Indie film starring Lake Washington student now available

The horror film “They Reach” was shot in 2018 around King County.

In 2018, Kirkland 12-year-old Mary Madaline Roe was living her dream, working as a lead actress in a full length film. Now the indie movie, Pacific Northwest set, comedy-horror “They Reach,” is now available to stream and on Blu-ray and DVD.

Roe, now a 15-year-old sophomore at Lake Washington High School, plays Jessica Daniels, the film’s main character, alongside Seattle resident Eden Campbell, playing Cheddar and Morgan Chandler of Kingston, Washington as Sam. The trio are the film’s main characters who must combat a demonic entity that haunts their 1979 small town after Jessica unwittingly releases it from a possessed tape player.

The film also shows off the city of Enumclaw, as it was written and directed by a former resident, Enumclaw Courier Herald reported.

In a 2018 interview with Kirkland Reporter while “They Reach” was being filmed, Roe discussed how exciting it was to be a part of it and helped her solidify her love for acting.

“I feel like it’s a part of me and by now I can’t really imagine a life without being able to act,” Roe told Kirkland Reporter.

Mary Madaline Roe/Courtesy photo

Today she continues to act in a variety of roles, while still staying active at school. Like her character in “They Reach,” she loves science and is CFO of her high school’s robotics team.

The movie had it’s U.S. and Canada release in early November, more information is available at See the 2018 Kirkland Reporter story on Roe and the filming here.

Still from the movie