Do you support Kirkland’s legislative agenda? | Letters

The city just released its legislative agenda, which can be found in detail on the city’s website. Do you want higher property taxes? The city council supports raising our property taxes more than the 1% cap.

Do we really need a public bank? There is only one in the country in North Dakota. Other states have looked into public banks and they are not viable. The risk to the taxpayers is too high. I think our current system of banking is working just fine. I think what we ought to do is not find more effective ways to issue debt, but maybe issue less debt.

If the city is not collecting enough tax revenue, it needs to raise the impact fees for new developments. These new developments are already getting eight years of property tax breaks if they provide 10% “affordable” units (renters at 80% average median income), and receive bonus units, bonus height, and many variances that a regular residential property owner would never receive.

Of note the items the city supports:

“Support allowing both the state and local governments the option of replacing the property tax cap, currently fixed at 1%, with a cap that is indexed to both population growth and inflation.”

“Support vested rights legislation that keeps predictability and certainty for local governments, real estate developers and environmental and community advocates.”

“Support the establishment and operation of a state-chartered, public cooperative bank in the state of Washington.”

Rental laws: Requiring a legitimate business reason to make someone move, and requiring a move-in fee installment payment plan over a three-month period when a tenant requests it. Similar to Seattle’s Just Cause Eviction Ordinance.

Please email the city council your comments. They need to hear from their constituents.

Susan Davis