Starch in her spine | Letter

New-to-Congress Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) has starch in her spine.

Her “mislabeled anti-Semitic” remarks were on core concerns about American policy that won’t be allowed any debate.

An Orwellian entitled “rejecting anti-Semitism as hateful expressions of intolerance” resolution will shift the dialog from “Benjamins baby” — a reference by Ms. Omar to $100 bills suctioned by the multi-billions for Israel.

“Jews” and “Jewish” are mention 32 times in a pending motion to America’s House of un-Representatives. The document is only four pages.

No apology is ever needed to curtail bribery as a way of governance in a democracy; but the Jewish Democratic caucus demands one from courageous Ilhan Omar.

The prior anti-BDS skirmish informed voters of an imperative to boycott Israel and its prime supporters.

The flap now against Rep. Ilhan Omar [for truth-telling] will inform voters somebody wants control over staked-out policy turf — period, full stop, end of debate.

William Alford


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