Vote ‘yes’ Feb. 13 | Letter to the editor

As a current Washington State Legislator and former Kirkland mayor, I’ve seen first-hand how our area’s growth is affecting schools in the Lake Washington School District.

Our district’s classrooms are overcrowded and many students are being educated in portables. Our school district is not only the state’s third largest; it is also one of the fastest growing.

It’s projected that our student population will continue to increase at all grade levels, from kindergarten through high school. It’s time to address the overcrowding in our classrooms by voting yes on the Feb. 13 levies and bond.

The bond provides more classroom space to help relieve overcrowding. The levies ensure teachers have the resources they need to help kids succeed. And, to be clear, the state hasn’t funded the buildings, staff and programs included in LWSD’s bond and levies.

That is why I am urging your “yes” vote on Propositions 1, 2, and 3 on Feb. 13.

Proposition 1 replaces the existing Education Programs and Operations Levy; Proposition 2 is the replacement Capital Projects Levy; and Proposition 3 is the bond to relieve overcrowding.

The bond and capital levy maintain the current tax rate, while the educational programs and operations levy actually lowers the local tax rate. You can learn more at

I believe that the school levies and bond are fundamental to maintaining the quality of life for our residents. Together, they ensure that our children get the best education possible. We all know that good schools contribute to the economic vitality of our community, by attracting families who want to live here and businesses that want to locate here.

Please join me in voting “yes” Feb. 13.

Rep. Joan McBride,


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