Castle celebrates 15th annual St. Patrick’s Day show at Kirkland Performance Center

The annual celebration will be March 17.

Time can’t slow Geoffrey Castle down.

The electric violinist has been a Celtic music staple on the Eastside and beyond for years.

He’s best known for his annual St. Patrick’s Day and Celtic Christmas celebrations at the Kirkland Performance Center (KPC).

This St. Patrick’s Day marks his 15th annual celebration.

“Where does the time go? Feels like yesterday,” Castle said with a chuckle. “It feels great, though. I feel like every year builds on the one before and we do better and better shows each time.”

KPC executive director Jeff Lockhart has known and performed with Castle for years.

“We love having him each year,” Lockhart said. “We get to see the master violinist at work. He’s so fantastic every year.”

Castle always brings new surprises each year. This year, he said audiences can look forward to hearing new arrangements as well as new dancers.

“The band has been working on some new arrangements that I’m really excited about,” he said. “Don’t worry, we’ll still have the classic Irish drinking songs we all love.”

For years, Castle has performed with the Seattle Irish Dance Company. However, this year’s celebration will feature an Irish dance company from Portland.

“I’m really excited to have them,” he said. “It’ll be so much fun.”

Castle said he’s proud of how far his band has come over the years.

“I feel like the band has really gelled,” he said. “We’ve been building our repertoire and we’re feeling more like a band.”

Castle has released 12 albums. His latest album, “Celtic Night,” was released in 2017.

As a long-term KPC performer, Castle said he feels like he’s become an ambassador for Kirkland.

“I’d do anything to support KPC and this great city,” he said.

Castle’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration will be at 7 p.m. on March 17. To learn more about this event, visit

To learn more about Castle, visit his website at