An ineffective leader | Letter

Gov. Jay Inslee was an ineffective member of Congress, as well as our governor.

Why would anyone consider him for a presidential candidate? Most Americans don’t know who he is and the few who do, most don’t like him.

So why are we as Washington taxpayers paying for his president run? You have so many issues in this state you have not addressed. And Mr. Governor, where is all the electricity going to come from to power all electric cars you say are going to be mandated by 2030?

Dams are in danger, coal is out (as it should be), nuclear is about the only option and it is in danger of not being an option. Solar and wind are not a viable source based on the fluctuations in their natural cyclic, inconsistent natures.

Anyone proposing an all electric future for ALL vehicles is not realistic in the timeframe Inslee has proposed. I would like to know when I can find a truck that can tow my RV into the Cascades and take me back home on batteries. Really?

Rick Eirich


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