Howard/Mandville Gallery hosts one-man show

Seattle artist Craig Kosak’s one-man show, “Talisman II,” will run through Oct. 25 at the Howard/Mandville Gallery, at 120 Park Lane in Kirkland.

Kosak is inspired by the wildlife and landscapes he encounters while traveling and returns to his studio full of experiences to be expressed in his work. Rather than faithfully documenting the flora and fauna, he strives to capture his feelings, insights and emotions from these personal sojourns.

Each trip consists of both a journey through the outer world, and an inner journey where he learns more about his own humanity, his spirit, and the world inside. His paintings are about both worlds and how they relate to each other.

Stylistically, his work is grounded in realism, inspired by the graphic and iconic images of painters such as N.C. Wyeth, the landscapes and cloudscapes of Maxfield Parrish and the atmospheric aesthetic of Russell Chatham and the Hudson River painters. Working in oil, his paintings are richly textured and developed using many layers of alternately opaque and translucent glazes, strong graphic compositions and bold colors, which sets the stage for realistically rendered animals, objects and landscapes. His subjects are integrated with abstract elements and expressive brushwork reflecting an inner emotive response. He continues working on each piece until a balance between both worlds is achieved and the painting comes alive.

For information, contact Howard/Mandville Gallery at 425-889-8212 or visit Mandville.