When you hit your next pothole | Letter

Regarding the Frank Shiers political cartoon from Nov. 15, it is not true that car tabs from “everyone in the state” previously paid for transportation improvements in the city of Seattle.

I am surprised that conservatives were in favor of I-976 since this initiative took away local control of funding in favor of statewide control. Since when is it fair, for example, that people in Eastern Washington can overrule a Seattle vote for higher car tabs to fund bike lanes and transit improvements in Seattle, or that people in Seattle can overrule local car tab revenues in many small towns that were voted on to pay for needed street maintenance?

I thought conservatives were all in favor of having local funding responsibilities. I-976 not only set statewide fees at $30, it removed the ability of cities and counties to potentially assess additional fees for transportation, with a vote of the public. Think about that when you hit your next pothole.

Donald Samdahl