Pack 567 announces winner of racing event

The race was part of an annual derby event.

On Saturday, March 3, the Cub Scouts of Pack 567 hosted their annual Pinewood Derby event.

At the event, local children, with the help of older family members, were given a car kit consisting of a rectangular block of pine, four axels and four wheels. With these items, participants were given the task of designing a vehicle.

Thirty-two cars raced in the first round, with each car participating in four heats to ensure that none of the race lanes could foster an advantage or a disadvantage.

The average speed in the first round was over 206 scale miles per hour. The fastest 16 cars then advanced to a final round, with four heats per car.

Ribbons were given to the fastest cars from each age level, and medals were given for the overall winners. The overall winners were Jackson Pierce (Tigers), who received third place recognition; Shane Pruitt (Webelos), who came in second; and Beckham Werth-Roberts (Arrow of Light), who came in first.

Pack 567 is encouraging students between the ages of 5 and 11 to join the Pinewood Derby next year.

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