The Cold Plunge Reviews – Is It Worth It? Urgent Customer Update!

If taking a cold plunge doesn’t sound quite appealing to you, well it is time we changed that. The Cold Plunge is an initiative of a highly innovative venture that aims to change the way you look at freezing water.

While nothing even remotely substitutes proper medical care and attention, there might be something going on with immersive therapy of different kinds that can alter the way you live.

From bringing discipline and structure into your life to helping you improve your health in many ways, you can check out our detailed review to get a clear idea of how well you can benefit from the use of these products.

Plunge introduced the Cold Plunge concept to the market in order for people to experience the delights of plunging into cold waters and the life-changing sensations that such immersions provide.

Company Name The Plunge
Official Website https://thecoldplunge.com/
  • Cold Plunge (Regular, Pro, Pro XL)
  • Hot & Cold Plunge (Regular, Pro, Pro XL)
  • Other related supplies and merchandise
  • Pricing Range $4990-$7490
    Company Motto Normalization of the cold plunge as a part of everyday routine of people so they benefit holistically from the practise.
  • May improve mood levels
  • May reduce fat from body
  • May increase energy
  • May improve focus
  • May increase discipline
  • May reduce muscle aches
  • Manufacturers Michael Garrett and Ryan Duey

    Looking At The Brand – The Cold Plunge/ The Plunge

    Immersion in cold water has been shown to provide a variety of health-related benefits, including the enhancement of mood, improvement of sleep and immunity, and even the burning of fat from areas that can be considered stubborn.

    Well yes, you could probably just fill up some ice in an old trash can and create an experience for yourself but why give up on the luxury of a commercial plunge that could very well rock your world.

    The commercial plunge is a choice product brought to you by a health and wellness company that provides customers with an assortment of cold immersion baths and tubs that can be ordered quickly and inexpensively over the internet.

    No, don’t worry. This isn’t some get-rich money scheme that you need to worry about. Everything about Cold Plunge screams transparency and reliability. From the numerous reviews that we found online, the convenient maintenance kit you can use to clean your tubs for up to six months, the pricing, etc. this might just be a great addition to your daily wellness schedule.

    The maintenance kit that comes along with it is definitely something you can use to increase the longevity of the product. Every maintenance kit you buy lasts up to six months and has products including filters, pH strips, etc among others.

    About The Founders – Michael Garret & Ryan Duey

    Penn State graduate Micheal Garret initially moved to LA with the intention of working in finance, but immediately discovered that was not his calling. He discovered his true calling in float treatment in 2010. He developed a float tank from scratch after an inspiring trip to the forest to sit with Ayahuasca way back in 2011.

    This passion fostered into actual business prospects when he took the next big step and founded Reboot Float & Cryo Spa in San Francisco. His passion for plunging into the coldest of waters only peaked when he took a trip to Rocky Mountains where he frequently dived into the rivers. Finally, in the summer of 2020, Micheal set up the Cold Plunge and brought Ryan Duey into the team.

    A graduate of Cal Poly University, Ryan Duey truly believes that his semester abroad in Barcelona was the most inspiring point in his life. This was until he suffered a nearly fatal head injury in Thailand which forced him to rethink the life he had been leading. He then committed himself to working in the health and wellness industry. He built Capitol Floats in Sacramento and met Mike during a business trip. The friendship fostered and six years later, the Plunge became a reality.

    What Is The Company Vision?

    You know how your morning usually begins with that steaming cup of coffee? Well the Plunge wants you to step away from that and make this your new habit instead- taking a lovely invigorating cold plunge in the morning instead.

    This is a wellness-based company that focuses on setting forth the numerous health and wellness benefits of plunging into icy waters.

    The founders of the Cold Plunge had the ambition to make swimming in the coldest of waters “as common as coffee,” and so they set out to build a product that would help them achieve this aim. The company is determined to help you realize just how beneficial the entire process is.

    The organization, which is based in Sacramento, has the goal of providing breathtaking, user-friendly, and affordable cold plunges to people all around the world.

    For this purpose, they provide you with a variety of bonus products that you get when you purchase the product. Among these is a library of detailed guidance videos that you can use to understand the product better and the various benefits that it offers.

    What Are The Offerings Of The Plunge?

    Plunge Products

    Cold Plunge is a well-established company that presents two of its hallmark products, both of which have received numerous laudatory comments and accolades from the company’s devoted clientele who have simply fallen in love with this essential recovery tool that has changed their lives for the good.

    Given the success of the first products to be released, the manufacturers gained the confidence to branch out into more advanced versions of the product. These more advanced versions, also labeled as pro versions feature cool additions such as underwater lighting, a state-of-the-art hose filter, etc among others.

    The original products consist of the Plunge and the Plunge Pro XL, which can be purchased for prices ranging between $4990 and $6990 respectively.

    Now is the time to consider ditching the traditional chest freezer and ice barrel for good. Instead, we are in favor of you purchasing the Hot & Cold Plunge Pro XL, which provides you with the advantages of a cold plunge in addition to the perks that come with using a hot water tub.

    Take the path towards the cold plunge today and see how it can make simple changes in your health including improving your blood flow and more. Each and every one of the Plunge series of products is designed to be an effective healing tool that helps improve your energy and sustain better health.

    Cold Plunge

    Put an end to the notion that you need a chest freezer or an ice barrel because they will only slow you down. Rather than spending money on expensive therapy, you should put your money into this amazing and simple product. Call it the Cold Plunge, or simply the Plunge.

    The Cold Plunge is not like other ice baths that you are used to since it provides a form of cold therapy that aids in the healing process from head to toe. Because of its extended lifespan, it provides an increased cooling capacity, which you can take advantage of every single day, in the comfort of your home.

    You can use the Cold Plunge inside your house or outside- wherever you are comfortable. Ideally, around winter, it is better to have the setup inside to avoid freezing of the cooling pipes.

    This is a flagship product of the company and its primary selling point. It features additional cooling power that accelerates the ability of the Plunge to drop to conveniently low temperatures that favor your health requirements.

    Compared to other methods generally opted by people, the Cold Plunge is a safe and reliable option that does not cause any harm and is easy to use. You can fill it with water as you like and set the temperature as per your specific requirements.

    This is the only product of the company that costs you under $5000 and is a great option for someone getting started on plunging without wanting to get into something fancier or more advanced yet.

    Hot and Cold Plunge

    Treat yourself to the best of both worlds with this amazing product that can be best described as multipurpose! There is only so much that a simple hot tub can do for you. However, why should you only have your bath in hot water?

    Take it up a notch with Hot/Cold Plunge which lets you decide what kind of bath you want depending on whatever you are in the mood for. This is an amazing device that fully eliminates the need for several devices like your chest freezer, ice barrel, and hot tub, amongst other things.

    This experience is brought to you by Hot/Cold Plunge in a one-of-a-kind method that is meant to turn your cold plunge tub into a hot bath tub as quickly as possible. It makes sense to be able to choose when you want to cool down and when you want to heat up.

    Depending on the weather, you can use this product to your convenience. Unlike the regular option of the plunge, you can keep the hot/cold plunge outside as well and there won’t be any issue or worry about the pipes freezing up.

    The temperature range of the product is quite high. You can set any temperature that you want- and you can watch as a previously hot water tub magically transforms into freezing waters ready to welcome you into an immersive plunge that you deserve.

    Other features of this product are pretty similar to the standard plunge. You can expect to experience the same increase in the flow of blood as you would. The dimensions are pretty much the same as well. The pricing is slightly higher because of the additional features but that is expected.

    You can use the product as you like irrespective of the weather so this might be something to consider even if you are after a relatively simple product to begin with.

    Plunge Pro Products

    Plunge pro products are all about adding that touch of luxury to the products that you already love and admire. They work just as great as the standard plunge but also contain features that make one go whoa.

    Plunge Pro introduces a line of high-tech products with a corresponding increase in price. These products, however, come with a number of noteworthy advantages that set them apart from the competition and make the higher cost-justified.

    These items can be distinguished from others of the standard type thanks to the additional characteristics they offer and certain benefits as we shall explore. It is worthy to note that all the additional benefits that you avail yourself upon using the product are in addition to the existing standard benefits.

    To put it in simpler words, you will be getting plunges that look cooler and feel better. Your entire experience of using the plunge will go up a notch and scream higher notes of luxury. When you think of a swanky or cool tub, what comes to your mind?

    If you are thinking underwater lighting, facilities to place your gadgets, advanced sanitation features (like a good hose filter) and so much more, well the pro version of Cold Plunge has it all.

    As expected, this range of products is more expensive compared to the standard tubs but if luxury is something you are after and you want to spend a little to liven up your home and have a strong talking point at a party, go ahead!


    Cold Plunge Pro

    All things considered because the gadget directs its energy toward producing intense cooling, the cold therapy provided by the Cold Plunge Pro looks to be more potent and effective than the standard version. There are a lot of factors leading up to this as well.

    To begin with, the Cold Plunge Pro has a much higher power of cooling compared to the standard Cold Plunge. The power of cooling used by the Cold Plunge Pro is 4 times that of the regular standard plunge. This means that the device is able to cool down the water so much quicker.

    The power of cooling of the pro version is 1HP which is four times that of the standard version which only has a power of 1/4 HP. However, both the regular and pro version seem to be pretty identical in some ways. There is not a significant size difference between the two products.

    While the higher cooling ability is quite an amazing thing and a feature that most of our users simply love, you must keep in mind that the device can get a bit noisy. You can keep this outside during the summers when you will be using it and store it away inside for the winters.

    Cold Plunge Pro costs noticeably more than the standard version but there is no worry about you having to spend tonnes on the product. Besides, because of the premium upgrade; you get a product that is definitely worth the price in terms of usability and quality.

    Enjoy a cold immersive experience like no other- play videos that you like and place your gadget on the holder. The cool lighting will definitely gather a lot of attention during house parties!

    Hot and Cold Plunge Pro

    Well if you find the pro plunge cold version to be cool, then be ready to be blown off your feet by a hot bath tub that is so much more than that. The pro is an advanced system that lets you experience the wonders of dipping yourself in a relaxing hot tub while switching to a cool immersion at any time you want.

    The Hot/Cold PlungePro is all you are ever going to need: whether you are looking to benefit from the use of cold therapy or you just want an amazingly cool hot tub that can make any party a lot more fun, you cannot go wrong with this gadget.

    We guarantee that you might never really feel like just showering again once you have experienced the wonders of the Hot/Cold Plunge Pro. Needless to say, this is one of the most acclaimed products presented to you by this brand.

    Don’t worry about the cost. Compared to the standard hot/cold version, yes the price is slightly higher but it is not that high that you would have to consider this as much of an investment.

    One of the things that we love the most about this cold/hot tub is that it can be used anywhere you like. You can keep it outside in the garden or you can use it indoors in the comfort of your walls. Because of the flexibility of the range of temperatures, you can also use this device whenever you like.

    The temperature ranges between 39° all the way up to 109! You can choose to immerse yourself in water as hot or as cold as you like: all of this can be done pretty instantly as well. The pro tubs feature advanced cooling systems that are rather powerful. They work fast to ensure that you have the temperature that you like.

    Just like the other pro products on this list; additional cool features are a given for this product as well. You can conveniently place your mobile phone or tablet and watch or listen to whatever you like while enjoying the experience that the tub has to offer.

    Plunge Pro XL Products

    Ever felt that you are just too tall to fit comfortably into bath tubs? Well, you are not alone and the makers of the Cold Plunge range of products seem to have gathered that quite right.

    Exclusively designed for those who need tubs larger in size, the pro XL range of products brings you all the features that you would expect from the pro products, and some more.

    This is as good as the experience gets and if you want to leave no stones unturned and want to experience simply the best among the lot, the XL products are the ones you need to choose from. These bathtubs are among the largest on the market.

    You can choose whether you wish to stick to just a cold experience or also want to have the option of a hot bathtub. The luxury of space is what makes this product stand out the most. Although it would comfortably seat one tall person, maybe you can squeeze a loved one in.

    The underwater lighting that you would hope to see in any pro product is available on these ones as well. You can choose when you want your tub to light up and when you want to keep things more serious.

    The advanced sanitation system present in the tubs makes way for excellent cleaning that takes care of all the dirt and debris that might collect during regular use of the plunge.

    Cold Plunge Pro XL

    The Cold Plunge Pro XL is basically a bigger version of the standard and pro types of the same product. You will notice that it has all the cool features that you expect: an advanced sanitation system, additional cooling power, and more.

    The increased power of cooling makes the water cold in a matter of minutes just the way that you need it to be for you to enjoy your cold therapy. Because of the amazing sanitary mechanisms in place, you don’t have to worry about any floating debris or so.

    The Cold Plunge Pro XL is perfect for you if you are a tall person wanting to enjoy a cold immersive experience while holding on to some luxurious features that might enhance the overall experience.

    Hot and Cold Plunge Pro XL

    The Hot/Cold Plunge Pro XL is an amazing hot tub that simply has everything. It is spacious, comfortable and can be placed anywhere that you like. You can use it whenever you like- to heat up and relax or cool down and refresh- the choice is yours with the Hot/Cold Plunge Pro XL.

    This is bigger than any other regular hot tub that you would have come across. It provides you with enough space to be placed comfortably and focus on the experience rather than worrying about squeezing yourself in.

    The Hot/Cold Plunge Pro XL is a carefully curated experience bringing you the maximum of the luxury that this company has to offer.

    What Additional Products Come With The Plunge?

    Following products come with The Plunge as additions or add-ons, free of cost to help you set up your plunge tub with ease. These products also make the maintenance of the tub much more easier:

    Insulated Spa Cover

    The insulated spa cover is one of the best additional products that the Cold Plunge features. You can get any of the Cold Plunge products on the company website including the insulated cover. The Cold Plunge offers you the option of receiving the insulated spa cover for free with your purchases from any of the products in the Cold Plunge lineup.

    1 Year Factory Warranty

    There is a complete one-year warranty that Cold Plunge offers on all purchases of products from the Cold Plunge lineup. You can use this warranty to ensure that the product you receive is working perfectly as you would expect from the standard Cold Plunge. The Cold Plunge features an option for you to extend the warranty period up to five years if you like for a small fee.

    Guided Plunge Videos

    The Guided Plunge videos provide you with detailed instructions on how you can use the Cold Plunge correctly. Detailed instructions are provided in the guided plunge videos regarding all the products in the Cold Plunge lineup. These videos also enlighten you on all the benefits that Cold Plunge offers.

    Cell Phone Holder

    The cell phone holder is exclusive to the pro range of products. Even though we suggest you ditch the phone and submerge yourself in the experience completely, you can keep your phone handy nearby on the cell phone holder, just in case you need it. Cold Plunge offers this holder only on the pro range products in the Cold Plunge lineup.

    Hose Filter

    Cleaning the water in the tub and the cold plunge regularly and entirely is very helpful and a carbon hose filter can help you with the same. A carbon hose filter is way more powerful than the garden hose which you might consider useful for cleaning your tub.

    The carbon hose filter is one of the best additional features that Cold Plunge offers. You can clean any product in the Cold Plunge lineup using this filter.

    Skimmer Net

    A skimmer net can be very helpful in getting rid of unwanted debris that tends to float on the surface of these tubs. A skimmer net is a cleaning tool that is easy to use and can be used by anyone who knows how to use a net to collect stuff. The skimmer net helps clear all kinds of debris from your tub in no time at all.

    What Are The Top Advantages Of Cold Plunge?

    There are many benefits that you can avail yourself of by indulging in a cold therapy that can enhance the way that you live and improve your state of mental and physical well-being. Cold showers are great but a cold plunge can take you to a whole other level of invigorating inspiration that will leave you wanting more.

    Helps Reduce Muscle Soreness and Cramps

    Taking a cold plunge regularly may help reduce soreness in different groups of muscles. Soreness occurs due to the accumulation of lactic acid post muscle overuse. This is one of the most important health benefits of cold water therapy. Because of the improved blood circulation, the lactic acid is removed from the muscle tissue and the cramps are reduced as a result of cold immersion therapy.

    Numerous professional athletes and bodybuilders recommend taking ice baths to reduce body cramps and swellings and to promote muscle recovery. The logic is the same as using an ice pack to remove swelling and inflammation from muscles. Muscle recovery in case of muscle soreness might generally be slow. You can try using a cold immersive plunge to see if you can benefit from the same.

    Supports the Health of the Immune System

    Taking regular cold plunges might be good for the optimal functioning of your immunity. As we did the research for our cold plunge review, we came across this article that led us to believe that ice water might actually be good for Immunity.

    Cold water therapy might help in releasing more white blood cells into circulation. As a result of the cold immersion therapy, due to the increased white blood cell count and enhanced functioning of immunity, your body might be able to defend itself against infectious diseases better.

    However, this does not mean that you need to take an ice bath in the freezing weather if you have a cold or are feeling sick. But in the long run, it may help improve the functioning of your immune system and prevent such sickness from occurring.

    Improves Confidence and Mental Toughness

    Baking regular cold plunges requires a lot of mental discipline and toughness. In this cold plunge review, we had to mention how cold water therapy can actually bring about a level of discipline in your life that you might have not experienced before. You might be able to connect with yourself better and understand that you are able to push your limits if you can commit to getting into the cold water immersion tub every morning.

    Helps Improve State of Your Mental Health

    During our research, we came across some articles like this one that made us list this as one of the important benefits of cold plunging in our cold plunge review. Cold plunges and taking an ice bath might help boost endorphin levels and similarly improve the functioning of the sympathetic nerves. Cold immersion tubs could help improve your gender’s mental well-being in the long run.

    Sustains High Energy

    Cold plunges are great for those who feel that they have low energy levels. Cold plunging; especially a cold water therapy session in the morning can boost your energy levels for the rest of the day. Due to the action of the cold water immersion tub on your nervous systems; your energy levels and focus might improve.

    Accelerates Physical Recovery

    Cold plunges could help in accelerating physical recovery post-injury or exertion. When you consider ditching your cold showers or ice bath; keep this in mind as one of the most prominent health benefits of cold plunging.

    Might Help Increase Discipline

    Cold plunges require all your determination that shall wake you up in the morning and be okay with cold plunging into the cold water immersion tub. Cold showers and cold water therapy are great at improving discipline.

    Helps You Sleep Better

    One of the best health benefits of cold plunging and cold water therapy is that getting into that cold water immersion tub regularly might help you sleep better.

    Helps Enhance Mood

    Better mood levels are important health benefits of cold plunging and cold water therapy. Regular ice bath sessions in your cold water immersion tubs might make you happier and cold therapy may help you deal with mood swings better.

    Why Has Cold Plunging Become So Popular?

    Taking a cold bath in cold and clean water in your cold tub is all the hype now and here are all the reasons why ice baths are so popular.

    Helps Train The Vagus Nerve

    Cold plunging might help improve the functioning of the nervous system and cold water therapy can stimulate your nervous system to improve focus. Some studies indicate that cold water immersion therapy, especially in cold temperatures (cold stress) can stimulate the nervous system.

    Could Reduce Fat

    Cold plunging or cold water therapy can help reduce fat levels in the body and cold water immersion therapy helps alleviate soreness in muscles after workouts. You could burn extra calories through cold baths or cold showers in cold temperatures.

    Improves Immune System

    An ice bath, a cold bath or cold plunging can all constrict vessels and might increase WBC count. As a result of cold water therapy or cold water immersion sessions in cold temperatures, or even by taking cold baths; you may improve your immunity.

    Increase Endorphins

    Cold plunging, cold water therapy, cold immersion or a cold bath in cold temperatures could all be helpful in increasing endorphins.

    Energy And Mind Clarity

    Cold water immersion; cold water therapy or just a cold bath once in a while can help improve function of the nervous system and mental health.

    Increase Energy Levels

    Cold water immersion, cold water therapy, and cold plunging in cold temperatures increase energy levels. Improved energy levels are one of the notable health benefits.

    What Are Real Users Saying About The Plunge?

    Real users report feeling having more energy which they say could be because of better blood flow. People are generally happy with the product and recommend it to everyone as it seems safe.


    Final Verdict – Is The Cold Plunge Worth It?

    Our research and editorial team concluded that the cold plunge is legit and possibly a great alternative to a simple hot tub. It has all the features you would expect to get at a premium price. If you wish to enjoy a premium and luxurious plunging experience, then The Plunge, especially The Cold Plunge is made for you!