Some clarification | Letter

I am writing in response to the letter the Reporter published from Mark Schlienz on July 12.

There were several statements that need correcting. Mark stated that the fire marshals banned fireworks. The fact is that the Kirkland City Council, of which I was a member, passed an ordnance banning fireworks within the city limits.

His comment on ducks in our parks does not state the reason the city worked hard to reduce the number of ducks in our parks. Their waste created a health hazard. For example, Houghton Beach had so much duck waste on the grass that people could not safely spread their blankets on the grass.

As for Moss Bay Days. I chaired that festival for four years and the organizing committee voted to cease operating that festival in 1987 because the huge crowds late at night had become unmanageable and created serious safety issues. The committee thought that the citizens of Kirkland should not have to put up with the degree of lawlessness displayed by the unruly crowd.

Santos Contreras