selecting the finest Delta 8 gummies much easier.

Do you have your fair share of sleeping problems? Get ready to start over. High-quality Delta 8 gummies are a great place to start. You won’t have to worry about the rate of the items you receive. Simply check through any of our best recommendations to become organized.

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