5 Best CBD Vape Oil Products in the UK 2022

Vaping is surely the fastest way to experience the effects of cannabidiol, or CBD. Vaping CBD allows the cannabinoid to enter into your bloodstream via the porous lung tissue at a break-neck speed, making CBD e-liquids and vape juice products popular for those who want their calming CBD effect (almost) instantly.

And these days, CBD vaping products are nearly everywhere you look, and available in almost any flavour you could ask for—so with a marketplace so saturated, you need to be able to tell a reputable CBD vape e-liquid from a vape that is less than satisfactory. With so many CBD vape liquid products to select from, which e-liquid should you choose?

To help with that query, we’ve compiled a list of our 5 Best CBD Vape Products in the UK for 2022. Our criteria for these CBD vape items is simple: safe, pure CBD and a quality vape experience.

Best UK CBD Vape Products of 2022

1. CBDfx CBD Vape Juice

Shortly after hitting the CBD scene in 2014, CBDfx quickly rose to prominence, and now holds a solid spot at the top of the CBD marketplace. With a varied catalog of high-quality CBD products to choose from, all made with organically grown American hemp, you can rest assured any CBDfx vape juice will only contain top ingredients, and will never contain pesticides or chemicals.

CBDfx also only extracts their CBD oil from the hemp plant utilizing clean carbon dioxide—so no caustic solvents will ever come near a CBDfx CBD product. And to top it off, all CBDfx CBD vape juice products include an independent, third-party lab report to confirm the product’s safety, purity, and potency.

What you ultimately get when you choose CBDfx is a selection of vegan-friendly vape juice products made with food-grade ingredients in fun, delicious vape flavours, including Strawberry Kiwi, Blue Raspberry, Wild Watermelon, Strawberry Milk, and Spearmint Gum juice. CBDfx’s e-juices are available in two sizes (60ml or 30ml) and three CBD potencies (2000mg CBD, 1000mg CBD, or 500mg CBD).

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2. CBDfx CBD Terpene Vape Liquid

Unlike vaping pure CBD isolate, CBDfx’s CBD Terpene Vape Liquids contain additional health-promoting terpenes, which are responsible for the hemp plant’s earthy aroma and flavour. As a result, these CBD e-liquids taste just like the classic cannabis strains they’re named after. CBD Terpene Vape Liquids from CBDfx are available in two sizes: 500mg CBD/30ml or 1000mg CBD/60ml, and they come in an array of delectable, cruelty-free flavour options, including Pineapple Express, Platinum Rose, Gelato, and OG Kush liquids.

It should also be noted that, while CBDfx uses CBD isolate for their juice and liquids, they do offer a broad spectrum CBD option in their popular line of CBD vape pens (more on the types of CBD below!). Regardless of whether you prefer a vape kit or a vape pen, you’re sure to have an exceptional CBD vape experience with CBDfx.

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3. JustCBD CBD Blue Razz Vape Juice

With a signature burst of raspberries and blueberries, and an icy cool sensation on the exhale, JustCBD’s Blue Razz Juice is our number 3 vape pick, delivering a tangy and fruity (but not overly so) taste for those looking for a refined and distinctive e-liquid flavour. JustCBD offers a variety of other CBD e liquid flavours, as well, all of which are available in 100mg CBD, 250mg CBD, 500mg CBD, or 1000mg CBD bottles.

4. Earth Hemp CBD Peach Ring Vape Liquid

A peach CBD vape? Yes, this vape tastes as good as it sounds. Erth Hemp’s Peach Ring CBD Vape Liquid is a delectable e-liquid that tastes like a childhood favourite: peach rings with a sweet, luscious, sugar-coated peach center. While vaping your preferred CBD dose, enjoy this easy, sweet e-liquid, available in concentrations of 250mg CBD, 500mg CBD, and 1000mg CBD per 30ml container.

5. Koi CBD White Koi Vape Juice

Maybe you’re a fan of simplicity and sophistication, and you’re looking for a more neutral, unflavored vaping experience when you fire up your CBD vape kit. Koi CBD’s CBD White Koi Vape Juice is an isolated, pure CBD extract made from 100 percent organic, US-grown hemp, with no extraneous terpenes or cannabinoids. White Koi e-liquid is available in three CBD strengths (250mg CBD, 500mg CBD, and 1,000mg CBD) and can be used as an oil tincture or combined with other CBD e-liquids. Third-party testing is also done on Koi CBD vape liquids.

It should be noted that while Koi CBD advertises that you can safely take their e-liquid as a sublingual oil tincture, you should never try to use a sublingual CBD oil as an e-liquid. Most CBD oil tinctures contain a carrier oil (such as MCT oil) which are perfectly safe to hold under your tongue or swallow, but are very dangerous to inhale into your lungs as a vape.

Vaping CBD Oil

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of over a hundred compounds found naturally in cannabis plants called cannabinoids. You’ve probably heard of THC, the most well-known cannabinoid, which exists in large quantities in the form of cannabis called marijuana. CBD and THC are not the same thing, and neither are their effects on the human body. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a psychoactivecannabinoid that causes you to feel “high.” CBD, on the other hand, cannot cause you to become high. Furthermore, hemp-derived CBD products only contain trace amounts of THC (below the UK legal limit of less than 0.2%), and many CBD vape liquids contain broad spectrum CBD or CBD isolate, which filter out the THC altogether.

We all have in our bodies something called the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. It’s a system that consists of a network of cell receptors and signallers that monitor a wide range of biological activities, including emotion, mood, pain management, brain function, memory, sleep, and others. In short, the ECS helps keep your body in balance.

When you vape CBD oil, you’re inhaling cannabinoids originating from the hemp plant, which are subsequently distributed into your bloodstream through your lungs, and into the ECS. This new surge of cannabinoids energizes the ECS while also providing a sense of relaxation and tranquility. This creates a wealth of health and wellness benefits and is the reason CBD has become such a popular supplement, widely available in products as diverse as CBD gummies, CBD tablets, CBD vape items (such as CBD vape pen products or cartridges for use with a kit), CBD oil tinctures, and much more.

Benefits of Vaping CBD

As noted, CBD is available in a wide range of products, all of which can be beneficial and helpful if you choose high-quality CBD brands and components. Each kind of oral CBD product has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Vaping CBD has many benefits. For some, it’s simply combining CBD with the enjoyable experience of vaping. But in terms of the CBD itself, the greatest benefit of vaping CBD is the speed with which the body absorbs the CBD. Those CBD effects can be felt within minutes or even, for some, seconds. This gives you much more control over your CBD experience when you vape.

When you take a CBD edible, for example, the CBD must pass through your digestive system and be broken down before entering your bloodstream. It could take up to two hours for you to feel the effects of an edible CBD product, depending on your body’s size, metabolism, and the CBD dosage taken. The benefits of edible CBD can last up to eight hours, giving you up to a 10-hour window between when you first consume it and when the CBD wears off. That could be just what you’re looking for in a CBD experience … however, maybe it’s not.

When you vape CBD juice or e-liquid, you are delivering CBD and other cannabinoids directly into your bloodstream via your lungs, and depending on the same criteria discussed before (size, metabolism, CBD dosage, and also tolerance levels), your CBD vaping experience may only last two hours or less, providing you far more control over the effects.

Full Spectrum CBD vs. Broad Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate

When freshly extracted from hemp, CBD oil is called full spectrum CBD. All of the major and minor cannabinoids, plus wellness-boosting terpenes (which give it its earthy flavour and aroma), flavonoids (which give hemp its colour), and the legal traces of THC are present in full spectrum CBD.

Broad spectrum CBD is the same oil but with all detectable levels of THC filtered out. A few other cannabinoids get filtered out of the oil in the process, but you’re still left with a robust CBD oil.

When you refine CBD to its purest form, you get CBD isolate. This isolated CBD contains no terpenes, no flavonoids, nor any other cannabinoids—as the name CBD isolate implies. CBD isolate is simply 99% pure CBD and nothing else.

CBD isolate has the advantage of being odourless and tasteless, allowing it to be flavoured as a CBD vape oil without clashing with natural flavours from the hemp plant. CBD isolate can taste like anything from refreshing mint to delicious fruit to a limitless range of different vape flavours, rather than tasting like the cannabis oil extract that it is.

CBD Vape Guide

Given that the purpose of this CBD vape list is to assist you in navigating the CBD vape oil and e-liquid market, let’s take a look at a few points to bear in mind when purchasing any CBD product, including a CBD vape. Admittedly, there’s a virtually unlimited number of CBD brands and products on the market, but many of them are subpar. You could choose to purchase CBD vape items anywhere that sells them … but should you do so? Do you want to put your lungs’ health at risk by relying on dodgy CBD safety standards?

You should always look for reliable CBD brands with well-established growth standards and high-quality products when searching for the best CBD vape oils and vape pens. Make sure they’re using organically grown hemp to avoid toxins and pesticides in your CBD e-liquid.

Also important is the CBD oil extraction procedure. Too many CBD brands extract CBD from hemp using caustic solvents, which leave behind residues in the oil you don’t want in your bloodstream or your lungs. Look for CBD vape items made with a non-chemical oil extraction method, such as natural carbon dioxide.

Keep in mind that every CBD company can claim to fulfill certain guidelines with its products. Third-party, independent lab testing is the genuine test of a CBD product’s quality and the brand’s honesty. Only purchase CBD vape items from brands who provide this type of report for all of their products and make them easily available to the public. Those lab tests will tell you if there are any potentially toxic compounds or heavy metals present in your oil, as well as the CBD vape oil’s specific potency.

Lastly, do you know why it’s said that word-of-mouth referrals are the best? Because it comes from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Listen to what other CBD users have to say after you’ve narrowed down your list of CBD vape oil products and companies. Customer evaluations are an excellent method to learn about a company’s CBD flavours, quality, and other features. Don’t be fooled by slick marketing; instead, look for a CBD vape juice that has overwhelmingly excellent reviews.

Will You Get High if You Vape CBD?

“Does CBD get you high?” is, without a doubt, the most commonly asked or implied question about CBD. The answer is an emphatic “no.”

Hemp is a cannabis plant, and marijuana is a cannabis plant as well. Both are physiologically related and share many of the same characteristics and genes. However, the amount and levels of cannabinoids present in hemp vs. marijuana are vastly different.

As previously stated, a proper, high-quality, third-party tested CBD vape oil product (such as those listed above) will not and cannot get you high. The high concentrations of THC in marijuana cause you to become high, but legitimate CBD products can only include trace amounts (by UK law, no more than 0.2% THC), and many CBD vape juices are created with the aforementioned broad spectrum CBD and CBD isolate, which remove all THC. Even if you buy a CBD vape oil that has full spectrum CBD, the trace levels of THC are not enough to get you high. Rather, the cannabinoids in CBD vape juice make you feel relaxed, tranquil, and generally … nice. But vaping CBD, even with those trace levels, will not get you high.

Possible CBD Side Effects

While extremely rare, vaping CBD oil (or any type of CBD consumption) can cause side effects, just like any other new supplement, vitamin, or drug. However, the vast majority of negative effects are caused by significantly exceeding the recommended CBD dose. But, even if you use the recommended dosage, you may experience decreased appetite, drowsiness, dry mouth, or diarrhea. Also, before beginning any CBD regimen, check with your doctor, as CBD vape items and other forms of CBD may interact with some medications.

Final Thoughts on CBD Vape Oil

CBD vaping is the fastest way to feel the effects of cannabidiol, and CBD vaping products are all over the place these days—so you need to know how to discern a good CBD vape juice from a bad CBD vape. We hope that this UK CBD vape list has given you a better understanding of what CBD is, the impacts and benefits CBD may have on your wellness and health, and which CBD vape items should be at the top of your shopping list as you begin your CBD adventure. Happy vaping!

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