2023 Explore Kirkland tourism grant applications are now open

The purpose of the tourism program is to fund special events that attract visitors.

On June 20 the Kirkland Tourism Development Committee (TDC) announced how the 2023 Explore Kirkland tourism grant application process is now open until August 8.

The purpose of the Explore Kirkland Tourism Program is to fund special events and festivals that encourage visitors from over 50 miles away, in addition to increasing overnight stays. The program also promotes the city’s assets while inspiring guests to return to Kirkland.

Lodging taxes collected by Kirkland hotels, motels, and short-term rentals fund the program, and allow the facilities to share the costs and benefits of the tourism program.

In previous years the tourism program has funded prominent events such as the Junior Softball World Series, Kirkland Summerfest, Kirkland Uncorked, Kirkland Oktoberfest, and Celebrate Kirkland, among others.

“As we continue to recover from the pandemic shutdowns, we’re anxious to return to a full schedule of events in 2023 that will draw guests to our beautiful lakeside community and help support our businesses,” said Councilmember Toby Nixon, TDC Committee Chair.

In lockstep with previous years, the TDC will award a total of up to $60,000 in 2023 event grants. At the start of last year the TDC revised criteria for evaluating proposals in order to focus on multi day competitive, tournament-style events, as well as new events that promote diversity and inclusivity.

“We look forward to reviewing the grant applications and continuing to support efforts that make Kirkland a wonderful community to visit,” said Councilmember Nixon.

Click here for further information about the 2023 Explore Kirkland Tourism Program.