2022’s Best CBD Oil For Pain & Inflammation: Top 5 Hemp Oils & CBD Tinctures Online

For a prolonged time, cannabis usage remained controversial. However, in the past few years, the popularity of the CBD industry has expanded dramatically.

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not engender intoxication and psychoactive effects. Instead, it gives you a gentle high without messing with your head.

Recently, more people have started relying on CBD products for pain comfort, stress relief, increased concentration, energy boost, and peaceful sleep.

Today, there are multiple best CBD oils for pain in the market, including gummies, capsules, vapes, oil, etc. CBD oils remain one of the most sought-after products. It has shown promising results regarding pain management.

Its therapeutic properties can decrease pain symptoms triggered due to underlying health issues. Therefore, people with chronic pains have started taking CBD oil tincture as a helpful tool to manage pain and discomfort.

CBD can reduce inflammation in the brain and nervous system. It also aids in pain management because of its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Endocannabinoids are molecules that the body produces. They help regulate various body functions, including mood, sleep, pain, and immune system responses.

When CBD enters the body, it empowers it to use its EC system more efficiently. Interacting with other brain receptors, such as serotonin, CBD can minimize chronic pain perception and improve your whole mood. As a result, people with body aches feel better.

Hence, CBD may have significant well-being benefits in store for us, and studies support that. However, we need more clinical evidence to prove the therapeutic potential of CBD oil.

What is fantastic is that these oil tinctures come in various strengths, making them convenient for first-time users. So, if you are in quest of the best CBD oil for pain, buckle up because we are sharing five of the best cannabidiol brands in the market.

Top 5 Picks on the Market For The Best CBD Oil For Pain Management:

Looking for the best CBD oil for pain, here are our top choices:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Oils With High Potency
  2. BudPop – High-Quality CBD Oil Tinctures
  3. Cheef Botanicals – Best THC-Free CBD Oil For Pain
  4. Hollyweed CBD – Best Pain Relieving CBD Oil
  5. FAB CBD – Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Oils With High Potency


If you’ve been hunting for high-quality CBD products, you must have heard of Exhale Wellness, a well-known and dependable name. The company was formed by California cannabis pioneers with years of expertise in developing such remedies.

Exhale Wellness is a strong supporter of hemp-based items, believing that its medicinal capabilities can give people various health advantages and help them achieve wellness.

Exhale Wellness isn’t an old player in the CBD products market. But, over the years, they have captured a significant share of the market with their outstanding quality and value-to-money products. Exhale Well delta-8 Oil speaks for its quality and class.

The full-spectrum oil, 100% organic, is one of the essential items in their CBD lineup. Only organic nutrients are used to make this oil, and it is created from legally cultivated cannabis, which is quite essential. The oil is also free of artificial and harmful chemicals and additives that can be bad for health.

Furthermore, the effective oil is extracted via safe CO2 technique and comes in two dosages: 600mg and 1200mg. This oil is effective since it can deliver immediate calmness and chronic pain reduction.

Exhale Wellness has received a brilliant customer response for its hemp seed oil. Considering its legal potency, many doctors prescribe this pain-relieving oil to their patients as it has minimum to almost no side effects.


  • R&D (Research And Development): This full-spectrum CBD oil results from years of research and experience. Cannabis growers of Los Angeles, California, put all their experiences together for growing the best hemp for Exhaling Wellness CBD oil.
  • Third-Party Lab Testing: Exhale Wellness CBD oil is tested in a third-party laboratory to obtain neutral results about their products.
  • Brand Reputation: Exhale Wellness has a brand reputation for quality products, giving them an edge over the competition.
  • Company Policies: In terms of customer facilitation and satisfaction, Exhale Wellness kills the competition with free shipping and 20% off on the first order.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness


  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Free shipping with discounts
  • Good brand reputation
  • Available in 2 potencies
  • Made from high-quality legal hemp


  • Exhale Wellness only ships to the CBD legal states of the US
  • Results of all third party lab tests aren’t available on their site

#2. BudPop – High-Quality CBD Oil Tinctures


BudPop has everything you’ll need if you’re exploring high-quality CBD tinctures or oil. BudPop’s natural CBD oils can be a life-saver if you are looking to ease mental problems and calmness since they’re simple, easy to take, and tasty.

Every hemp plant is also grown organically, tested by a third-party lab, and proven free of any harmful elements.

BudPop has also adopted the CO2 extraction technique, which extracts CBD from the cannabis plant while also removing toxins, resulting in a final result with a high proportion of pure CBD.

Using this easy and efficient extraction technique, you’ll receive the highest-grade CBD oils from the hemp plant.

The best part about BudPop CBD tincture is that it comes in 2 flavors: peppermint and natural. So, it won’t feel or taste like medicine whenever you consume it.

More importantly, BudPop CBD tincture does not contain any artificial chemicals. All of its ingredients are organic and grown naturally with extreme care. Each bottle of Budpop CBD comes with 30 servings and 50 Mg of CBD per serving.


  • Long-lasting: BudPop’s CBD oil has a significant concentration of CBD than other cannabinoids. This quantity of CBD makes it more effective and long-lasting while minimizing the side effects.
  • Organic Ingredients: Both the natural and peppermint flavor of BudPop CBD oils are made up of pure and natural ingredients.
  • Low On Calories: BudPop CBD oil contains only five calories and 1g of fat per serving. This is the lowest calories and fats per serving in the competition.
  • Customer Friendly Policies: BudPop works on a rule, “Buyer is always the king,” And they treat their customers like a king. Despite offering free and fast shipping, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to provide you with peace of mind while buying. This offer is valid for every BudPop product, not just CBD oil.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop


  • Free shipping in every corner of the US
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Approved with a third party and neutral lab testing
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Derived from high-quality hemp


  • No product is available in the offline market

#3. Cheef Botanicals – Best THC-Free CBD Oil For Pain


Cheef Botanicals’ CBD oil for pain is one of the most affordable products on our list. Secondly, inexpensive doesn’t always mean cheap. Cheef Botanicals’ CBD oil might not be as standard as CBD users, but it gives a tough fight to its rivals in terms of quality and value.

Like almost every CBD brand, Cheef’s CBD oil is laboratory tested and approved, so you should not worry about its legality. Moreover, it is a full-spectrum CBD oil, which contains every derivative of CBD.

Laboratory tests also proved that it is non-psychoactive, which won’t get you high. You can use it for months without the worry of getting addicted to it. Moreover, the hemp oil used in this CBD oil is extracted using a safe CO2 extraction method.

All ingredients used in making this Cheef Botanicals CBD oil for pain are natural and obtained from organic resources.

This bottle comes with a brown glass bottle and a dropper to help you measure accurate doses for your consumption.


  • Non-GMO: This CBD oil for pain relief is non-GMO, which can not cause allergies, cancer, or other environmental issues.
  • No Additives Or Preservatives: No additives or preservatives are used in the making of this oil to make sure that only natural hemp oil reaches your doorstep.
  • Available In Different Sizes: This Full spectrum of CBD oil comes in 4 different sizes: 300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, and 3000 mg. It means that you can buy this oil in smaller quantities if you want to test it.
  • No THC: This hemp oil does not contain THC. This is the reason why it is non-psychoactive.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals


  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 100% organic
  • Laboratory results are available on the website
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Budget-friendly


  • Shorter shelf life
  • Free delivery for only the US customers

#4. Hollyweed CBD – Best Pain Relieving CBD Oil


Hollyweed’s team consists of wellness-oriented professionals with deep knowledge in the medicinal cannabis sector. They believe in the beneficial properties of CBD and are working to develop products that reflect their beliefs.

Hollyweed’s CBD oil is made using an ultra-clean CO2 extraction technique. After extracting the full-spectrum CBD, they combine it with clean CBD hemp oil to make vital medicines easy to consume.

You get a relaxing and peaceful CBD boost by putting a few drops in your mouth or combining it with meals and drinks.

Hollyweed’s oil has been lab-tested and is kept in a glass dropper container. Because it contains less than 0.3 percent Delta-9, it does not provide a psychoactive effect. These CBD oils is both safe and effective.

CBD oil provides a soothing and peaceful impact on the nervous system. It can help to reduce discomfort in muscles and encourage more profound, more comfortable sleep. Furthermore, due to the soothing effect on the neurons, it is used as excellent joint pain relief.

The Hollyweed’s pain-relieving CBD oil is available in a variety of choices. If you have decided to use Hollyweed’s oil for the first time, you can subscribe to their newsletter to avail of a 25% discount on your first purchase.

You’ll have a whole different experience with this CBD oil; it will boost your mental and physical health. You can take its dose once or twice a day as per your requirements.


  • All Organic Ingredients: Hollyweed’s CBD oil is natural hemp oil and CBD oil of premium quality. Furthermore, other ingredients like omega-3 and fatty acids are also obtained from natural sources.
  • Pain Relieving: CBD is well-known for its soothing and pain-relieving properties. But, Hollyweed combined CBD with some other organic ingredients to boost the pain-relieving effects of their full-spectrum CBD oil.
  • Lawfully Legal: Because Hollyweed CBD oil contains less than 0.3 percent THC, it is legal in the United States. However, It’s worth noting that the rules governing CBD use vary from state to state. As a result, before purchasing any CBD product, check the state’s laws.
  • Easy to Use Website: Hollyweed’s website has the most user-friendly interface. Surfing through pages and ordering any product is just like a walk in the park.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed


  • No artificial chemicals or ingredients
  • The legal quantity of THC is added
  • Quick shipping
  • Laboratory tested and certified
  • Quick pain-relieving


  • More pricey than the rivals
  • Only available in the US

#5. FAB CBD – Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil


If you know anything about CBD or hemp, you’ve probably heard of FAB CBD and its outstanding range of products. Their full-spectrum CBD oil, on the other hand, is out of this world.

Simply because a product is of excellent quality does not mean that it is the perfect fit for you and your requirements. With that said, we humbly advise you to read this review to the conclusion so that you can correctly assess whether or not this full-spectrum CBD oil is worth the buy.

With so many flavors and sizes to pick from, almost everyone interested in trying the product will be able to find one that suits them. The oil’s freshness, taste, packing, and benefits are all well worth the money.

The line of products has a clean, simple style enhanced by the black glass bottle in which the oil is delivered. This container is composed of a particular form of glass that blocks UV radiation from entering in, extending the oil’s life span.

The eyedropper has four distinct measures (25ml, 50ml, 75ml, and 100ml) that make it simple to measure exact doses.

When pulled into the dropper, the FAB CBD oils have a bright, fluid gold look, which is extremely clear, uniformly patterned, and free of any dust or pollutants.


  • No Compromise On Quality: FAB CBD claims that its CBD oil products are made from naturally produced, laboratory-certified Colorado hemp free of pesticides and toxins.
  • Peace Of Mind: There is a different QR code mentioned on every bottle of CBD oil. Consumers can go to the FAB CBD website and check the details of the bottle they received. It shows details like manufacturing date, expiry date, date of dispatch, etc. Most importantly, this QR code confirms whether you have received a genuine FAB CBD product or not.
  • Available In Different Flavors: To stand out from the rest and give you a great taste, FAB CBD comes in 5 different flavors: Citrus, Mint, Natural, Berry, and Vanilla.
  • Freedom Of Choice: FAB CBD comes in 4 different sizes: 300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, and 2400 mg.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of FAB CBD


  • Long shelf life
  • All-natural ingredients
  • QR code scan facility
  • Available in a variety of flavors
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Only Full-Spectrum Is Available

How We Made This List Of Top CBD Oil Brands

Multiple factors indicate the credibility of a CBD brand. These factors help you decide whether a brand is worth spending your hard-earned money on or not. They may include hemp source, extraction method, formulation, medical tests, and customer feedback.

Our dedicated team members are well-aware of industry standards and CBD vendors. So, we started our research keeping these essential requirements in mind.

Finally, we shortlisted the brands that met these criteria.

What We Looked For

While filtering our list, we rigorously analyzed patterns of each brand, considering the following fundamental points:

  • Plant Source: Two sources of CBD oils are marijuana and hemp plants. CBD products extracted from marijuana contain higher THC levels. Therefore, they are forbidden at the federal levels of States. On the other hand, CBD derived from hemp plants contains THC content lower than 0.3%. This concentration is legalized in many states in the US. The brands in this article contain legal concentrations of THC levels.
  • Independent Lab Tests: We shortlisted the brands that have a transparent and honest approach. If a company produces CBD oil with superior-quality methods and safe formulations, it will openly share details with its audience. Hence, the only brands making it to the top 5 list are ones that have their products verified from third-party laboratories. You can access lab results directly from their websites.
  • Cost: It is crucial to know the industry rates before finalizing a specific product. It is pretty well-known that CBD products are pricier. However, we should be aware of whether they provide value for the money or not. Knowing that plenty of effort goes into the manufacturing process, the rates these brands offer are justified. Hence, we didn’t consider brands having suspiciously low or unreasonably high rates.
  • Customer Feedback: Judging a company’s credibility from its market status and user reviews is a fantastic parameter. Hence, we took that into serious consideration. Apart from reading reviews on sellers’ official websites, we considered third-party sites. These portals are always the correct indicators of the full picture. When a company understands its duty as a manufacturer, it will build a substantial customer base. So, this is what we tried to look at.

Buying Guide- Factors To Consider Before Buying CBD Oil Online

It is crucial to have a clear idea about what you need from CBD oils and what to expect. While you are at it, let us share the criteria for a high-quality CBD oil.

So, be cautious about your choices and must keep these factors in mind:

  • Hemp Source & Ingredients

Cannabidiol is derived from hemp. And the source of hemp is an influential factor in determining the quality of the final product.

The best sources of hemp are found in the organic farms of the USA. In these farms, the production process goes through rigorous screening.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers buy hemp from cheap sources for their own benefits. Sometimes, they include chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers in the product. The addition of these substances affects the quality of the final product. Plus, they are detrimental to human consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the hemp source to know what you are getting.

Apart from that, we encourage checking out items’ ingredients sheet. Often, companies incorporate flavorings to boost the taste and smell of the product. Try to focus on CBD oil brands that stick to plant extracts and organic elements for this purpose as well.

  • Extraction Technique

It is an important aspect to define the quality of CBD oil. CO2 extraction is considered the safest and cleanest approach, free of chemical solvents. Well-reputed CBD oil brands like in this article adapt CO2 methodology to extract CBD.

  • CBD Extract

It is nice to know the type of CBD extract you are buying, as each contains different compounds. Typically, there are three types: Full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD extract boasts all the compounds found in the hemp plant, including terms, cannabinoids, etc. The same goes for broad-spectrum CBD oil, excluding THC.

Meanwhile, CBD isolates solely consists of cannabidiols. With a little bit of research, you can learn which one is the most favorable for you.

  • Strength

CBD oils bottles are available in different strengths, ranging from 1% to 30% and beyond. You can look for the CBD strength and THC levels in the product description.

There is no one size fits all formula as everyone’s body reacts differently to CBD isolate tinctures. So, please start with the lowest concentration and increase it gradually after observing the after-effects.

  • Third-party Laboratory Approval

Independent lab reports should be the ultimate parameter to solidify your trust in a company. These results should be available on the company’s website. And if they are not, it is probably not a good sign.

Credible independent laboratories verify a product’s quality and purity based on ingredients and formula. Reports will also show if the product involves any harmful substances. Therefore, never forget to pay heed to them.

  • CBD is Not an Actual Treatment to Modify Your Diseases

Many people prefer taking CBD oil to reduce inflammation, nerves, and back pain. Indeed, its therapeutic properties are promising, and you can use them to manage your pain symptoms.

However, be mindful that CBD products are not professional medications to cure your chronic illness and the pain caused by it.

People with arthritis also use CBD oil for pain relief. But, there is little to no medical evidence supporting its benefits for this disease. Or who can benefit from it, and in what capacity?

So, if you have a physical condition or serious disease like arthritis, don’t believe that a cannabidiol product can vanish painful sensations instantly.

You can, indeed, use them without replacing them with your actual medicines. It is even better to discuss this matter with your health care practitioner to make an informed decision.

  • Always Read and Watch Online User Reviews

They were right when they said customer is always right. Therefore, count on online customer feedback for some valuable insight.

You know that hemp-derived CBD products are generally pricey. However, you should not spend your hard-earned money on something that fails to deliver what they advertise.

Hence, check the brand’s ratings, go on YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and Quora to know people’s two cents on a particular product.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil For Pain Relief

Q1. How long does it take for CBD oil to work for pain relief?

Every person’s body functions and reacts to compounds differently. Therefore, the after-effects may vary.

Also, various factors influence the amount of time, such as CBD strength, dosage, quality, source, and overall health. The way you consume CBD oil is another defining factor.

For instance, if you put a few drops of oil directly under your tongue, the effects may start kicking in relatively quicker. Chances are, you will start feeling comfortable within 30 minutes to an hour.

On the other hand, if you dissolve the oil in your beverage, it may take longer to work.

Q2. Why do you put CBD oil under the tongue?

Sublingual CBD oil intake works more swiftly to generate effects. It is because you are directly absorbing it into your circulation.

On the other hand, when you put CBD oil into your food, smoothie, or coffee, it takes time to digest and show results. Therefore, more people consume CBD oil sublingually.

Q3. Is CBD oil safe?

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause intoxicating effects that make you ‘high’. Instead, the results are more relaxing and non-addictive.

The CBD industry is still new and gradually getting legalized in most countries. Due to the limited recognition, research about its potential health benefits is still inadequate. However, studies show that CBD users rarely experience severe side effects. Thus, making it safe to use. Also, if you combine the CBD Oil with the best testosterone booster supplements, then you can not only avoid any of the side effects of CBD but also increase your T-Levels.

Q4. How old do you have to be to buy CBD oil?

It may vary depending on your country’s law. However, the common age requirement in most states is 21 and older.

Q5. When should I take CBD oil morning or night?

It depends on your sleep schedule, everyday routine, and the purpose of CBD consumption.

Early morning people or people with daytime jobs should kick start their day with CBD oil for an energy boost. Meanwhile, night owls can consume CBD at night to stay fresh.

Q6. How does CBD oil make you feel?

CBD isolate oil is marketed as a natural way to minimize stress levels and calm the nerves. Typically, it is what everyone should expect after a CBD intake. However, the amount of time your body takes to react may vary from person to person.

Unlike marijuana, CBD gives you a mild euphoria that improves your mood and lets you unwind. Some people even use CBD edibles to reduce anxiety levels and depression.

When taken in higher concentration, you may feel nauseated. However, this dizziness is different from the typical high.

Q7. What is the downside of CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a well-tolerated compound and generates fewer side effects. Many previous users have verified it, and research also supports its usage.

However, low-grade hemp-derived CBD products can end up making you fatigued instead of energizing your mood. Also, CBD taken in higher doses can cause digestion and stomach issues.

Buying CBD oil from a well-reputed brand can prevent you from experiencing these troublesome results.

Q8. Do doctors recommend CBD oil?

Health care practitioners and physicians acknowledge the potential of CBD isolate and its therapeutic properties. However, due to inadequate information and legal constraints, they can not prescribe it for critical health concerns.

Moreover, if you live in a country where CBD is not legalized, doctors may never recommend you to rely on them.

Q9. How much CBD oil is enough for pain relief?

The exact dosage of CBD oil changes from person to person. Multiple factors influence the amount of oil needed, and these include weight, metabolic activity, the intensity of pain CBD oil, and the potency of the oil you use. Ideally, it should be between 2.5 and 20 mg of CBD, irrespective of the presence or absence of THC.

Conclusion – How To Get The Best CBD Oil For Chronic Pain Relief?

Many clinical investigations on CBD’s health effects have yielded positive results. Such results encourage customers to start trusting CBD edibles.

Enticing adverts and taglines may tempt you to buy the products impulsively. However, it is imperative to do thorough research on your own. Gain a precise idea about what determines the quality of CBD oil and then purchase CBD oil.

Consider that higher THC levels are not allowed in various states in the US. So, make sure the product you are buying contains a THC concentration of less than 0.3%.

Our team has spent enormous time evaluating several brands based on various factors. So, rest easy because the products in this guide are developed with the highest quality practices.

Lastly, always know why. If you are considering CBD oil to get rid of migraine or other body aches, know that it may comfort you for the time being. However, the effects are not long-lasting.

Even the best CBD oil for pain can not cure critical physical and mental illnesses. Hence, it is not right to replace it with your professional medications.

If you experience unbearable chronic pain in any part of your body, consult a doctor ASAP to prevent any trouble in the future.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

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