Vote for Black |Letter

I am supporting Neal Black in his campaign for Kirkland City Council, Pos. 5.

He’s been preparing for this role with his lifetime of work on policy issues, like equal access to justice, modernization of our landlord-tenant laws, common sense gun safety legislation, and environmental protection and sustainability. He also has experience with land-use planning and Kirkland’s zoning code as a member of the Houghton Community Council. He listens to the public, cares about inclusivity and a welcoming community, works well with city staff and fellow councilmembers, and cares about maintaining the character of the Kirkland community.

I do not necessarily expect that Neal and I always will agree on every issue, but I know he will consider everyone’s opinions, be thoughtful, and prioritize sound governance. Neal is the clear choice for Pos. 5 and he has my vote.

Amy Walen

Former Kirkland mayor, current 48th Legislative District representative

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