No reason to delay | Letter

I’m so bloody tired of this stupid talking point of “impeachment doesn’t remove him.”

No, a House vote doesn’t remove the president. Months of open hearings in House Judiciary will expose his crimes. If he’s impeached in the House, the process then moves to the Senate for trial. If he’s convicted, he’ll then be removed.

Not starting the process, however, precludes public knowledge, public outcry, possible resignation and if not, exposure of the willingness of Republican senators to excuse his crimes person by person, which will ruin them for 2020. And that’s leaving aside that the process itself will have a chilling effect on his crimes regardless of the outcome.

There is no rational reason to delay. There is no legal reason to delay.

Political gamesmanship costs lives. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a complicit block to justice. Brown people are dying, being locked up in cages. We’re building concentration camps. Toddlers locked in a van for 36 hours. Children being molested. If my elected officials refuse to start impeachment, refuse to hold Barr and others in contempt, they are being manipulated. They are making fools of themselves. Impeach now, hold in contempt now. I have never been as disgusted as I am now with the Democrats. Maybe voting really doesn’t matter.

Bethany Williamson


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