The Nuzzle Pillow Reviews: What are Customers Saying?

Nuzzle is a pillow that allows consumers to sleep in every position with perfect alignment in their necks and a refreshed mind in the morning. This pillow can be washed with the rest of the user’s laundry to maintain its structure and performance.

What is Nuzzle?

Everyone wants to get good rest but seldom do they get the sleep they need every night. Even though the number of hours plays a role in how rested an individual feels, their sleep quality is also essential. Pillows are a great way to keep posture aligned while sleeping, but every pillow is not made in the same way. With the Nuzzle pillow, sleepers in any position can sleep comfortably at night every night.

The whole point of Nuzzle is to make it easier to sleep comfortably. With soft and intelligent technology, the fabric snugly wraps around the inserts, comprising two layers that can be combined in three ways. It is up to the users to determine their most comfortable sleeping position. Users can customize their sleep every night, adjusting the inserts to match the user’s sleeping positions.

The creators behind Nuzzle focus on the idea that users can feel like they experience no gravity while they rest. With each of the fibers, users get support for their necks that they can’t get with other models. They keep the user cooled off while they sleep, and the pillows can be washed without special detergents to eliminate bacteria.

Every night of sleep plays a role in the rest of the day, which is a priority of the creators at Nuzzle. They prioritize making the nights easier on everyone, giving them a refreshed mind and eyes the next day. Whether someone wants a nap or sleeps through the entire night, this set can make a substantial difference.

What’s In It?

With such lofty promises from the creators, consumers may want to know exactly what goes into the pillows to make them so good. It starts with nano-coil fibers in the thousands, giving each pillow and pillowcase the plushness consumers want. The fibers are made of high-tech gel that keeps the material soft. It also works quickly to keep the head and neck supported. The same material in these pillows is found in NASA space suits, holding the pillow cooled to maintain temperature regulation.

Consumers can customize the feeling with these pillows because of the adjustable inner layers within the inserts. These layers support the neck and head, cradling them in a good position for better sleep. While many pillows claim they offer superior performance, the testing on these models shows that the inserts can maintain their shape for 1,001 nights of use.

To ensure that users get the same performance every night, they must care for the material properly. The inner and outer layers must be washed separately, and all the materials must be washed delicately and dried with low heat. The pillow can be fluffed whenever it looks flat, giving it a little boost in freshness and fullness.


Adjusting the Nuzzle Pillow for Different Sleeping Positions

The most significant benefit of the Nuzzle pillow is the layers. Users get two layers within their pillow, but there are three combinations that consumers can use to get the support they need while sleeping.

The first option – the Soft Layer – only uses one of the layers. It is perfect for stomach sleepers because it allows them to lie down while keeping their neck and spine aligned properly.

Then, there’s the Medium Layer. The medium layer is a little thicker and is meant for people who sleep either on their back or in a combination of positions.

If the user puts the Medium and Soft layers together, they will get the proper support for sleeping on their side. Most people don’t get enough support or use too many pillows, making it hard to avoid curving the back and neck. Using these layers together helps consumers perfectly align and wake up without pain.

Purchasing a Nuzzle Pillow

You can order the Nuzzle pillow by shopping on the official website. As an incentive to make a purchase, the creators also offer a discount if you order more than one pillow at a time.

The current packages include:

  • One pillow for $89
  • Two pillows for $169
  • Four pillows for $329

Along with the pillows, consumers can also purchase supplementary products like pillowcases.

All purchases come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can contact customer service via email at customerservice@TopDogDirect.com or telephone at 1-800-340-3418.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nuzzle

Q – What are the Nuzzle pillow’s dimensions?

A – The pillow comes in either Standard (18 x 26 inches) or King (18 x 33 inches) sizes.

Q – Is it safe to wash the Nuzzle pillow?

A – Yes. Users will need to separate the inserts by washing them properly. The outer cover can be washed with other laundry in their washing machine. When washing the inserts, they must be removed from the outer shell and washed only with cool water and no more than a mild detergent. To prevent tearing and tangling, users should only wash the inserts and cover on the delicate wash cycle.

Q – What are the configuration options for the pillow?

A – Users have three different options to focus on the user’s personal sleeping preferences. The possibilities – SOFT, MEDIUM, and FIRM – depend entirely on the user’s position when they sleep. Stomach and back sleepers should use the blue tag insert’s soft configuration. Back sleepers should use the medium format, which is just the red tag insert. Individuals who want a firm pillow can put both the red and blue inserts in the cover, which is particularly helpful for side sleepers.

Q – Will users need to fluff their Nuzzle pillow nightly repeatedly?

A – While it isn’t necessary, the creators still recommend fluffing the pillow once a day to give it extra puffiness.

Q – Is the Nuzzle pillow hypoallergenic?

A – The pillow is exclusively made from alternative materials, making it hypoallergenic. It keeps the skin healthy throughout the year and won’t collect potential allergens.

Q – Are the products ethically sourced?

A – The creators only use cruelty-free sources and follow high sustainability standards.

Q – How can customers track their orders?

A – After the user submits their order, it goes out within two business days. The shipment will automatically generate a tracking number for FedEx that allows consumers to keep an eye on their purchases.

Q – How long does the order take to reach the user?

A – Most orders arrive within seven business days. However, the users can choose the speed of shipping that meets their needs for faster delivery.

Q – Can customers purchase the Nuzzle pillow anywhere else?

A – Yes, you can purchase the Nuzzle pillow from third-party vendors, but you get a discount if you order from the official website.

Q – How can customers contact the service team?

A – To get more support, consumers can speak with the customer support team by emailing customerservice@TopDogDirect.com or calling 1-800-340-3418.



The Nuzzle pillow helps men and women to get a better night of sleep without going through hundreds of pillows to find the one that offers the best support. The user can customize their pillow in three ways, offering additional layers of firmness so the user gets optimal support in any position they sleep in. With hypoallergenic materials, consumers usually prone to allergic reactions will breathe and rest a bit better each night.

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