Another installment in the Trump saga | Letter

Do we really have to wait another year for our elections — until we can kick out President Donald Trump from office?

Trump has already destroyed our Constitution. Trump has already destroyed our Bill of Rights. Trump has already destroyed why our forefathers created our great country. Trump also destroyed our relationships with all of our allies around the world. Trump has also lied to and cheated the American people since he has been elected.

I can’t really believe that there are people in our country that believe that he is doing a great job. I also believe that if these people could, the would make Trump king for life.

I believe if Trump is re-elected there will be ethnic cleansing of all races (except white) and religions (that do not believe in his views).

I would hope that all of these people that believe in Trump’s views remember this country was not inhabited by the white man. The Native Americans were here before the white man. But because of the white man’s numbers and firepower, the Native Americans were forced and still live on reservations.

Black people were forced to come to America as slaves to the white man — for hundreds of years (as you know).

The brown men and women migrated from the south (Mexico) also before the white man. Even today, brown people are not equal to the white man.

I believe Trump sees brown people as second-class citizens.

I believe if anyone should go back to where they came from, maybe it should be the white man.

Maybe if some white people want their own country, they should move to Antarctica because it is already white.

Mel Aznoff