Bliesner is a quality candidate | Letter

The Lake Washington School District (LWSD) school board position is one of most important roles a community member can hold, with the opportunity to increase, expand and provide greater educational values to our children.

As the district election ballots are sent to more than 100,000 LWSD voters prior to the Nov. 5 election, your vote for Siri Bliesner to fill Pos. 5 will give the LWSD the quality candidate that all 31,000 students need to continue to strive for the best education.

Ms. Bliesner is extremely well versed in growing needs of the district. She is passionate in her continuing efforts to work for the finest education opportunities students, staff and parents and to raise the educational bar to the highest standards.


It is my privilege to endorse Siri Bliesner for LWSD Pos. 5.

Corky Trewin