40 Best OnlyFans Girls and Top OnlyFans Accounts to Follow in 2022

There’s no debating it: OnlyFans is the hottest content creation platform right now.

No wonder there was a scandal in 2021 when OnlyFans temporarily banned adult performers, only to reverse that decision a few days later after fans protested. While adult content isn’t the be-all, end-all of OnlyFans, it’s sure as hell the most popular category on the site.

This is why we’ve reviewed the best OnlyFans models to help you decide who to follow and what pages are subscription-worthy in 2022.

Top OnlyFans

1. Sam Slayres – Best OnlyFans Account Overall

Sam’s socials

Top features

  • 1k+ of the best OnlyFans photos
  • Over 363k likes so far
  • Open to your DMs
  • $3 for 31 days

Sam Slayres, a.k.a. Sam Hickelspoon is the OnlyFans “It Girl” who’s always breaking new ground. She’s a curious, inquisitive soul according to her Twitter page and not the typical supermodel you might find on this platform.

Her content is far from ordinary or amateur, though, and fans credit Sam with being one of the most approachable models. Her OnlyFans account is both extreme and yet tempered with sweetness, which you can witness on the cheap.

Membership usually costs $30 a month with a current special at $3 for 31 days, which is a savings of 90 percent off!

When it comes to balancing talent, attractiveness and imagination, Sam Slayres is the “must-see” page and the gold standard on OnlyFans, spicy content and all.

2. Bella Bumzy – Best OnlyFans Gamer Girl

Bella’s socials

Top features

  • 80k likes and counting
  • 500+ hot photos and videos
  • $3 for 31 days
  • Open to DMs

Bella Bumzy is one of the site’s newest models, but that hasn’t stopped her from gaining a massive following online. She’s already caused a storm on Instagram too, her page being censored due to that hot bum of hers…

Talk about a bum deal!

No wonder she has a safe place at OnlyFans where she can post anything she wants and talk openly and honestly with her true fans.

With a current sale of $3 for 31 days, it’s a 90 percent savings from an ordinary subscription price. She’s flirty and interactive with first-time users, taking advantage of her enthusiastic gamer side to win over geeks and non-geeks alike.

3. Kacy Black – Super Popular OnlyFans Account

Kacy’s socials

Top features

  • 1,200 photos and counting
  • Over 513k likes
  • $3 for 31 days
  • Girl-next-door appeal

You have to admire the “quiet, girl next door” who’s brave enough to be a model, but still down-to-earth when she addresses her fans. Kacy has already won over the internet with her stunning beauty and eye for fashion.

Her unique looks and great photos just seal the deal.

Although the subscription price is $30 per month, if you buy soon you get 31 days of content for $3. You’ll be gobsmacked at the images and photos you’ll find in her gallery at that price.

4. Cup of Carli – Best Dressed OnlyFans Girl

Carli’s socials

Top features

  • 1k+ photos, some NSFW
  • Loves the outdoors
  • $3 for 31 days

Cup of Carli isn’t only beautiful but she knows how to make a fashion statement. Whether she’s modeling regular ‘round-the-house clothes, or seasonal outdoors dresses, swimwear, or a cat-astic costume, she’s got our vote as the best dressed OnlyFans model of the year.

Once you check out her OnlyFans page, you’ll understand why.

Of course, fans admire her enthusiasm as a performer, one of the few who takes on an “anything goes” attitude towards her work. At a price of $3 for 31 days, or a regular price of $5.00 a month, it’s one of the most popular but affordable accounts.

5. Riley Kwums – Bad Girl Vibes on OnlyFans

Riley’s socials

Top features

  • 120k likes on OnlyFans
  • 1k+ smoldering photos and videos
  • $3 for 31 days
  • Definitely too naughty for work

Riley Kwums is “devious and dangerous” which has gained her popularity across multiple social media sites. Naughty yet nice, she plays her part well. She’s also one of the special performers that dresses up for her fans, embracing your tastes and preferences.

Not only do her outfits burn your screen, but her tattoos look dazzling in high resolution.

She welcomes newcomers with DMs, even on Twitter. For the time being, Riley is charging $3 for 31 days of content, a discount from the usual $30 a month fee.

6. Maria Moobs – Cheeky Sweet OnlyFans

Maria’s socials

Top features

  • Over 260k likes
  • 1k+ flirty pics and vids
  • $3 for 31 days

Maria Moobs is flirty, cheeky and fun to chat with, whether you’re a long-time subscriber or a newcomer. She enjoys interacting with her biggest fans and has fun trying on new costumes and outfits with awesome hats.

Whether she’s wearing bunny ears or a cowboy hat, it’s easy to see she loves her job and her fans. She’s one of the best models to subscribe to if you like social interactions and teasing with your content, all with a great payoff.

7. Lucy is Loud – Inspirational OnlyFans Girl

Lucy’s socials

Top features

  • Extraordinary and inspirational
  • 1,000+ intense and “loud” photos/videos
  • Mute and knows ASL
  • $3 for 31 days

Lucy Goyette is one of the most interesting OnlyFans creators this year and not only for her wonderful outfits and fan interaction. She’s also mute and knows sign language! But that doesn’t hinder the show, it only adds depth to her already intense performances.

Her Instagram account is still booming, but she was suspended on Twitter of all places(!), maybe for criticizing Jack Dorsey?

Whatever the case, OnlyFans is glad to have her exclusive content, given she’s one of the internet’s rising stars of 2022. You can sample 31 days of photos and videos when you subscribe for just $3.

8. Daisy Dray – Your OnlyFans Girlfriend

Daisy’s socials

Top features

  • Abundantly attractive
  • Over 60k likes
  • Free subscription!
  • Great conversationalist

Daisy Dray has a way with words and as OnlyFans best “talker”, her dazzling personality and attractive persona make it all the better. She’s girlfriendly and definitely more conversational than other stars of her caliber.

To make it even better, her subscription is free.

While her versatile preview is good enough, users are encouraged to leave tips and buy unlockable photos for as little as $3.69. Daisy Dray is generous either way, so it’s a great deal for fans who enjoy a woman with personality!

9. Molly Sims – Hottest OnlyFans Model

Molly’s socials

Top features

  • Over-the-top hot
  • Very open to DMs
  • Loves doing custom videos
  • Free subscription

Molly Sims has earned a reputation for being very cooperative and even submissive to her fans that love to give her attention. While it’s intimidating to approach some models, Molly makes it easy on you.

She starts the conversation and gets the ball rolling, so to speak.

Molly offers a free subscription with tips and unlockable photos for $5 or less. In her own words, “she’s 99% angel and 1%…

We’ll leave the rest up to you, so enjoy the fantasy!

10. Sunny Rayez – Upcoming OnlyFans Girl

Sunny’s socials

Top features

  • Free subscription
  • Friendly star who answers DMs
  • Dozens of free photos to enjoy
  • Down for personalized content

Sunny Rayez is new to OnlyFans but she’s already gaining a reputation as one of the friendliest models on-site, especially when it comes to having fun in the DMs with new people. Talk about being sociable!

She’s offering a free subscription with beautiful, mainstream photos for her subscribers, but with more scorching photos available to unlock – sometimes as low as $4.

Sunny enjoys showing off new swimwear and around-the-house outfits, which just shows how down to earth she is. She might not be #1 yet, but she’s climbing the ladder and making plenty of friends along the way.

11. Aisha – Friendly OnlyFans Page

Aisha’s socials

Top features

  • Free subscription
  • Great sense of humor
  • Kitty cat tendencies
  • Easy to DM and get to know

Aisha is new to Instagram and OnlyFans, but she’s already gaining a following.

She also has a great sense of humor about her cat tendencies and isn’t above taking a few photos with a cat tree in the background. Aisha is known for being friendly, easy to chat with and very generous in giving away free content.

But her unlockable content, as well as the option to DM her with ideas, is what makes her OnlyFans page special. Aisha already has a considerable archive of free pictures that offer up a glimpse into her personal side.

12. Samantha Ava – Best OnlyFans Beach Babe

Samantha’s socials

Top features

  • Loves to party
  • Answers DMs
  • Hundreds of hot videos
  • $4.95 temporary price

Samantha Ava embodies the “California girl” spirit, though she’s relocated to Bali, Indonesia, meaning plenty of exotic scenery. She’s happily bisexual and answers DMs.

She also has fun with custom requests, picture rating and texting.

Although the subscription price is $9, for the time being she’s running a $4.95 special. For suggested tips of approximately $15-$25 you can also get unlockable video content that’s beyond your wildest imagination.

13. Kat Aphrodisiac – Top Latina OnlyFans Model

Kat’s socials

Top features

  • Bilingual performer
  • Interacts through private messages
  • Free gifts for subscription renewals
  • $4 for 31 days

Kat Aphrodisiac is half Colombian and half Puerto Rican, giving her a unique beauty and loveable personality. She’s also bilingual, using both Spanish and English throughout her content be it DMs, custom requests or videos.

She answers all DMs herself and in a timely manner.

The subscription price is regularly $9.99 per month (plus suggested tips for interactions) but is currently discounted to $4 for 31 days, a savings of 60% off.

14. Lola – Largest OnlyFans NSFW Content Gallery

Lola’s socials

Top features

  • Almost 2k photos – double most OF models!
  • Parties with friends
  • Free gifts for subscription renewals
  • $3.15 for 31 days

Lola may be the most NSFW model of the platform, and that’s a tall order!

She’s pansexual and not shy from polyamorous activity as well. Whether she’s exploring new ways to express love or inviting girlfriends over for drinks, you’ll never forget a Lola show – it’s the most memorableOnlyFans account we’ve seen.

That’s definitely not a complaint.

Her subscription regularly charges $9 a month but the current discount is $3.15 for 31 days. Lola also sends her re-subscribers a free gift, so join the party.

15. Victoria – Girls-Only OnlyFans Content

Victoria’s socials

Top features

  • Over 1,600 photos and videos
  • Interactive shows with requests
  • Flirts with women and men
  • $3.15 for 31 days

Victoria is heteroflexible for sure, but her lesbian content is the talk of OnlyFans.

Her VIP page offers lots of video content, giving fans a glimpse into the life of the Miami model and wild entertainer. She also likes chatting with other women and takes requests from her favorite fans.

The regular subscription price is $9.99 a month, but you can take advantage of a 65% off special and pay $3.15 for 31 days of content.

16. Doutzen – Definitely Adults Only

Doutzen’s socials

Top features

  • Over 1k photos and videos
  • Queen of extreme
  • Confident woman
  • $3 for 31 days

Doutzen is the most extreme content producer on OnlyFans who will shock and tantalize you with photos and videos that wouldn’t last a day on Instagram. In fact, Doutzen is too extreme for the search engines, so the only way to find her is by word of mouth.

She’s feeling generous lately, lowering her usual $15 a month price to $3 for 31 days. That’s a savings of over 80% off for a beloved model, who’s the queen of extreme and ready to give you the virtual experience of a lifetime.

17. Rosalia – One-Woman Show on OnlyFans

Rosalia’s socials

Top features

  • Over 1,400 photos and videos
  • Lesbian friendly
  • Girlfriendly and easy to chat with

Who needs a crowd when you’re Rosalia, an amazing one-woman show all her own?

She offers a girlfriendly online relationship with her fans and original video content that’s far superior to the average model.

Rosalia also welcomes other colorful entertainers on her show for some skits (or something). If you subscribe today, you can get 65% off the full subscription price and pay $3.15 for 31 days.

Most Popular OnlyFans Runner-Ups

While we did have fun making our editor’s choice list of the best OnlyFans girls today, it wouldn’t be fair to ignore other popular OnlyFans pages. Our runner-ups include everything from celebrity pages to how-to video podcasts that have found an audience.

18. Blac Chyna – Best Feet on Only Fans

Blac Chyna is always online and provides foot-specific content to her biggest fans…who wouldn’t mind being “stepped on” by their favorite celebrity.

19. Jem Wolfie – Selfie Queen

Jem Wolfie literally broke Instagram and was banned for risque photos. Where else could she go for uncensored fitness and beauty photos?

20. Megan Barton Hanson – Biggest UK OnlyFans Page

Megan from Love Island is now a respected columnist…but she still gives plenty of TLC to her OnlyFans followers.

21. Bella Thorne – Prestigious OnlyFans Model

Bella isn’t only an Only Fans beauty but also an actor, writer and singer, with multiple awards to show for it.

22. Pia Mia – YouTube Turned OnlyFans Star

Pia Mia earned fame on YouTube and has now become one of the biggest stars on OnlyFans with her NSFW photo shoots.

23. Erica Mena – Reality TV Meets OnlyFans

Erica Mena earned fame from her “Love & Hip Hop” days, but has continued making appearances all over reality TV and social media.

24. Mia Khalifa – Interesting OnlyFans Voice

Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-American model and activist, also a retired porn star with not too many nice things to say about the industry.

25. Kanri – OnlyFans Cosplayer

Kanri has a lot of costume and anime content, and all with the adult spin that fanboys and girls will just love.

26. Molly Eskam – Last Playboy Playmate

Whatever is left of Heff’s empire, Molly Eskam survived – and took a million fans with her.

27. Monica Huldt – TikTok OnlyFans Star

Swedish Bella herself, Monica Huldt of TikTok fame, also has an OnlyFans page where she can post her best work that’s not Insta- or Tik- friendly.

28. “Sunny” Tamara Sytch – Wrestling’s Favorite Diva

WWE Hall of Famer Tamara Sytch, or “Sunny”, practically started the company’s diva show in the 1990s. Tamara still reaches out to her fans via her official OnlyFans account.

29. Veronica – Best Ebony OnlyFans Model

Veronica is a beautiful, black woman who does some of the most creative and entertaining custom videos for her fans.

30. Natalie Monroe – SnapChat’s Biggest Star

Natalie is an adult entertainer that sells not only OnlyFans content, but also lifetime access to her SnapChat account.

31. Dana Dearmond – Famous Adult Entertainer

An adult actor and director who made her break on MySpace, of all places, and has since become a top voice of the industry.

32. JoJo Love.eth – Top Asian OnlyFans Model

JoJo’s a sexy model from Hong Kong, 50 percent artist and 50 percent girlfriendly entertainer.

33. Xenon Universe – Best Trans OnlyFans Performer

Xenon Universe is one of the most successful non-binary/trans performers on OnlyFans, with just as much poetry as photos and videos in the gallery.

34. Austin Wolf – Best Gay OnlyFans Star

Award-winning adult actor Austin Wolf has a large OnlyFans following and with his regular updates, we can only see why.

35. Julian Shaw – Famous Actor and Wellness Coach

Julian Shaw offers original photos, along with personal conversations on OnlyFans

36. OnlyFungi – All About Mushrooms

OnlyFungi is original – all about mushrooms with a healthy amount of mushroom jokes.

Best OnlyFans Girls FAQs

Do Any of The Best OnlyFans Models Offer Free Account Subscriptions?

Yes, many of the best OnlyFans models and top OnlyFans accounts offer free account subscriptions, most notably Molly, Daisy and Lucy.

But remember: models that give you free content expect tips and for you to buy premium content or even custom requests when you can.

What Type of Content Is Offered on OnlyFans?

The type of content offered on OnlyFans includes adult-only stuff and many other categories.

OnlyFans is not an adults-only website as a general rule. There are hundreds of premium accounts that share celebrity photos, video courses and much, much more.

Some celebrities and artists appreciate the lack of censorship on OnlyFans, as well as the ability to customize products and subscription rates. Some artists, like Holiday Sidewinder have even suggested OnlyFans is a more enjoyable way to get paid compared to other competing sites.

How Do I Find My Favorite OnlyFans Accounts?

Find the best OnlyFans models and your favorite OnlyFans accounts by using a third-party search engine like FanPleaser or OnlyFinder.


If you haven’t found out yet, OnlyFans doesn’t have a proper search engine, mainly for account privacy reasons. This means you can’t go hunting down your favorite accounts on the site directly.

The engines mentioned above and other social media sites are your best bet.

How Can I Start Chatting With OnlyFans Models?

Here’s how you can start chatting with OnlyFans models:

First, definitely pay the subscription rate. Then start commenting on their posts, but try to make the comments friendly and NOT too intimate, too soon. Keep your comments classy, supportive and light.

Then, buy a few exclusive photos over time, so that the model starts to recognize you.

When you think the time is right, you can send a DM introducing yourself. The model may write you back and have suggestions on what they can do for you. You can also make custom requests IF the model offers this service.

Are There Rules To Follow for OnlyFans Custom Requests?

No, there aren’t rules to follow for OnlyFans custom requests, per say, outside of copyright laws.

Not all OnlyFans artists and performers do custom requests, even though it might seem that way. The bigger the star, the less customization you’ll probably get – although some celebrities are a wonderful exception to the rule.

Also, keep in mind that if you do get custom content from your favorite OnlyFans model, you aren’t allowed to share the images or videos with anyone else. In some cases, you must pay extra to download the file – or you may be restricted from making a backup copy.

Breaking the rules of any individual artist could cause legal trouble for you, as many do express this copyright warning on their feed.

Hit “Subscribe” for The Top OnlyFans Girls in 2022

OnlyFans is a site featuring unrestricted performance and opinions and is quickly earning a reputation as a platform that honors the high-quality work of the artists, many women and many from the LGBTQ+ community as well.

Among our favorite picks include Sunny Rayez, Lucy Is Loud and Bella Bumzy, all coming with a subscription of $3 or less, which you can’t beat.

Find your favorite OnlyFans accounts today and see what the fuss is all about.

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