This week in letters: Kirkland Summerfest, right to bear arms

Thousands of asylum seekers from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras — some of the most dangerous places on Earth (especially for women and children) — are being held at the southern U.S border in inhumane detention centers. Central Americans are fleeing their countries for their lives in this humanitarian crisis.

The United States has received a record number of asylum applications in the last couple of years, yet hundreds of thousands of people continue to be detained at the border with no end in sight because of policies such as “metering” and the “zero tolerance policy.”

The Trump administration is so against immigration and granting refugees asylum status, and yet is seeking to cut funding for the international affairs budget by 24 percent. This is the very budget that seeks to support critical development and di plomacy programs around the world, such as Central America. Adequately funding this budget would keep people from becoming refugees and seeking asylum, and would help solve the crisis at the border.

I urge all senators to reject the administration’s proposal and fund the international affairs budget at $60 billion in financial year 2020 to keep pace with today’s growing global challenges.

Trishla Jain, Redmond

Eliminating the possibility

If the perpetrators did not have guns with the capability of mass destruction, mass destruction would not occur. It’s not about background or mental health checks, it’s about eliminating the possibility of mass killings/injuries.

In the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, the Founding Fathers’ “right to bear arms” was intended to provide for self defense, not protect possession of weapons they could not even dream of back then.

Such capability should be limited to military use, not available for general public abuse.

Eric Marrs, Kirkland

Thank you Kirkland community

On behalf of the 250 volunteers of Kirkland Summerfest, it is my honor to thank the countless community members, sponsors, performers and guests who were a part of the 8th annual Kirkland Summerfest.

During the weekend of July 26-28, over 40,000 attendees filled downtown Kirkland to enjoy the street fair, juried arts show, live music, Sip Kirkland, beer garden, and the very popular Create Zone presented by Kirkland Arts Center, and KidZone at Heritage Park.

Kirkland Summerfest is a celebration of community and it would not exist without the help of great people who love this wonderful town we call home. Special thanks to our volunteers without whom we could not create Kirkland’s largest festival of the year!

Along with celebrating all thing Kirkland, a huge part of Summerfest is giving back to those in need. The festival partners with several Eastside-based nonprofits, including the Kirkland Downtown Association, and proceeds from the festival go directly to these nonprofit partners. You can find the full list of nonprofit partners at

Again, thank you to our incredible community. We are already looking forward to Summerfest 2020!

Rob Butcher, Summerfest creative director

We are all American

I believe that this is a no brainer!

I believe that most, it not all people have already taken sides on what side of the wall. The “right” side or the “correct” side!

I believe that if you are in favor of the wall, you are a divider. If you really want to build a wall between the United States and Mexico — the southern border — then why don’t you also build a wall between the United States and Canada — the northern border?

Remember that both the United States and Canada are called North America and Mexico is part of Central America.

“We are all American.”

Building a wall doesn’t answer any of the big questions — we all need to work together for the answers!

Remember when all of our ancestors came to the United States, it was for many reasons and without papers.

I believe we should all work together to build bridges and not walls.

I really believe that what Trump wants is to make the United States isolated from the rest of the world.


When is anyone going to take responsibility for putting so many people in cages (like animals) and the main question is why hasn’t anyone in Trump’s administration been arrested for the death of the last children that died in the custody of the border patrol?

Don’t these children’s lives mean anything to anyone?

Mel Aznoff, Kirkland