Time for liberals living in elitist bubbles to intellectually confront reality

This letter is a response to Rick Bodlaender’s April 14 letter in the Kirkland Reporter. I will address some of the hypercritical statements he made against President Trump.

l. The President and “his wealthy administrative cronies” have an agenda for the wealthy, not the nation. Trump has four millionaires in his cabinet. Obama had five (including Clinton), and they were supported by the wealthiest people in the United States at Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Starbucks, and George Soros and the Hollywood snowflakes. The Obama/Clinton agenda did not help the poor, and obviously, you do not want to recognize their supporters are far wealthier than the Trump people.

2..The spirit of “truth, honor, decency, fairness, and health care” are threatened. Hillary Clinton, Obama, and U.N. Ambassador Rice all lied that the Bengazi slaughter was caused by a video. Clinton again lied to the mother whose dead son was being off loaded in Delaware. Clinton lied repeatedly to the FBI and Congress about her emails. Her top assistants took the 5th Amendment before Congress rather than incriminate themselves about the emails. Clinton accepted questions from a supporter prior to the debate with Sen. Sanders. Bill Clinton waited hours in an Arizona airport hanger to secretly meet with Attorney General Lynch days before the decision to indict Hillary. And, Democrats are happy (not) with the Obama “proper health care” plan they now have. The Trump administration could never be as dishonest as Obama/Clinton.

3. The President’s patriotism is questioned for alleged association with countries that influence him or are brutal to their citizens. Did Obama and Clinton have relations with those same countries? Obama/Clinton had a friendly but failed “reset” with Russia, and also sold (gave) Russia 20 percent of America’s uranium. The Russian Ambassador was a regular visitor to their White House. Clinton orchestrated the overthrow of governments in Egypt and Libya which destabilized the region. Obama gave the terrorist government of Iran $150 billion to increase evil. Clinton’s illegal use of a private email server for her convenience provided foreign governments access to her State Department messages.

4. To illustrate for Mr. Bodlaender Hillary Clinton’s compassion for others, there is the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation 2014 tax return. It showed total revenue of $177,804,612, but total grants to charity of only $5,160,385. This information is from IRS form 990 filed with the National Center for Charitable Statistics. This indicates the foundation is nothing more than a family and political slush fund. It is widely reported that most of the donations to Clinton came from Middle Eastern despots and other similar governments that mistreat and withhold rights from women. Not surprisingly, most of the donations have stopped since she is not the next “sure thing” president.

I believe it is time for those socialist/liberals living in their elitist bubbles to try to intellectually confront reality and attempt to advance the interests of our country.

Edward Bell, Kirkland

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