Help improve Kirkland’s stormwater treatment | Letter

Have you ever done something for your community? Well, the International Community School’s sixth graders have.

In science this year, we learned about stormwater pollution and how it’s affecting our lakes and the Puget Sound. Learning about this motivated us to change the future of our city. So, as a class we participated in multiple impact projects to change and improve how Kirkland deals with stormwater.

Some of these include teaching younger students about stormwater, installing rain barrels, presenting our ideas and what we want to change to the Kirkland City Council and lots more.

We got lots of promising results and we hope that we can continue to make a difference. But, we also would like your help to improve our city’s stormwater treatment. Ways you can do this include little things like calling when you see a spill, washing your car on the grass rather than the road and lots more.

Anything helps to improve our stormwater treatment in Kirkland. Feel free to research how you can help with stormwater pollution issues.

Thank you for your time and remember that every little thing adds up to a big difference.

International Community School Sixth Graders,


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