Keep our waterfront parks clean | Letter

Keep our waterfront parks clean

I read with interest the article in the Nov. 1 issue of the Kirkland Reporter on the city’s campaign for pet owners to clean up the poop deposited by their pets in our public parks.

I walk along the lake front from Marina Park to Carillon Point several times a week and notice that a bigger poop problem is the duck and goose poop deposited on the walkways along the lakeside parks: Marina Park, David E. Brink Park, Marsh Park and Houghton Beach Park.

It gets disgusting for people using the walkways. And it’s in the grass and beach sand. I’ve seen mothers scooping duck/goose poop out of the sand at Houghton Beach Park so their small children don’t get dirtied by it. It’s a disgusting problem and it belongs to the city.

Most dog owners are responsible and pick up their dog’s poop. The city ought to regularly clean up the duck/goose poop and keep our waterfront parks clean. As was stated in the article, “picking up and disposing of the waste is an easy way to protect the health of our families, our parks and our waterways.” It’s time the city does their part and keeps our waterfront park walkways clean.

Tim Brewer