KCLS’s limited printing hurts communities | Letter

Did you know that local KCLS libraries will be cutting down print quotas for its patrons drastically from 75 pages down to a mere 10 pages next year?

Printing is an essential resource for those who cannot afford to have a printer at home, low-income households, job seekers, students and educators to name a few. This move discourages patrons from using the library as by KCLS’s own admission, “people flock to the library to print.”

Also, there is no financial stewardship in this move as for every $100 in the library budget, only $0.80 goes toward print costs. By the library’s own admission, there have not been discussions about how much money it may save the library system or where those funds would go.

As homeowners, four percent of our property taxes go to the library. Let us stand up against a policy that is not only radical and disproportionate but also hurts the poor and vulnerable, students, immigrants and other demographics in our communities. Reach out to the KCLS board at boardoftrustees@kcls.org to voice your concern.

Richard Lewis