IkariaSlim Reviews – Safe Weight Management Supplement by Premier Vitality?

Experts claim that there is no shortcut to weight loss except dieting and regular workouts. Recent research shows that certain factors can hinder fat metabolism making the weight loss journey challenging.

Why can’t I lose weight? A few years ago, conventional fat loss programs like dieting and workouts could eliminate excess fat mass. Today, most Americans consume unhealthy, high-carb, and processed foods that interfere with normal body metabolism. Consequently, it becomes easier for the body to store fat instead of oxidizing it.

Some people opt for risky and expensive fat-loss procedures. Others combine several fat loss programs to gain significant results.

IkariaSlim is a new dietary supplement comprising six plant-based ingredients to battle extra fat mass. Is the formulation effective? How does it work?

What is IkariaSlim Dietary Supplement?

IkariaSlim is a dietary formulation claiming to aid in weight loss. The creator markets it as

A high potency supplement comprising unique ingredient combinations to battle extra fat mass.” IkariaSlim treats the root of extra fat by stimulating the body to use the excess visceral fat for energy.

IkariaSlim is ideal for men and women looking for a safe and effective weight management remedy. It is purportedly suitable for users with sensitive medical issues because it has zero dangerous stimulants. In addition, it is all-natural and designed by experienced researchers.

GMO and FDA bodies have approved the facility making IkariaSlim dietary supplements. Similarly, each batch is purportedly third-party tested and meets the highest industry standards. Still, IkariaSlim is not a form of medication, and users should consider seeking medical guidance before using the supplement.

IkariaSlim is an easy-to-consume supplement that is unlikely to trigger any side effects. Consumers can incorporate the weight loss remedy into their daily schedule without hassles. Similarly, the maker claims that the formulation is based on modern and ancient medicine that supports longevity and health.

How Does IkariaSlim Work?

A team of professionals led by US-based Dr. Lucas purportedly created the IkariaSlim dietary supplement. The weight management supplement comprises natural and plant-based ingredients to combat stubborn visceral fat. How does it work?

What causes obesity? Experts have discovered that obese individuals have metabolism issues. Naturally, the body uses glucose for fuel. Minimal glucose levels force the body to torch the stored fat into energy. However, obese individuals lack the “torch” to burn the stored fat. Consequently, their bodies depend on carbs for energy production while the stored fat remains unutilized. With time, stored fat accumulates under the skin and around some internal organs like the liver and heart, further lowering overall health.

Supports Mitochondrial FunctionsIkariaSlim is rich in six components that transform your body into a fat-burning machine. The formulation speeds up fat oxidation from the first dosage by transporting the fatty acids to the mitochondrial. Consequently, the user experiences an increase in energy levels, mental clarity, and better cardiovascular health.

Reduce Inflammations – IkariaSlim has anti-inflammatory ingredients that augment cellular health. Similarly, the components combat oxidative stress that may lower fat metabolism.

Combat Appetite – Some of IkariaSlim’s ingredients reduce appetite and curb cravings. Per the official website, the formulation can augment the health of other organs, such as the liver and heart, thus reducing fat storage.

IkariaSlim Ingredients

IkariaSlim has six potent vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients to support weight loss. All the components are science-based and backed by numerous clinical trials. The supplement is designed to supercharge fat oxidation, allowing users to permanently eliminate fat mass from the body.

L- Carnitine

The body can produce L-carnitine, which converts fat into energy. The brain, kidney, and liver cells have high amounts of this amino acid to sustain the organ’s functionality.

Obese folks are unable to produce adequate L-carnitine and thus have slow metabolisms. Skinny folks supposedly have high amounts of carnitine to facilitate energy production. Scholarly reports show that carnitine supports fat metabolism by transporting fatty acids to the mitochondrial structures.

L-carnitine purportedly boosts the energy levels in the body. High carnitine amounts can expand physical and mental performance. Chronic fatigue and brain fog are associated with low carnitine levels.

Raspberry Ketones

Research indicates that raspberry ketones can promote the production of Adiponectin. The hormone amplifies the breakdown of fat into energy. IkariaSlim creators argue that ketones increase fat metabolism allowing users to enjoy high energy levels for extended periods.

Raspberry ketones facilitate the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria. Optimum ketone levels transform the body into a fat-burning furnace. Consequently, it promotes high energy levels during active and inactive hours.

Raspberry ketones may suppress the production of hunger hormones. Studies indicate that it can stimulate the body to use stored fat instead of carbs. Thus, it may aid the user in achieving the calorific deficit needed to lose visceral and stubborn fat.


Blocking fat storage can aid in weight loss. Glucomannan is a potent ingredient that stops the body from absorbing the fat from food. Research shows that it hinders fat absorption by increasing water retention. It forms a gel-like substance that “sits” in the gut hindering appetite and increasing satiety.

Per the IkariaSlim maker, clinical trials prove that Glucomannan can aid users in shedding 3.6-4.5 kilograms in about five weeks. Combined with other ingredients, it can supercharge fat oxidation, reduce appetite, boost brain health, and raise energy levels.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B12 deficiency increases the risk of developing heart issues and obesity. Several studies prove that the vitamin supports energy levels by accelerating fat metabolism. The vitamin improves DNA synthesis, which supports protein and fat conversion into ATP energy.

Other benefits of the B12 vitamin are to support cellular health. In addition, it can sustain healthy inflammations, augment vascularity, and improve brain health.

Vitamin B-6

B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that the body requires for various biochemical processes. The body does not produce B6, and thus you must consume it in food or supplements. Studies show that most Americans do not get adequate vitamin B6 from their diet. Therefore, the best option is to consume B6 supplements that use pure and superior-quality B6.

How does B6 support weight loss? IkariaSlim claims that it triggers fat metabolism and diminishes water retention. Scholars demonstrate that vitamin B6 can curb the appetite and hinder fat storage, thus speeding up the weight loss processes.

Green tea Extract

Green tea is loaded with compounds that stimulate fat loss. The extract is prevalent in most traditional and modern medicine. Clinical studies prove it supports fat mass loss by increasing norepinephrine functions.

Green tea extract inhibits the action of enzymes that block fat metabolism. Unlike most teas, green tea is stimulant free and does not give the users any jitters. Regular use of green tea can support healthy energy levels, better mental focus, and improve immunity.

Who can use IkariaSlim Supplement?

Dr. Lucas from IkariaSlim states that the supplement is designed to meet every weight loss need. It has high-quality components in effective clinical dosages to provide users with the advertised benefits without any side effects. IkariaSlim is for different categories of folks, including:

  • Individuals who have tried other weight loss remedies without any success
  • People who have struggled with weight gain for numerous years
  • Those looking to burn a few pounds and get into their ideal shape quickly

IkariaSlim Dosage

IkariaSlim is in the form of an unflavored liquid. The creator recommends squeezing a small amount of the liquid into your morning beverage and drinking it. It works to stimulate fat oxidation and raises energy levels throughout the day.

The IkariaSlim bottle is compact and has a unique design. It can fit your purse or backpack hence ideal when you are on the go.

IkariaSlim Side Effects

IkariaSlim is purportedly created using natural and plant-based ingredients. The creator and Dr. Lucas argue that it has zero habit-forming components, GMOs, and other toxic elements. Therefore, IkariaSlim customers can comfortably use the supplement without worrying about nasty side effects.

IkariaSlim is advertised for folks with sensitive issues. Still, it is best to get expert advice before using the formulation. Additionally, IkariaSlim recommends stopping the dosage if you experience any discomfort.

IkariaSlim Results

IkariaSlim can purportedly aid users in shedding significant amounts of weight quickly. Still, the results from using the supplement vary from person to person. For best outcomes, the consumers are advised to combine the supplement with a healthy diet and workout routine.

IkariaSlim Benefits

IkariaSlim is an unconventional 7-second Greek-based formulation that can torch excess fat in less than a month. It is based on Ikaria plants that support longevity and health.

  • IkariaSlim can accelerate weight loss.
  • It can support heart health.
  • It can improve immunity.
  • IkariaSlim can raise energy levels.
  • It may enhance brain health.
  • IkariaSlim is Keto Friendly

IkariaSlim Pricing

IkariaSlim is only available on the official website. The maker sells the product in three different pricing packages to suit your budget and needs.

  • Buy One bottle @ $69.00 + Two Free Bonuses / Free Shipping
  • Buy Three bottles @ $59.00/each + Two Free Bonuses / Free Shipping
  • Buy Six bottles @ $49.00/each + Two Free Bonuses / Free Shipping

Also, the company offers free worldwide shipping. A 60-day satisfaction guarantee protects each IkariaSlim bottle. To request a refund or for questions, phone or send an email to:

  • Email: support@premvitality.com
  • Phone: 1-888-308-8896
  • Product Returns Address: Shipoffers 19655 E 35th Dr #25 Aurora, CO 80011


IkariaSlim is a daily supplement promising to support weight loss. It has six natural and plant-based ingredients that are scientifically proven to supercharge the metabolism, diminish cravings, and support cellular health. It combats extra visceral fat by boosting the transport of fatty acids to the sites of respiration (mitochondria.) Customers can purchase IkariaSlim exclusively from the maker via the official website.



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