The saga of Trump | Letter

Here is another installment in the saga of Trump.

Just because Trump’s initials are DJ, it doesn’t mean we have to hear his rhetoric and or listen to his “Looney Tunes.”

As I stated in a previous opinion letter, Trump reminds me of and looks like a blowfish — he has a small mouth (until he opens it) and a big head (his hair), like Mr. Magoo.

Every day, Trump says and does things that are so unbelievable:

1. Trump says he has accomplished more things in two years than any other president — WRONG.

2. Also — he says he should be awarded the Noble Peace Prize — WRONG.

3. Also — he says that he is smarter than all of our military leaders — WRONG.

4. Also — he says that Putin always tells the truth and ALL of the United States’ (intelligent) experts are incorrect — WRONG.

5. Also — he first called the North Korean leader “Rocket Man.” Now he says he can be trusted to eliminate ALL of his nuclear weapons and of course he hasn’t yet or plans to eliminate any of his weapons.

6. Also — he is one by one, getting rid of people that hold very high and important positions in different branches of our government and their only “crime” was that they care for the well-being of our country.

Mel Aznoff