Kirkland company announces plans to move to Bellevue

Kirkland-based tech company Acumatica has announced its plans to move to downtown Bellevue following a year of explosive growth.

Kirkland-based tech company Acumatica has announced its plans to move to downtown Bellevue following a year of explosive growth.

A provider of cloud-based accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Acumetica recently reported seeing triple digit revenue growth in 2015 during their sixth annual summit in Orlando, Fla. The company also announced it had reached its 2,000th customer, and in doing so, doubled the size of its portfolio in less than 18 months.

“I think what we’re seeing is we’re really the right company with the right product at the right time,” COO Nigel LeGresley said. “The ERP space is a business tool that definitely is the heartbeat of the company, and it’s an area where folks have not done the change to the modern technology as fast as they have with some of the other technology tools.”

Built on cloud and mobile technology and a licensing model, Acumatica provides business management applications through independent software vendors and with the help of value-added resellers (VAR), which add features or services to an existing product and then resells it as an integrated product.

“We are the system that is the heartbeat of a company,” LeGresley said. “The finance, the accounting, being able to handle transactions every day in the backroom and the back office. It’s not the most sexy, but it is the most important piece. It forms the foundation for a company’s business tool. Over the last year and a half we’ve really started to emerge. I think that has really contributed to the growth.”

LeGresley added that for companies like Amazon, they offer the opportunity to host ERP installations.

“Having that as part of the overall ecosystem of how we run our systems is important,” he said.

“The cloud-based accounting and ERP market continues to skyrocket as growth companies require a consolidated view of business information in real time,” CEO Jon Roskill said. “Acumatica is founded on a vision to provide small-to-medium sized businesses with a business management solution that is easy to use and accessible from anywhere. We are committed to helping accelerate business growth.”

Now in Bellevue, LeGresley said they hope to achieve that triple digit revenue growth again.

“Fundamentally there’s no difference between what we were originally aiming to do and what we are now,” he said. “We didn’t specifically look to leave Kirkland but for us to continue near Microsoft and Amazon – that was what was really key for us.”

Originally formed in Virginia, Acumatica moved to Kirkland in 2012 to take advantage not just of its proximity to Microsoft and Amazon but also the waterfront scenery.

“At the time they were looking for an area to be closer to the customer and closer to the technology companies that could really jump start,” LeGresley said. “Kirkland was just a great setting, very easy access to the freeways and beautiful setting there along the lake.”

Acumetica is one of the many tech companies that call the Eastside home, which LeGresley attributed to the healthy mixture of businesses and customers.

“I think the vibrancy of the environment and the diversity of the area,” he said. “I think that’s really important. Tech companies understand customers are what make us successful, happy customers and happy employees. People feel empowered and feel good about coming to the office every day.”