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Kirkland Nourishing Network spring break food box drive | Nixon

  • Tuesday, March 14, 2017 8:21am
  • Opinion

Thanks to everyone who donated food boxes for the Kirkland Nourishing Network (KNN) school break food box drives for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and mid-winter break. The next major school break is Spring break, and KNN will again be collecting and distributing food boxes to help needy families in our community.

We’ve made it simple for you to be part of the solution to food insecurity in our community and to fill the gaps identified by teachers and school counselors. If you volunteer to shop for a box of food and drop off the box at a central site on March 30, that evening the box will be in the home of a family who really needs it. Each box is under $50 with a standard menu of items.

Kirkland has stepped up to fill the need every school break for the past five years. You can make a real difference in the lives of Kirkland neighbors. We’re helping families in all Kirkland elementary schools with identified need. That means we need donors for over 200 boxes of food. Some neighbors struggle more than we appreciate; but, together, we can help to fill the need.

Everything you need to know is on the sign-up links at Just select a convenient drop-off location (north or south). Once on the sign-up page, click on a “Sign Up” box and then click on “Submit and Sign Up” at the bottom. If you want to bring more than one box, just select the number on the sign-up page. The grocery list link is above the sign-up list.

You don’t have to withhold your commitment if you think things might possibly change. The commitment is revocable; if something unanticipated arises, then you can offer the box you signed up for to someone else. Just let us know as far ahead of time as possible. If you want to donate but will be away, so you can’t shop for fresh food, send an email to, and we will work to find volunteers with the Eastside Timebank or other local volunteers to do the shopping and drop-off.

Thanks to all of you for considering to help your neighbors in need. Please share or forward this invitation to your friends so that they’ll also have the opportunity to help others.

Toby Nixon is with the Kirkland Nourishing Network.

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