Achieving a human utopia is not complicated, just hard | Letter

In response to a July 14 letter (“We can’t cherry pick from the Bible to resolve crime,” Kirkland Reporter, July 14), the problem with human beings policing other humans is that it simply is not effective. If we cannot police ourselves using our God-given consciences, no amount of policing from other people, who also cannot police even themselves, will help.

Arguing about archaic laws that were meant for a specific people group living in a different time, place, climate and culture is also not helpful. We all know what the real laws are: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. It’s not complicated, it’s just hard. Also, most people seem to have 20-20 vision when viewing the misbehavior of others and are stone blind when viewing their own.

So the point of my letter (“More police is not the solution,” Kirkland Reporter, June 23) is even worse than you thought. Living at peace with one another in harmony, justice and righteousness is simply beyond the reach of mere human beings. Has no one else noticed that in thousands of years of human history this dreamed of and longed for human utopia has thus far never been achieved?

There is only one way to achieve world or personal peace. Sorry. Those who really just can’t stand God or the Bible should at least take a look at Robert Fulghum’s book, “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.” It won’t work as well as the Bible, but it would be better than nothing. And for goodness sake please stop blaming the police. They are only human.

Jane E. Peterson,


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