Building the nation back up | Letter

Shame on all our citizens who support the lies and deceptions of this current administration, and who are silent and don’t speak up against this violation of everything the United States stands for. This administration breaks laws indiscriminately for their political gains, totally ignoring the U.S. Constitution.

How can religious leaders and church members support such a man with total disregard for our Judeo-Christian beliefs in pursuing decent morals and beliefs? He is not a man of any morals, truth or compassion, but totally ingrained in his own selfishness, without any regard for American values.

The president has lowered the standards of our country not only on the environmental issues, (lead levels in water), but also by ruthlessly incarcerating innocent children. For a man from New York who grew up under the torch of the Statue of Liberty, his behavior stains the efforts of all our military fighting to protect the American dream.

The world has seen, witnessed, and in some places enjoyed (Russia), the downfall of the United States’ leadership and moral compass. The corrupted values of this administration have suggested to the rest of the world that it’s ok to jail the innocent, lower our environmental responsibilities, ignore disarmament agreements and dishonor agreements with allies (Kurds), as well as disrespect domestic and international laws. This administration is an abhorrent embarrassment to any decent moral, and compassionate God and country-loving person.

The United States needs to get back to building up our nation as moral leaders of the free world with a working bipartisan government in a rational way to reinstating the justices, lawfulness, fairness, compassion, and just plain old decency.

Rick Bodlaender