A step backward | Letter

Rep. Suzan DelBene announced in her email newsletter that she “proudly voted” for HR 5, also called the “Equality Act.”

This act is misnamed. Women stand to lose a lot — the bill cancels Title IX and all the progress women have fought for. There are no more genders male and female; no conscience exemptions; no religious protections. Here are some things that have already happened in some states who have embraced this law:

“Women have lost to men in women’s sports in Connecticut and Minnesota. Women in California at a homeless shelter were forced to share intimate spaces like bathrooms and showers with a trans-identifying man who sexually harassed them. In Georgia, a kindergarten girl was assaulted in a school bathroom by a 7-year old ‘identifying’ as a girl.” (ADFlegal.org)

This bill would put us back in the dark ages. If you are concerned, please contact your representative and senators!

Heather Ewald


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