Delta Remedys Reviews – Quality Delta 8 Brand or Cheap D8 Products?

Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive element similar to the popular Delta-9 THC. However, the chemical composition and THC potency of Delta-8 is lower. Thus, it allows individuals the best option for looking for a moderate “high” experience.

Most people use Delta-8 products to augment several aspects of their health. Delta-8 THC can manage pain, induce euphoria, and promote relaxation. It is the best choice for people looking for a less potent “high.”

Delta Remedys is an American-based company producing various CBD products, including Delta-8. Is the CBD brand effective? What products are under the Delta Remedys? Continue reading this review to discover more about the Delta-8 brand.

About Delta Remedys

Scholars and scientists have studied the benefits of cannabinoids for decades. The use of marijuana or the hemp plant for medicinal or recreational purposes is legal in most places.

CBD is a combination derived from the hemp plant. It has zero THC and cannot give the users euphoric feelings. However, it is a less potent product for dealing with anxiety or pain.

Delta-8 THC is a popular option for managing sleep, appetite, pain, and overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, most Delta 8 THC products comprise fillers, other ingredients, and fewer THC traces. Thus, users may require taking additional servings to experience significant benefits.

Delta Remedys markets their Delta 8 Gummies and tincture oil as potent products rich in multiple therapeutic benefits. The gummies and tincture oil are in concentrated dosages with CoAs to give users maximum benefits. Both Delta Remedys products are available online without a prescription.

Delta Remedys – Delta-8 THC Ring Gummies


The Delta Remedys Delta-8 THC Ring gummies contain 25mg of the rare cannabinoid Delta 8. Customers can opt for 30 or 60 gummies per bottle containing 750mg and 1500mg, respectively. Delta Remedys THC gummies have three different options. The manufacturer offers three flavors (peach, watermelon, and apple) in each bottle.

Delta Remedys D-8 gummies can support better sleep, relaxation, balance moods, and pain management. The Delta-8 gummies are tasty and come in watermelon, peach, and apple flavors. The Delta Remedys D-8 Gummy Rings are convenient for infusing your body with a mild THC.

Delta Remedys claim that their D-8 gummies are thoroughly tested and have accurate labels with Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for consumers. Similarly, the gummies do not give users an after-taste compared to raw hemp or marijuana.

Users can conveniently bring the Delta Remedys gummies any place they wish. Customers can discreetly enjoy the Delta Remedys D-8 gummies without drawing attention. Similarly, consumers do not require additional tools to consume the D-8 gummies.

Features of Delta Remedys THC Ring Gummies

Lab- Tested – Delta-8 THC ring gummies are 3rd party lab-tested for accuracy. Experts recommend purchasing D-8 products from certified sellers. Delta Remedys provides third-party lab test results via the official website. Providing the 3rd party lab results allows customers to understand what they are putting in their mouths before buying it.

Clean Sources – Delta Remedys asserts that they source the Delta-8 from farms that produce legal-compliant hemp. Hemp is supposedly free from harmful chemicals.

Natural Ingredients – Delta Remedys purportedly uses all-natural ingredients. Each 25 mg comprises Delta 8 THC, artificial color and flavor, beef gelatin, citric acid, malic acid, sugar, corn syrup and tartaric acid. Delta Remedys claims each ingredient is in the most potent serving to give users maximum health benefits.

Money-back guarantee – Each bottle of 30 or 60 Delta Remedys D-8 gummies comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. The brand promise to make refunds if the D-8 gummies do not work as advertised.

Convenient Gummies – Vaping and smoking THC products draw attention. Delta Remedys boldly claims that the gummies are convenient and resemble the standard vitamin gummies. Customers can pop a gummy whenever they wish without paying attention. Similarly, consuming D-8 gummies via vaping or smoking can leave a nasty after-taste.

Tasty – Delta Remedys D-8 ring gummies have three different flavors and colors. The gummies are chewy and do not leave the users with a nasty after-taste.

Delta Remedys Gummies Dosage

The D8 gummy from Delta Remedys is supposedly easy to dose and a convenient option for people who dislike tincture oil. Each gummy is 25mg and has adequate THC to give users therapeutic benefits.

Delta Remedys recommends starting with the smallest dosage and adding it gradually. New users should consume half a D-8 ring gummy. Customers must wait for up to 15 minutes to experience notable effects.

Delta Remedys ring gummies are ideal for adult men and women. However, caution should be taken because the D8 gummies give users a psychoactive experience.

Premium Delta-8 Tincture (1000mg, 2000mg, and 3000mg)

Delta Remedys produce various tincture potencies. Customers may opt for the 1000mg, 2000mg, or 3000mg Delta 8 bottles, depending on their budget and needs.

The Delta 8 oil has MCT oil to ensure your system takes most of the ingredients. The oil is derived from hemp-compliant plants. Each drop of the Delta Remedys tincture is said to be tasty and can offer users long-lasting results. The tincture is available only in one flavor, Blueberry Gelato.

Delta Remedys recommends the tincture to individuals that need to experience the D-8 effects faster. Compared to delta gummies, the tincture oil is placed under the tongue, and the body absorbs some of the THC sublingually.

Like the Delta ring gummies, Delta 8 tincture can offer multiple health benefits. It can alleviate pain, fight anxiety, fortify sleep, and give users a euphoric feeling. Still, Delta Remedys warns that the taste may not be agreeable to every person.

Delta Remedys Tincture Dosages

Each Delta Remedys tincture bottle has a dropper to ensure users get the most effective dosages. The creator recommends starting with the lowest dosage, mainly if you are new to Delta 8.

Unlike gummies, Delta Remedys is in the form of drops. Users place a few drops under the tongue and wait a few minutes for the D-8 tincture to take effect.

There are different Delta Remedys potency bottles. Seasoned users may use up to five drops daily. Still, customers must be careful not to operate machinery after using the D-8 tincture.

Customers that find the flavor or taste of the Delta Remedys’ tincture disagreeable should opt to add it to water.

Benefits of Delta Remedys D8 Gummies and Tincture Oil

Most consumers ask before purchasing about D-8 products’ safety. Per Delta Remedys, the D8 gummies and tincture are federally legal and supposedly an affordable option for medical marijuana. Although users get a mild “high” after using D8 products, the potency is within safe ranges, thus unlikely to give users anxiety and hallucinations.

Delta Remedys claims that the D8 in the gummies and tincture allows users to stay in control of their thoughts and actions. Nonetheless, the manufacturer warns against operating heavy machinery for at least 8 hours after using D8.

Similarly, customers that need to stay alert should refrain from using Delta Remedys’ gummies and tincture. The manufacturer warns that the D-8 products may cause sleepiness and reduce concentration.

Some of the benefits of the Delta Remedys D8 Gummies and Tincture include:

Support Sleep

Delta Remedys explains that the D-8 profile can cause drowsiness and induce sleep. The D-8 compounds support relaxation, alleviate anxiety, and reduce pain allowing the users to fall asleep quickly. Individuals who have insomnia would benefit from the D-8 gummies and tincture.

Delta Remedys recommends using the D-8 gummies or tincture at least 20 minutes before bedtime for better sleep quality. Consumers must refrain from using caffeine and other stimulants after using the Delta-8 gummies or tincture.

Support Neural Health

Delta Remedys gummies and tincture has D-8 compounds that support the nervous system, particularly in aging individuals. The two products may enhance neurogenesis, boosting cognition and reducing the risk of developing mental issues like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Pain Relief

Delta Remedys advertises that the D-8 gummies and tincture may alleviate pain and discomforts. The creator claims that the active compound – THC – is an anti-inflammatory that can reduce pain. It stimulates the CB-1 and two receptors in the ECS system, blocking pain signals.

Improve Health

Delta Remedys claims that the D-8 gummies and tincture may boost certain health aspects. For example, better sleep allows the cells to regenerate and revitalize. Consequently, users may experience better energy levels after a restful night.

Delta Remedys FAQs

Q: Are Delta Remedys gummies and tincture oil safe?

A: Per the official website, Delta Remedys confirms that they use Delta 8 THC, which is safe and effective. The company claims they use high-quality hemp derivatives that are safe and in the most effective clinical dosages.

Q: What are the benefits of using Delta Remedys D-8 products?

A: Delta Remedys advertise that their gummies and tincture are the most effective dosages to manage pain, reduce anxiety, enhance sleep, and relieve tension. Unlike Delta-9, Delta Remedys cannot give users hallucinations or paranoia.

Q: Who can use Delta Remedys products?

A: Any adult can purchase and use Delta Remedys products. However, individuals with medical issues, nursing, and pregnant women should not use the D-8 gummies and tincture.

Q: Can Delta Remedys products get you high?

A: Delta Remedys warns that their D-8 products can give users a mild “high” or euphoria. Still, the brand boasts of using high-quality hemp derivatives to ensure customers get a “high” that does trigger paranoia or panic.

Q: What are the side effects of using Delta Remedys products?

A: Some consumers may experience various side effects after using Delta Remedys products. Common side effects include rapid heart rate, cognition problems, drowsiness, dry mouth, and red eyes.

Q: What is the best time to use Delta Remedys products?

A: Customers can use Delta Remedys in the evening after work to relax the brain and support sleep. However, you may use small amounts of D-8 gummies or tinctures daily to alleviate pain and inflammations.

Q: Can Delta Remedys gummies cause health issues?

A: Delta Remedys contain only natural ingredients and recommends maintaining the correct dosages to prevent unwanted side effects.

Delta Remedys Pricing

Customers can purchase genuine Delta Remedys products via the official website only. The creator warns that there are many fake Delta Remedys tincture and CBD products sold in some unverified online and offline stores. The creator recommends purchasing via authorized vendors only to get a satisfaction guarantee and better prices.

Delta Remedys offer one-time or subscribe and save purchase options. Customers can choose the frequency of the delivery they prefer:

  • 30 Delta-8 THC Ring Gummies $49.99 One-Time Purchase
  • 30 Delta-8 THC Ring Gummies Subscribe & Save $34.99
  • 60 Delta-8 THC Ring Gummies $89.99 One-Time Purchase
  • 60 Delta-8 THC Ring Gummies $62.99 Subscribe & Save
  • 1000mg Premium Delta-8 Tincture $49.99 One-Time Purchase
  • 1000mg Premium Delta-8 Tincture $34.99 Subscribe & Save $34.99
  • 2000mg Premium Delta-8 Tincture $99.99 One-Time Purchase
  • 2000mg Premium Delta-8 Tincture $69.99 Subscribe & Save
  • 3000mg Premium Delta-8 Tincture $129.99 One-time Purchase
  • 3000mg Premium Delta-8 Tincture $90.99 Subscribe & Save

Delta Remedy’s official website is supposedly safe and secure. After completing the purchase process, the brand takes less than 48 hours to process all orders. Customers must ensure that their state or country allows the use of Delta 8 products.

Delivering Delta Remedy products across the US takes less than a week. The company uses fast shipping courier services to ensure customers get their packages discreetly.

Delta Remedys’ Satisfaction Guarantee

Delta Remedys provides users with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. However, the refund policy applies only to products that are in the same package and unopened. Similarly, customers must pay for all returned products’ shipping and handling fees. Customers can reach out to the Delta Remedys customer service by phone or by sending an email to:

  • (312) 358-8548
  • support@deltaremedys.com
  • Company Address: 1 n Oplaine RD #8291 Gurnee, Illinois 60031, USA


Delta Remedys is a US-based manufacturer of Delta-8 gummies and tinctures. The company boasts of creating high-quality Delta-8 gummies and tinctures using natural ingredients and certified hemp derivatives. Delta Remedys is among the few brands that provide users with a third lab report making the product legitimate.

Delta Remedys gummies and tincture are supposedly safe and can offer customers multiple health benefits. The Delta-8 products can lessen pain, improve sleep, and combat anxiety. Similarly, the product provides users with a mild “high” without paranoia and hallucination. Still, customers must stick to the recommended Delta-8 dosages. Consumers can visit the official website to purchase a Delta-8 product and save 30% today.



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