MitoLean Reviews (PureLife Organics)

If you’re carrying extra weight, and want to get rid of it, you need MitoLean. MitoLean is a natural supplement that helps your body use energy more efficiently, so you can lose weight without having to diet or exercise.

When you take MitoLean, you’ll see results quickly, and most people lose at least 10 pounds in the first month.

People are always looking for ways to improve their health and well-being. Given the popularity of green tea as a drink, many people are also interested in any potential health benefits from drinking it.

However, when it comes to choosing a specific green tea product, there are so many different options out there. If you’re trying to decide on one brand over another, what should you look for?

When it comes to Pure Life Organics Mito Lean Reviews, it is evident that this product has managed to strike a chord with its target audience. With its unique formulation and the variety of benefits it offers, people are impressed by this product. The following review will help you understand if this product is something you should try or not.

What does every potential purchaser want to know about any new product? What can help you make your decision and choose the right product? The answer is simple: user reviews!

User reviews are an excellent way to find out if a certain product is worth buying or avoiding. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things you need to know before purchasing Pure Life Organics MitoLean.

What Is MitoLean?

Even when you’re eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly, are you still unable to shed the pounds you’ve gained?

Traditional weight reduction strategies aren’t effective for everyone, even if they’ve been around for a long time. In fact, many individuals who make an effort to slim down end up regaining the weight they lost.

MitoLean is a brand new dietary supplement for weight reduction that works by encouraging your body to use the energy it has been storing (stored fats). It has been shown to assist individuals in losing weight in a healthy and rapid approach.

According to the directions provided by the manufacturer of the supplement, MitoLean, organic components such as African Mango Extract and Green Tea were utilized in its production. The supplement is intended to be consumed three times a day, one after each meal.

How exactly may this supplement help you achieve the weight loss objectives that you have set for yourself? These fats continue to be used as an energy source by our bodies, but since we don’t participate in a great deal of physical exercise, we continue to put on weight as a result of their accumulation in our bodies.

MitoLean eliminates this problem by allowing the body to use the stored fats as energy instead of storing them.

How Does MitoLean Work?

MitoLean is a synergistic mix of nutrients that have been investigated in a health context and help healthy and natural weight reduction.

The mitochondria, a vital “organelle” in the body that is responsible for the conversion of fat and calories into ATP, get a tremendous boost as a result of its usage, which enables the process of fat and calorie conversion to take place.

One of the reasons why it is so difficult to lose weight despite all of your efforts is because of the slowing down of the mitochondria, which is referred to as “Metabolic Lockdown” by leading medical specialists.

This makes it difficult for your body to use the fat that it has stored as an energy source, and it also makes it difficult to burn the fat that it does have stored.

Dr. Capasso conducted research on potential solutions to this problem, and as a result, he was able to create MitoLean, a supplement that is directed particularly towards the mitochondria, which are the powerhouses of the cells.

This allowed your cellular energy to rise, which in turn enabled your body to really burn the stored fat it had as a source of energy. As a result, this assisted you in losing weight in a safe and efficient way while also helping you to lose weight more quickly.

Dr. Capasso came to the conclusion that losing weight had nothing to do with the number of calories you eat, the carbohydrates you consume, the amount of exercise you get, or whatever you may have been taught. It’s not our age, it’s not your genes, and it’s not even your hormones.

The researchers came to the conclusion that the issue lies in the inability of obese persons to convert fat into energy in a timely manner. And what ends up happening is that the fat does not get used and gets stuck instead, regardless of how little food they consume.

Now, why does this keep occurring? It is related to the mitochondria in our bodies. They are probably not new to your attention. They are sometimes referred to as the “powerhouse” of the cell. Additionally, in order to produce the ATP energy that your cells need, they metabolize fat and calories.

It comprises a natural combination of organic components that are meant to provide your fat-melting mitochondria the powerful, natural stimulation that they require in order to restart the metabolic activity that has been inactive throughout your body and kick start weight loss to keep it running for as long as feasible.

MitoLean Benefits

MitoLean makes the claim that it will enhance the amount of fat that you burn by a factor of five via the use of a combination of five components that are entirely natural. The ingredients in MitoLean are designed to work together in a synergistic way, with the end objective of increasing the rate at which fat is burned.

An increase in AMPK, which in turn increases the performance of more mitochondria in your body, may be achieved, for instance, via the synergistic combination of grains of paradise and green tea extract.

One of the components that make up MitoLean is an extract of African mango. This component is only one of several. This extract, in conjunction with the other components, assists in the regulation of blood sugar levels, helps you better manage your cravings, and boosts the rate at which your body burns fat.

The company that makes MitoLean asserts that the dietary supplement can accomplish a number of things, including preventing the accumulation of new fat, increasing the rate at which fat is converted into energy, enhancing the metabolism of healthy fats, and promoting metabolic health that is in a state of equilibrium.

MitoLean Ingredients

Cissus Quadrangularis

Traditional medicine has made use of this plant, which is indigenous to West Africa and has the appearance of a cactus, for many thousands of years.

In contrast, the CQR-300TM extract, which is derived from the Cissus Quadrangularis plant that is used for medical purposes, has been found to deliver remarkable weight reduction results in five published human clinical trials.

In addition, this extract is protected by six patents, and there are fourteen patent applications now underway for it.

In only eight weeks, participants in one research were able to shed a staggering 16.3 pounds without the need to make any dietary adjustments.

While in another study, researchers put participants in a sophisticated DEXA scanner that evaluates your body down to a single gram of fat, and they were genuinely surprised to see that the participants who used the Cissus extract personally encountered an unbelievable 12.8 percent the lower percentage of body fat without making any changes to their diet.

Grains of Paradise

MitoLean employs just one particular extract of this potent West African plant, which has been precisely measured to contain 12.5 percent 6-paradol. The same percentage has been utilized in a variety of human clinical weight reduction studies.

One study found that after only four weeks of taking supplements with a Grains of Paradise extract without making any changes to their diet or exercise routine, the group of women in double-blind, randomly distributed, placebo-controlled, crossover method of research lost a huge amount of weight, particularly in the lower abdomen, whereas the women in the placebo group managed To gain belly fat during the same time period.

Assume being able to deceive your body into thinking that you’re spending as many calories as you would if you were participating in a triathlon, even when in reality, you’re simply relaxing at your coffee table or watching A movie in the living room couch. This is what takes place when the Grains of Paradise stimulates the fat-burning mitochondria in your body.

EGCG Green Tea Extract

Since the beginning of time, people have understood that drinking green tea may help promote healthy weight reduction. But the true benefit of green tea is a powerful component called EGCG.

The reason for this is that it stimulates more AMPK activity in your body, which is a protein that is already present. Without going into too much detail, AMPK provides your mitochondria a jump start, which allows them to turn even more fat into fuel for your body.

This implies that you are able to reverse the symptoms of Metabolic Lockdown more rapidly because the advantages of weight reduction have been shown again and again in research conducted on both humans and animals over a number of years. The choice to include EGCG in MitoLean was very practical and simple.


The genuine Irvingia seed extract known as IGOB131TM is one that has been authenticated, patented, organically extracted, and researched in clinical settings.

In published clinical development for IGOB131TM, participants lost an average of 28.1 pounds of body weight, 18.4 percent of their body fat, 6.7 inches from their waist size, 26.2 percent of their total cholesterol, 27.2 percent of their LDL cholesterol, 52.3 percent of their C-reactive protein (an indicator of inflammatory responses), and 22.5 percent of their fasting blood sugar. These are all remarkable results.

In spite of this, it has been discovered that things take a turn for the bizarre when IGOB131 and CQR-300 are mixed together. People who took part in a trial that lasted for eight weeks and used this combination saw a significant reduction in the circumference of their waists.

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ)

What particularly piqued Dr. Capasso’s interest was indeed the cause of how this little molecule can counter the effects of aging. PQQ not only increases the functionality of your current mitochondria but also encourages the production of new mitochondria in your body.

Because they are able to spot success rates so much more rapidly with mice, the Japanese researchers decided to study the benefits of PQQ on mice. And they demonstrated that the PQQ increased the percentage of mitochondria and their efficiency to such an extent that it prevented the mice from gaining weight, despite the fact that the researchers allowed the mice to consume an extremely high-calorie diet and let the mice eat to their heart’s content.


How to consume MitoLean Supplement? Is it safe?

Everyone should have no trouble using the MitoLean supplement since it just requires one capsule to be taken three times each day before meals. It has been recommended by Doctor Capasso that you start taking the MitoLean supplement continuously so that the mitochondria and metabolic activity of the patient may be maintained and improved since you like to lose weight anyway.

As a result, he advised solutions with a minimum duration of three months, but he recommended products with a duration of six months if you want excellent results to reduce some weight gain. The supplements are not at all suitable for children under the age of 18 nor for women who are pregnant or nursing. You should see a medical professional in order to begin the process of ingesting Mito Learn supplements if you are currently participating in a few scientific circumstances.

MitoLean supplements are manufactured in a facility that is approved by the FDA and is based on good manufacturing practices (GMP). It has been shown that the fat loss supplement ingredients that form the basis of the Mito Lean supplement are safe to consume orally.

All of them are one hundred percent organic, free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and free of toxins, aluminum, and harmful substances. It’s possible that using MitoLean supplements is perfectly acceptable for everyone. This metabolism-boosting formula is a useful addition to the solution that most people already possess and that their doctors prescribe. It helps people make their abdominal health more secure and robust without causing any additional complications.

MitoLean Ingredients Label

Since the whole list of components used in MitoLean is presented up front as well as PureLife Organics, it is simple to evaluate the product in relation to other supplements that are currently being offered for sale online.

Due to the fact that the formula is confidential, we are unable to get information on the particular ingredient doses; however, we do know that green tea extract makes up the greatest portion of the formulation and that each serving contains 1,434 milligrams of the whole formula.

Additional (inactive) components, such as the methylcellulose capsule

The recipe does not include any gluten, soy, dairy, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In addition to that, it is certified organic by the USDA, and it is vegan.

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

On the MitoLean website, there are a ton of customer success stories from people who have shed a considerable amount of weight in a very short amount of time utilizing the product. For instance, some clients claim to have shed 29 pounds as a result of utilizing the method, whereas others profess to have shed an even greater amount.

The following is an estimate of how much bodyweight you may anticipate losing when taking the supplement. Here are some of the results according to the reviews that have been published on the online webpage for MitoLean,

Despite the fact that the customer says she doesn’t really bother eating on a diet while using MitoLean and enjoys eating her favorite meals, she began losing a few kilograms every week.

MitoLean Pricing

The cost of a bottle of MitoLean is $59 dollars. However, you may also subscribe and get a 10% discount on your purchase.

MitoLean Refund Policy

MitoLean comes with a money-back guarantee that is valid for the first sixty days of use.

You have sixty days from the date of purchase to submit the application for a full refund on your transaction, and you will not be questioned about it. You are eligible for a full refund if you have used MitoLean but have not seen any weight loss from its use.

About PureLife Organics

PureLife Organics is a dietary supplement business with its headquarters in Taylor, Michigan.

The company has formed partnerships with organizations such as Eden Reforestation Projects and Generation Now in order to increase the number of trees that are being planted all over the globe in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions. When you purchase items from PureLife Organics, you are contributing to the cause of reforestation.

You may reach PureLife Organics by getting in touch with them via the following:

  • Email Form: https://purelifeorganics.com/pages/contact
  • Phone: (417) 344-2447
  • Email: support@purelifeorganics.com

MitoLean was developed via a collaboration between Dr. Anthony Capasso, MD, and PureLife Organics.


It is indeed wonderful that MitoLean still emphasizes your health, unlike other supplements that are readily available in the market. MitoLean assists you in losing weight in a quick and risk-free manner. However, please be advised to see your doctor if you are using any other drugs. MitoLean does not cause any negative side effects, and the constituents of this fantastic medication are really potent.

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