Give up now! | Letter

I believe that our forefathers didn’t pass the Second Amendment to our Constitution with the idea of every day there would be a mass killing of our Americans.

It seems amazing that the pro-gun lobbies and organizations cry foul when any limitations on gun control are mentioned.

Well, all of these people have to do is listen to any and all of the fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, children, brothers, sisters and friends when they find out that their loved one was killed or injured because of someone using an assault weapon, altered rifle or gun to kill their relative, friend or event a stranger.

When are Trump and the Republican leadership and the rest of Congress going to get off their behinds and pass legislation that eliminates ALL assault military-style weapons and have extensive background checks?

It seems to me that the only way a law will be passed (I am sorry to say) is if a lawmaker’s family or friend got killed or injured by an armed assassin using a military-style weapon.

I believe if any person really needs to own a military-style weapon, then they must keep the weapon behind a locked case and without the firing pin or keep the weapon at a rifle range under lock and key.

Now you hear every day that people are afraid to even leave their own homes.

Kids are afraid to even go to school.

Kids are afraid to even go to a park to play.

People are afraid to go to their house of worship, regardless of their religion.

People are afraid to go to market for their families.

People are afraid to go out to eat at a restaurant.

People are afraid to go to concerts or county fairs.

People are afraid to go to the mall.

There is only one thing to say, according to the 10 Commandments: “Thou shall not kill.”

P.S. I can’t believe some people that hoist the American flag say that they more patriotic than other Americans because they own a weapon of death.

Wrong again.

Mel Aznoff