A nation of laws | Letter

In the United States, which has a population of about 330 million people, 55 law enforcement officers died of felonious acts in 2018, according to the FBI. Fifty-one officers died in accidents.

The writer’s intention in the letter, “Police shouldn’t become nannies,” (Reporter, Aug. 30) becomes obvious when he proposes officers should become judge, jury and executioner when they feel like it, with no reprisals. His aim is to create fear and panic.

This IS still a nation of laws. Hoping that the letter writer, the Kirkland Reporter publisher, editor and the rest of us (including families!) will never have to deal with officers that shoot first, don’t ask later and will never be held accountable. We do thank them for their lawful service.

P.S. I wish the publishers took more care regarding the editing and evaluation of incendiary letters.

Bruno Standal