Natural dog and cat food store opens in Kirkland

Randi Astrom’s love for animals translated into a new kind of store for Kirkland dog and cat owners.

Randi Astrom’s love for animals translated into a new kind of store for Kirkland dog and cat owners.

“I stopped feeding my dogs traditional dry dog foods and started making them natural foods years ago,” Astrom said. “I was amazed at the result and wanted to share my knowledge with other animal owners.”

Astrom bought Natural Pet Pantry and opened the store in April with the mission is to empower pet owners to provide the best nutrition for their animals.​ Astrom offers home delivery, informational classes and raw and cooked stews she makes herself for dogs and cats.

“We are not a pet store,” Astrom said. “Our philosophy is to teach owners about how to provide the proper nutrition for their animals. I believe health grows from the inside out.”

Astrom is hosting a free seminar, “The Art of Non-Verbal ​Communication,” at 7 p.m. on Oct. 23. Julie Forbes, dog behavior and training expert and host of “The Dog Show with Julie Forbes,” is speaking about dogs, women, being an authentic leader and non-verbal communication.

“We call ourselves a conversation and a lifestyle,” Astrom said. “We want our customers to walk away from our store with knowledge on how to better take care of their animal.”

Astrom takes the time to get to know every customer who comes into the store.

“We will probably talk to our customers for at least 15 minutes each, getting to know what animal they have, what’s going on with it, what it might need,” she said.

Natural Pet Pantry offers almost 100 percent synthetic free products from local stores as well as places in Canada and New Zealand.

“We love being different,” Astrom said. “We love offering informational classes, healthy options and giving back.”

Astrom commits to feeding animals in rescue. This idea came to her after she made friends with a four-year-old dog at a dog park.

“I was talking to the owner and she mentioned her dog was overweight and she had tried various things to fix it, but nothing was working,” she said. “I delivered the dog a basket with food I made and it helped him lose the weight.”

Astrom hopes dog and cat owners see her store as a nutritional haven for their animals.

“This is my dream store, my give back store,” she said. “If I can help just one owner chose to give their animal more healthy options, I’ll be happy.”

Natural Pet Pantry is located at 10600 NE 68th Street Ste D in Kirkland. It is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.

For more information, call 425-739-4738.