Plantiful Superfoods holds ribbon cutting and opening ceremony

Plantiful’s mission is to bridge the gap between meat lovers and plant lovers.

After putting off the ribbon cutting and opening ceremony due to COVID-19, plant-based café Plantiful Superfoods held the ceremony at 11:30a.m. Feb. 3.

Kirkland Mayor Penny Sweet was in attendance to assist with the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Plantiful Superfoods, located at 425 Urban Plaza, is a 100% plant-based café with a fast casual concept. The eating establishment’s goal is to bridge the gap between meat lovers and plant lovers.

Plantiful Superfoods opened back in May 2021, and offers a variety of meatless burgers, toasts, smoothies and acai bowls. The meatless burgers contain patty options such as soy protein patties, pea protein patties, wheat protein patties, and a combination of soy and wheat protein patties.

Smoothies offered include “Pretty in Pink,” with ingredients that focus on skin and health, and “Muscle Beach,” which has a focus on protein and recovery. Adaptogenic lattes are also on the menu, and include the “Mocha Matcha” and the “Shroom D’café,’ which is made from a variety of mushrooms (excluding the magic ones).

Plant-based pizzas, soups, frankfurters, French fries, and tater tots are other menu items offered by Plantiful Superfoods. Dine-in, pick-up, and delivery options are available, although no nutritional information apart from ingredients are listed.

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