PX7 Primal Flow Reviews: Effective Ingredients That Work?

A swollen prostate is a common issue experienced by men who are above fifty years. As soon as most men hit this age, they are likely to begin noticing several signs, which may indicate a swollen prostate, one of them being a change in the urine flow.

When evaluating your urine flow, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there times when you feel that you need to “go,” but your equipment fails to cooperate, making it troublesome for you to urinate?
  • For those times that you get to go, do you experience a ‘leak” a few minutes after thinking you’re done with your business?
  • Do you find yourself waking up several times each night to urinate? Have you been peeing more than is usual for you?
  • Experiencing any of the signs mentioned above is a clear indicator that it’s time to consider taking a supplement to aid your prostate functions. The prostate is located between the penis and the bladder and is the size of a walnut.
  • Your prostate will begin swelling as you age, and this will cause it to place pressure on the bladder. Additional pressure on the bladder makes it uncomfortable and highly painful for most men in some cases.

If left uncontrolled, it may even affect a person’s ability to perform sexual acts. It’s why you ought to consider taking the PX7 Primal Flow Supplement.

PX7 Primal Flow Supplement

The PX7 Primal Flow is a natural supplement meant to help men address swollen prostate issues, which are bound to arise as they begin aging. Taking the supplement enables you to restore your prostate health safely by gradually:

Removing unwanted toxins from your body

Balancing your body’s hormone levels

Reducing the pressure being placed on the prostate gland

It’s normal to get concerned about the safety of the supplements you intend to take, which is why the manufacturer is quick to point out that it’s manufactured per FDA guidelines. Anyone interested in taking this supplement should view this as good news.

It means they won’t have to worry about experiencing any unwanted side effects after taking the supplement, as only the best and safest ingredients have been used to make it.

What Is This Highly Touted PX7 Primal Flow Supplement?

PX7 Primal Flow supplement is a product that has been designed to assist in addressing the need to find an efficient and legit solution for an enlarged prostate and BHP. Although the medical field has experienced success in almost all major fields, men continue to grapple with prostate-related issues, e.g., lack of proper bladder control and enlarged prostates.

It makes for a worrying scenario, especially considering that prostate-related problems are common in men in their fifties. The PX7 Primal Flow supplement is geared towards assisting men in finding a long-lasting solution for these issues.

Past studies have shown that close to eighty percent of all men who have attained sixty years have developed an enlarged prostate. It’s a condition characterized by the swelling of the gland enclosing the urinary tract.

Its swelling and eventual enlargement ought to be a source of concern for all men as the gland plays an important role in supporting endocrine functions. The gland enables men to control urine flow while regulating the release of hormones.

Nonetheless, the enlargement of the prostate sits at the root of all the many problematic conditions faced by men. As it continues to grow, it will place undue strain on your bladder and your urinary tract and make it harder for you to perform sexually.

Additionally, it becomes harder for men to empty their bladders at a single go. As time goes by, other functional and urinary tract issues are bound to arise. Some of the problems you may soon start facing include:

  • Urine leakage
  • Low urine flow
  • Urinary tract infections

If you had previously enjoyed healthy sex life, this might take a hit, as the tract’s constriction will prevent blood from getting to your penis. The result is a decrease in the strength and number of erections experienced by the man, ultimately leading them to perform poorly.

In some cases, the condition may become worse, causing your penis, scrotum, and testicles to become swollen. Once they become swollen, some may experience excruciating pain every time they pee.

PX7 Primal Flow hopes to assist in addressing all these issues. Taking the pill as recommended will allow users to regain full control of their prostate gland functions and their bladder. It enables users to control their urge to pee better, ensuring that the bladder is empty every time they visit the bathroom.

In the process, it eliminates worries of having to make frequent trips to the washroom or leaving a messy trail of urine after peeing. Furthermore, man no longer has to find an excuse to explain why they need to make routine trips to the washrooms.

The formula used to make the supplement ensures that the enlarged prostate will begin shrinking soon after you have started taking the pills. As it shrinks, it can relieve the strain it had placed on the urinary tract.

As the prostate heals, users should begin to notice a significant improvement in the longevity and size of their erection. Your sexual stamina and drive can begin to improve as well.

How Does It Work?

Many factors can cause an enlarged prostate. Known causes include career choices, various medications, and environmental pollution. They are all factors that can impact the health of the prostate.

Many of the medications manufactured to assist with easing prostate issues tend to focus on these problems. On the other hand, there’s a little known chemical in the body that can lead to BPH or an enlarged prostate.

The chemical in question is a byproduct of the testosterone hormone, popularly known as DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). This is a compound that serves as a toxin in the human body and can affect many organs and their functions.

To better deal with prostate problems, there’s a need to get rid of all the DHT present in the body and boost free testosterone’s obtainability. The PX7 Primal Flow supplement comes with natural ingredients to help the body get rid of the DHT that your body is producing.

Its combination of special herbal ingredients increases the presence of free testosterone while reducing the production of DHT. By now, you already know that the testosterone hormone is crucial to influencing a man’s general wellbeing.

Increasing its presence helps to enhance the prostrate functions while boosting sexual performance and health. Continued consumption of the supplement will lead to better and harder erections, coupled with better bladder control.

Ingredients Used in the Manufacture of PX7 Primal Flow

The patented formula of PX7 Primal Flow features more than fifteen herbal ingredients, all of which are beneficial to the body. Many of these ingredients have also been used by traditional medicine practitioners for centuries.

All the ingredients used in the supplement are meant to benefit your prostate health while boosting other parts of the body. The ingredients include but are not limited to:

Cat’s Claw

It’s used to treat an enlarged prostate as it has been seen to assist in reducing swelling, inflammation and in treating infections.

It may offer several benefits to the body’s digestive system and its numerous functions. Moreover, it boosts the transfer of nutrients to various bodily organs, ensuring they get nourished from within.

Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake

The three are referred to as the mushroom complex used by the team behind this supplement. They are mushrooms synonymous with the Japanese who have cultivated and eaten them for thousands of years. It’s believed they are potent herbs that can cure any disease known to man.

It’s the sole reason they have become a mainstay in many cuisines, concoctions, and medications. Apart from assisting with enlarged prostates, the mushrooms also help enhance cardiovascular functions and boost your heart’s health.

Their presence in the supplement increases blood flow to your prostate and genitalia to assist in boosting the urinary tract and its many functions. They are credited with boosting the duration and size of the male erection.

Green Tea

It contains numerous stimulants and antioxidants. The antioxidants present in Green Tea help to prevent the body cells from getting damaged by oxidation.

The stimulants in it assist you to get mental clarity, a better drive, and more energy.


Several studies have suggested that broccoli can assist in treating BHP. The ingredient plays an active role in ensuring that tumor cells don’t begin forming in the prostate.

Remember that the emergence of the tumor cells is linked to the onset of cancer. It also assists in treating conditions like asthma, stomach ulcers, and schizophrenia.

Stinging Nettle

Many cultures across the world have used stinging nettle for hundreds of years. It’s believed to be rich in antioxidants, minerals, and essential nutrients.

Its inclusion in the supplement is meant to assist in reducing inflammation. As you take the pill, it will reduce swelling, ensuring the prostate begins to shrink.


PX7 Primal Flow Benefits

Having a healthy prostate comes with many benefits, many of which result from taking the PX7 Primal Flow supplement. The benefits include:

  • Greater sex drive and better moods
  • Treat and reduce the size of your prostate
  • Increase overall energy and stamina
  • Improve prostate functions and health
  • Improve sexual health and erections
  • Boost hormone balance and production
  • Reduce the constant need to pee
  • Remove the strain placed on your urinary tract
  • Improve urine flow and bladder control

The PX7 Primal Flow supplement is an exclusive supplement, which can only be purchased from the official website. This process is designed to ensure that consumers won’t fall prey to counterfeiters. A single bottle having thirty pills retails at $69.

If you have any questions about the supplement, visit the official PX7 Primal Power to learn more.


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