Best Tarot Cards Reading Online – Top Services & Platforms to Use

The craze of psychic practices is skyrocketing with every passing second, and more and more individuals are taking an interest in different forms of psychic readings on an ongoing basis. Though psychic practices have been there for centuries, the last decade has witnessed a massive surge in the number of global psychic enthusiasts.

In general, psychic readings offer insights into someone’s life and inform him about what will happen to him in the future. Getting an accurate psychic reading from an expert professional can help you tighten the grip of your life’s wheel. Tarot reading has emerged as one of the most prominent psychic practices in the past few years.

The tarot reading process is nothing but using tarot cards to predict someone’s future. Most surprisingly, the accuracy levels of tarot reading services are noticeably higher than other psychic practices, which is why so many people have been interested in getting proper tarot readings about their lives recently.

Previously, tarot readers used to be available in person, and the clients would have to walk up to their chambers to get readings about their lives. Those days are gone with the expansion of internet-based services. Nowadays, online tarot readings are easily accessible on several tarot reading platforms.

Online tarot card reading has attained immense positive responses from tarot enthusiasts. With that trend, almost all psychic platforms included tarot reading services in the lists of their offerings. Some platforms even claim to offer free tarot reading services to get the attention of targeted clients.

Online tarot card readings’ popularity is because of life’s uncertainty and unpredictability. No human prefers to live in a state of insecurity and uncertainty, which is the human mind’s fundamental trait. It’s normal for an adult individual to seek insights into the future events of his life so that he can prepare himself for the coming days.

The popularity of online tarot card readings hit the moon because the leading psychic platforms incorporated tarot readings in their service lists, and their clients got satisfactory predictions through online tarot readings.

Hundreds of online tarot reading sites on the internet claim to offer the most accurate and trustworthy tarot card readings. But are all of them reliable? You may prefer getting a tarot reading online, but do you know which website you should visit? Probably not.

Well, thousands of tarot enthusiasts like you are still in the dark as they couldn’t find reliable and established online tarot reading sites in the queue of hundreds of sites. The purpose of the article is to help you and those who are looking for accurate tarot readings. We compiled the best online tarot reading sites that offer detailed and accurate tarot card readings.

Our research and editorial team dug into the services offered by these sites before enlisting them in this article. So, keep reading to find the best online tarot card reading platforms.

The Best Online Tarot Reading Platforms in 2022

The process of tarot reading seems straightforward, but it takes tons of dedication and intuition to offer accurate tarot readings. A tarot reader possesses prolific knowledge about every how and what of tarot readings, and only he can provide proper readings.

There’s no doubt that tarot reading is one of the most complicated psychic readings, and having a good grasp of this unique stream needs patience and focus. The following platforms have hired professional tarot card readers who have been in this profession for years, so our team considered adding these platforms to the list:

  • Purple Garden
  • Keen
  • Kasamba
  • Mysticsense
  • AskNow
  • Oranum

Purple Garden


Purple Garden is your best pick if you seek online tarot reading services. Every tarot card reader listed on Purple Garden is capable of showing you the proper direction so that you can reach the expected goal in your life easily.

Especially if you’re going through relationship issues and you need on-point love tarot readings, Purple Garden is the most promising bet for you. The online tarot readers available on the platform listen to their clients with utmost patience so that the clients don’t feel uncomfortable around them.

Besides tarot reading services, Purple Garden is prevalent for offering a wide variety of spiritual readings, including fortune telling, astrology readings, and many more. The availability of so many psychic forms on one platform sounds very complicated, and Purple Garden made that happen seamlessly, and that’s why it’s considered among the best tarot reading sites live on the internet.

It’s unbelievable that you get the opportunity for proper love tarot readings and other spiritual readings from industry-leading psychic readers. You can also expect past-life readings from the tarot readers on this platform. That becomes possible as you visit the platform once. The online tarot reading service of Purple Garden is pretty prompt and less time-consuming.

According to the existing clients of Purple Garden, the online readings offered are highly accurate. They also stated that they found it easier to make complicated decisions in their lives after getting online readings from the psychics of Purple Garden.

Every tarot reading session on Purple Garden remains confidential, another impressive side of the platforms. On-point services, the presence of accurate tarot readers, and the availability of various psychic readings have made Purple Garden one of the finest psychic platforms available.

Purple Garden has managed to expand a massive clientele worldwide, and the clients love the flawless services they get from the platform. That’s why we strongly recommend you to visit Purple Garden once before scrolling through other tarot card reading sites.



Many individuals initially search for a tarot reading platform that offers free tarot card readings, and Keen is the right platform for you if you’re one of them. The tarot card reading website doesn’t charge for the first three minutes of consultation.

The Keen psychics are highly efficient in terms of predicting your past, present, and future with the help of tarot cards. Besides that, professional and expert psychics can offer other services like palm readings, fortune telling, astrology readings, and many more.

Many tarot enthusiasts prefer video call sessions while getting tarot readings online, and video call options are available on the platform at affordable rates. Keen psychics are exceptional in terms of offering accurate readings, and they manage to help you get the appropriate answers to your questions.

When it comes to online tarot readings, Keen is a reliable option. The psychics on the platform carry years of experience in the field, which is why they can satisfy clients.

The platform enables users to select their preferred psychic mediums. You will surely get accurate readings regardless of which psychic medium you choose.

In short, Keen is a hub for the best tarot readers who possess expertise in offering accurate online tarot readings without failure. Even the free minutes of Keen is much better than other free tarot reading websites.

Love readings, numerology readings, gemstone suggestions, and other types of consultations are available on the platform at affordable rates. Some professionals on the platform also offer dream analysis services and other unique services to help users in the best possible ways.



Like Keen, Kasamba also offers free tarot card reading for the first three minutes after registration. The free minutes are also helpful for individuals who haven’t tried tarot readings. Every professional tarot card reader available on the platform is capable of resolving your queries effectively.

Every tarot reading session on Kasamba will turn out to be very beneficial for you. While other tarot card reading sites offer a limited number of psychic services, Kasamba comes up with a wide range of psychic services. The platform helps you get prompt and quick online psychic readings at affordable costs.

Very few tarot card reading sites can compete with the quality of services offered by Kasamba. The website is very picky in recruiting professional tarot card readers, and the strict selection process makes it the best.

It’s also pretty easy to get a tarot card reading session with Kasamba as the numerous specialists are available on the platform throughout. They are more or less equivalent in offering quick and accurate tarot readings, dream analysis reports, and other services. Some psychic readers on the platform offer spiritual readings and fortune-telling services.

Other websites may claim to offer free tarot readings, but they won’t be able to match the level of Kasamba in terms of providing quality services. Customer satisfaction is the topmost priority of Kasamba, and the platform accomplishes its purpose. All the tarot card readers on Kasamba are highly qualified and experienced, and they’re hired.



Getting an appropriate online tarot card reading is difficult as so many platforms are live on the internet. But the task becomes less complicated due to the presence of Mysticsense. From helpful online tarot card readings to other psychic services, you can rely on Mysticsense due to the many efficient professionals on this platform.

Every tarot reader is skilled and qualified to predict someone’s future with the help of tarot cards. Most importantly, Mysticsense displays the information of every tarot card reader in detail, and you can learn about the background of your preferred professional by clicking on his profile once.

Mysticsense offers other types of psychic reading services; however, psychic enthusiasts prefer the platform for a tarot card reading online. The presence of qualified and experienced tarot card readers has made the platform more impactful and beneficial.

Like many other tarot card platforms, Mysticsense also offers free tarot reading online for the first five minutes. You would have to pay reasonable charges even after the free session to get an accurate tarot reading. The experts on Mysticsense offer love and career readings and can predict other vital aspects of your life.

As you land on the platform, you won’t find it challenging to find a suitable tarot reader for you, as the interface of Mysticsense is relatively user-friendly. Significantly, you can learn about your past, present, and future accurately with the help of Mysticsense’s tarot card reading services.

With Mysticsense, you can take sessions with preferred tarot readers via phone calls, video calls, and chat. Most clients prefer video call sessions while getting consultations from psychics. Coming to the price factor, the charges on this platform are also reasonable.

The online tarot card reading services offered by the professionals on this platform are loved by the users. As you check out the customer reviews posted by existing customers on the official website, you will understand that Mysticsense is highly capable of offering premium tarot reading services and has helped millions worldwide.



AskNow is another convenient online tarot card reading platform that users have highly rated. Alongside tarot reading services, AskNow also offers multiple other psychic reading services that can change the track of your life. As the name suggests, the platform is all about resolving clients’ queries regarding their lives.

The expert tarot readers of this platform aim to answer your questions with effective tarot card reading techniques. The accuracy of the online tarot readings offered by this platform is very high, and that’s why individuals visit repeatedly.

The most exciting fact about AskNow is that the platform also offers readings in French and Spanish.

If you’re attending a tarot reading for the first time, you may want to get a free session to be confident about whether you want to go further. That’s also possible with AskNow. The platform offers free readings for the first five minutes, where you can judge the efficiency level.

Considering all AskNow aspects, it can be regarded as a reliable source of tarot reading online. The increasing clientele of AskNow says it is all about how credible it is in offering the best-in-class services.



Tarot cards hold the potential to make your life better when they’re utilized wisely and adequately. Keeping that factor in mind, the authority of Oranum has hired the best tarot card readers out there who can offer accurate and specific readings. Another impressive fact about Oranum is that the platform doesn’t let geographical barriers impact the quality of its services.

Tarot card readers from different regions of the world are available on the platform to serve users in the best possible ways. Apart from tarot readings, other types of psychic reading services are also available on Oranum at affordable charges. Also, getting in touch with a suitable tarot card reader on this platform is straightforward.

The tarot card readers are certified and possess years of experience, making them highly capable. After registering with Oranum, you can check out the top 100 psychics available on the platform and pick your preferred professionals among them.

From financial readings to love readings, all your queries will be solved with the help of efficient tarot psychics. Reading tarot cards online is not a seamless task, but the professionals in Oranum make that happen seamlessly with their unique skills and experience.

Lastly, the website’s user-friendly interface is another reason to love this site. Based on your activities on the platform, it showcases the profiles of suitable online tarot card readers so that the shortlisting process becomes much more convenient for you.

What Is Tarot Reading?

Tarot reading is a specific psychic practice that involves tarot cards to predict an individual’s life events. A tarot card deck consists of 78 cards, and each of these cards highlights certain factors in your life. A tarot spread holds the capability to offer an insight into your past, present, and future.

Among the 78 cards, 22 are called Major Arcana, and these cards are the most vital ones in predicting somebody’s life. The bases of the readings are primarily dependent on the Major Arcanas. The other 56 cards are Minor Arcanas and tend to indicate daily events and trivial incidents.

While getting a tarot reading, an individual is asked to pick a card from the tarot deck, and the card he chooses from the tarot deck helps the psychic determine how his life will be. Tarot cards are highly accurate in terms of offering love readings, career readings, marriage readings, and many more.

An accurate tarot card reader can make on-point predictions that usually come true. The process of online tarot card reading works in the same way. Proper tarot card readings can change the course of your life completely. That’s why tarot reading online is becoming trendier day by day.

How Did We Rank The Best Online Tarot Reading Platforms?

Our research and editorial team has compiled the best tarot card reading websites with the help of some specific ranking factors.

In this segment, we will discuss the specific ranking factors so that our readers better understand how we ranked the listed platforms. Not online tarot platforms are reliable enough, and we have to rule out numerous sites that don’t match the following criteria:


Everyone knows that it’s more beneficial to get online tarot card readings from platforms that have been in operation for several years. Not every tarot card reading platform is credible. An ideal platform should have experienced readers and psychics onboard.

Most new startups start their journeys with inexperienced or semi-experienced professionals who are not at all good in terms of offering on-point readings. Visiting such a platform won’t help you get insights into your future. Contradictorily, platforms with experienced psychics and professionals can help turn your dreams into reality.

All the platforms above are experienced; each is experienced enough to offer a tarot card reading online. Our research and editorial team inspected the experience levels of the professionals listed on these platforms before including them.

Psychics’ Availability

Nobody likes prolonged waiting periods, especially when something wrong is going on with them. Usually, popular tarot platforms remain busy dealing with clients, and it’s tough to get appointments with tarot card readers on these platforms. The availability of psychics turns out to be a very crucial factor indeed.

While ranking the above platforms, our team checked the psychics’ availability. The best online platform will likely have many tarot psychics who can attend to clients seamlessly. If you have to undergo prolonged waiting periods to get consultations from tarot psychics on a particular platform, switching to another is better.

All the listed platforms come with many tarot psychics who never let clients wait too long. That’s why these platforms are included in this list.

Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s normal for you to feel unsatisfied after consulting with a tarot reader on a particular platform. But you won’t be able to get your money back in that case unless the platform has a transparent refund policy. Generally, an established tarot platform hires plenty of tarot card readers with different experience levels and skill sets. Not every tarot reader can fulfill your expectations.

So, selecting a platform with a decent refund policy is better. As you visit such a platform, you can claim a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the services offered by one of the psychics listed. Generally, unestablished and low-quality platforms refrain from offering refund facilities as they are not confident about their services.

Contact Mediums

Some individuals prefer getting readings via phone, while others prefer video calls. That’s why a psychic website needs to keep all possible contact mediums available for clients. An established tarot platform doesn’t refrain from offering call, video, and chat services to users.

Our team has kept this fact in mind while ranking the listed platforms, and they managed to enlist the platforms that allow clients to select preferred contact mediums. All the listed platforms offer call, video, and chat consultations to users, and that’s why they are shortlisted in this article.


When you want to get readings of tarot cards online, visiting a reputed platform with a broad client base is better. Usually, reputed and established platforms don’t compromise on the quality of services they offer, and they incorporate new benefits and facilities to benefit users.

It’s essential to check the reputation of a particular platform before opting for its services. Our team has done the same and managed to shortlist the most reputed tarot platforms on the internet. Each of these platforms holds an excellent reputation and a massive client base. That’s why these platforms are listed here.

Free Minutes

Though quality things don’t come for free, it’s normal for people to ask for free minutes before they proceed to get paid online consultations. As you look into the world of psychic platforms, you will notice that most platforms offer limited free minutes so that their target audiences get the opportunity to try their services.

All the listed websites and platforms offer free consultations for a few minutes to every client so that the client feels encouraged to proceed with the paid services. Most listed platforms offer users 3-5 minutes of free consultations.

Discounted Deals

Getting the readings of tarot cards online feels more overwhelming when they come with discounted rates. Generally, tarot platforms keep announcing discounted deals and rates to attract clients. But the above platforms are the best ones for offering mind-blowing discounted deals.

Our team has inspected the deals and discounts offered by the listed platforms before adding them to the list. Of course, the platforms are shortlisted here because the deals and discounts they offer are the best in the industry.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews of a particular psychic platform should be screened to determine whether the platform’s services are worthwhile. Coming to the listed platforms, our team has screened thousands of customer reviews posted on these platforms before adding them to this list. Enormous favorable customer reviews back all these psychic sites, and that’s why they’re here.

Our research and editorial team used these ranking factors while ranking the tarot platforms above. As you see, the ranking process is quite adequate, and we are confident that our picks are the best.

Why Should You Consider Getting Tarot Readings Online?

Previously, people would visit the chambers of tarot psychics to get readings. The process has shifted to the online mode, with numerous advantages. In the points below, we are going to explain the advantages of getting tarot readings online:

Privacy and Anonymity

Generally, users get skeptical about getting online readings because they fear that their identities will be leaked and their privacy will be compromised. However, that’s not true. Almost all tarot platforms offer encrypted services, and your readings remain confidential.

Also, you can get readings anonymously. You don’t need to register with your original identity to get proper readings. The majority of psychic platforms available on the market offer anonymous readings. So, that’s a significant advantage of getting readings online.


The best online tarot card reading platforms are liable to offer secure services, and they invest millions in enhancing security measures. When you visit an established platform, you won’t hesitate to share your details because your details will indeed remain protected.

Also, your chat with your preferred psychic remains protected by the security patches of the platform too. Compared to online platforms, in-chamber tarot readings are less secure.


There is no doubt that online tarot sessions are much more convenient than in-person readings. You may have to wait weeks to get an appointment with a tarot reader when visiting his chamber. For online sessions, you don’t have to wait that long.

The leading tarot platforms connect clients with tarot psychics within minutes. On rare occasions, you may have to wait more than half an hour to get in touch with your preferred psychic.

In short, you get the freedom to select your preferred psychic among multiple options and schedule the session according to your preference. In-chamber visits are not as convenient as online sessions are.

Free Readings

Online tarot platforms also offer free readings for a few minutes, which you don’t get when you visit a tarot reader in his chamber. Almost all the leading tarot platforms provide 3-5 minutes of free readings. That becomes very helpful for individuals in terms of deciding whether they want to go for paid services or not. That’s another mentioned advantage of online readings.

Different Communication Modes

Visiting a popular tarot platform means getting the chance to get in touch with your preferred psychic via different communication modes. The best platforms offer users call, video calls, and chat services. The users get the freedom to select their preferred contact modes, and that’s what makes online sessions better than in-person visits.


When you visit a tarot reader in his chamber, you will have to pay a handsome amount as his remuneration. Often in-person visits cost incredibly high, and middle-class individuals can’t afford that.

On the other hand, tarot platforms are always crowded, so the professionals available on these platforms don’t need to charge too high. The consultation charges of the tarot professionals available on the leading tarot platforms are also reasonable, and that’s why they are preferred choices.

Satisfaction Guarantee

A trustworthy and reliable tarot platform backs its services with dedicated refund policies, making these platforms safer choices. You won’t get this option if you visit a tarot psychic personally. Visiting a reliable tarot platform enables you to claim a refund when unsatisfied with its services.

All these specific reasons make tarot platforms better options than in-chamber visits. We suggest our readers try the services of online platforms due to these reasons only.

The Best Online Tarot Reading Platforms in 2022 Final Words

Tarot readings have helped many individuals completely change their lives, and an accurate reading helps you do the same. Most people remain skeptical about getting a tarot reading online because they assume their privacy will be compromised. Well, such a thing will never happen when you visit one of the listed platforms.

Many people will also argue that tarot card readings don’t come true. The accuracy of these readings depends on the tarot reader you’re going to. Not all readers are skilled enough, and most of them start their businesses with surface-level knowledge about tarot cards.

The websites mentioned above have the leading tarot psychics highly rated by their clients. Also, you get all sorts of benefits like free minutes, real-time assistance, and all other advantages from these platforms. So, there’s no point in holding back from getting a tarot card reading online from one of the listed platforms.

Some of these websites also offer free tarot reading services for a few minutes so that you can initially test their services’ authenticity. So, you can just rule out your doubts completely, and we wholeheartedly suggest you visit one of the platforms above to get on-point readings.